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Last Updated: Monday, 3 October 2005, 16:45 GMT 17:45 UK
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Due to the high number of e-mails we get we cannot guarantee to publish every single message we receive, however the e-mails published will reflect the balance of opinion. We may also edit some e-mails for legal reasons and for purposes of clarity and length.

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A very interesting look back and report into all of the problems over the wedding between Prince Charles and Camilla. Many of the problems that arose could and should have been avoided with better advice given to Prince Charles over certain constitutional points of law, I think. All these problems that have been highlighted in tonight's Panorama assure the public that the Royal Family are not above the law, which certain problems over the wedding brought right in to the public eye. However I am pleased that the wedding went well and despite all of the problems beforehand, the couple are very happy and Camilla appears now to have been accepted by the majority of the public. This will be of great comfort to them both as they now head for America on their first official tour together.
Steve Fuller, Hove, East Sussex/England

I pray that Camilla does not become Queen.
Nadine, West Midlands, UK

I wholeheartedly agree that the marriage of Charles and Camilla is illegal and that Charles should not become King of England.
Melanie, Nottinghamshire UK

Did I miss something or does this really matter? The royal family only counts when it comes to charity fundraising and tourism. Let's stop pretending that should be or are capable of being 'examples' in society. Underneath it all they are ordinary flesh and blood who seem to be as adept at making a hash of things as the rest of us.
Lila Fenton

I don't care whether he is legally married or not but I will never accept her as my Queen and I would not bend my knee to her.
Bernadette Whittle, Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK

It may have been a legal shambles behind the scenes but it was a wonderful wedding. Get over Diana folks, who knows what she would have looked like at 58. Camilla is a mature, funny, caring woman and she loves Charles. How many other men and women can share love that passionate after more than thirty years. Ride on Camilla, I hope you get the "top job" as Diana so oddly put it.
Cathy Hollowell, Houston, Texas, USA

I've always been a staunch supporter of the monarchy. One day, Charles will become my King. I will support him. But Camilla will never, ever, become my Queen.
Julie Allen, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

For heaven's sake when will the media stop thinking they know it all about what people think? Marriages go wrong no matter who you are and to continually blame Camilla for everything is just wrong. I have no problem with her being Queen at all. Life goes on, and we live in the 21st century where a great number of us have ups and down in relationships. They are happy and deserve that like anyone else. Stop sensationalising and get to report some real news instead of inventing scandal.

Yes it was a shambles and anyone fooled by the 'Camilla is Consort, not Queen' was misguided. However, Camilla can call herself what she likes, that does not mean we have to accept her as Queen.
Linda Coleby, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

A good show, but did it tell us anything we didn't know? But it is perhaps more important to be reminded of the issues in the cold light of day. Queen Camilla? I don't think so.
Bea, Oxford, UK

The wedding was an insult to the British people and to the memory of Princess Diana. Charles should have been given the same choice as Princess Margaret.
Gemma Davies,

Solve the problem of that woman as a Queen? Charles should show his very dubious moral standards can be improved and abdicate. Make it known "now" that he will not accept his heritage to be King.
Helen, Scotland

Who and where are the 'so-called' people who have accepted Camilla? I would be interested to know how many ordinary people were polled and when? I have yet to meet one. No matter what the government or Clarence House, or anyone else says, Prince Charles will insist she is called Queen when he is King as that is the type of thick-skinned man he is. Is this question of lawful marriage a loophole to stop her inheriting from him when he dies?
Christine, Milton Keynes

If everyone plus the Queen had left Charles alone, they would have got married in the 70s. He adores her. I am allowed to marry for love, why shouldn't he? I wish them all the luck in the world. Here to them whether Prince or King, Princess or Queen!
Bev Hanstock, Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire

After his performance on the Panorama programme tonight concerning Charles and Camilla it's only a matter of time before Jonathan Dimbleby gets a knighthood.
Ron Pummell, Essex, England

Well no new revelations. Camilla makes Charles happy, his sons seem fine with her, I hope in due course she does become Queen.
Janet Jones, Daventry, Northants

Camilla should never, ever be allowed to be Queen of this country. It's enough for her to be the wife of Prince Charles but that is more than enough. She was 'the other woman' and if it hadn't be for her, Princess Diana would never have been involved in that terrible and fatal accident and, by the laws of probability, she would be still be with us. Camilla was an indirect cause of Princess Diana's accident and consequent death.
Mi Hamilton

The Panorama programme has just finished. It was a Royal Shambles - but the sad thing is nobody really cared. The great British public couldn't care less what the Prince and his mistress are doing. They now see him for what he is - a liar and a cheat. The man deserves no respect for the way he has behaved, especially towards the poor girl he used as a brood mare. The name Queen Camilla will stick in everyones throat, roll on the day when King William reigns - the imput of his dear mother is already plain to see.
Beryl Coyne

Panorama is really scraping the barrel to go over this ground yet again, there was nothing new here so give it a rest. As for the silly man, (Dickie Arbiter was it?) who said Queen Camilla doesn't sound right; any unfamiliar name would be the same. Queen Lucy? Queen Emma? Queen Nigella? What rubbish!
Enid Woollett, Fleet, UK

Why this programme and raise these issues now? I can't help but feel Charles has not only been let down by his staff, who's job it is to advise him, but has now made an enemy of the press simply by expressing (during the ski interview) that which we would all have said if we had had the unfortunate luck to have been born into the royal family and persued since birth. Let him be for goodness sake.
Richard, Milton Keynes

Who cares about Charles and Camilla other than as a couple trying to make a relationship work under the relentlessly intrusive eye of the media? The royal family has little relevance in today's society apart from being a tourist attraction and, perhaps, more importantly, a means of stopping this country having a politician as titular head.
Peter May, West Sussex

'Real issues of public policy'? Cobblers! Nobody gives a monkey's about the 'issues' covered in this programme. They are of no importance to me, the old man across the street, the woman next door or the postman. They don't affect the the price of fish, cancer rates or the jobs market or the football results. So nobody cares.

Panorama should change its name before it's reported to the Office of Fair Trading for pretending to be the programme it used to be.
R O'Neil

Following this evening's programme on Charles and Camilla's marriage, it would be interesting to see the result of a poll of Church of England Clergy on whether or not they could in all conscience make an oath of allegience to Charles as Supreme Governor of the C of E when and if he becomes King and Camilla is Queen. This oath is taken at an Induction and Institution of an Incumbent when he moves to a new parish.
Father Peter Anderton, UK

This was basically a good programme but, as ususal, the anti-monarchy and anti-Camilla sentiments that are prevalent in the media were not properly addressed. If the media did not mention Diana every time they mention Chareles and his wife no one would even notice. Diana has been shown to have been unstable, unfaithful and manipulative. To keep trotting her out as some paragon of all virtue is false and misleading. If Charles has been at fault for his affair with Camilla what about all Diana's affairs, now widely known? Blame for her death is constantly laid at the door of Charles and Camilla but, if Diana had been at home with her boys and not galivating around the continent with Dodi Fayed, she might still be alive today. So come on British media, shut up about her and give poor old Charles and his sons a break.
Arthur Holland, Whittlesey, England

I did not watch "the wedding" when televised earlier this year - due to the fact that this was a conclusion to the most farcical exploits of a pair of adulterers - and hopefully the finale shall be the downfall of the monarchy - unless they have the decency to step aside for our Queen 0f Hearts son William.
Anne-Marie Johnson, Pitlessie, Fife

David Dimbleby is completely out of touch with the strength of feeling in this country towards Prince Charles. I think most of us expected him to marry Camilla, this was the least he could do to restore some dignity to the situation and save her from being a "kept woman". However, to assume that we will accept her as our Queen is unthinkable. Neither do we want Charles as our King. He has proved himself unfit for the role, particulary with regard to the position as Head of the Anglican Church. He must come to realise that he has put himself in an untenable position, and withdraw from his place in the line of succession, transferring this place to his son, William. Otherwise, the monarchy of this country will be destroyed. Henry VIII he is not.
Hilary Jenkinson, Appleby, Cumbria

I have just watched your programme on Charles and Camilla's wedding. I cannot believe that nobody knew that if she married him she would be queen. We have been conned. I object to her most strongly and would have protested had I known this fact.

I cannot accept her as Queen and will not. She was the reason why the marriage to Diana failed. I would have expected the government to have made this position clear to the public. Obviously they think we do not mind. I can only speak for myself but I think most people feel the same.
Mrs Jane Rodd, UK

Prince Philip is not called a king just because he married the Queen. Why should Camilla be a queen? In any case, in my view Queen Camilla does not sound at all right.
Xenia Micouris, Croydon, Surrey, UK

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