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Page last updated at 15:30 GMT, Monday, 31 October 2005

Troops out?

With increasing numbers of the British public saying they want a timetable for our troops to be withdrawn from Iraq, Panorama asks: is bringing home our armed forces now the right thing to do?

A soldier
Troops Out? was broadcast on BBC One on October 30 2005.

In a special debate from the Imperial War Museum, David Dimbleby hears evidence from experts on both sides of the current arguments and asks how history will judge the Coalition's involvement in Iraq.

Those contributing to the debate include: Col Tim Collins, Commander of the First Royal Irish Regiment during the war in Iraq; Dr Salah al Shaikhly, Iraqi Ambassador to the UK; and Susan Smith, mother of Private Phillip Hewett, who died at Al Amarah in July 2005.

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Troops Out? - transcript
07 Nov 05 |  Panorama
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30 Oct 05 |  Panorama

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