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Last Updated: Friday, 22 October, 2004, 14:42 GMT 15:42 UK
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It was clear that those who had actually thought things through did not support Bush's policies. His supporters show an understandable emotional response to global terrorism and 9/11 but display blind faith in a president and administration that is making the world a much more dangerous place. Perhaps if Bush had done the boring things like read memos entitled 'Bin Laden determined to attack America' he might have acted to prevent the attacks in the first place!
Dinesh, Rugby, UK

I'm a survivor of the Bali Bombing. I was extremely interested in hearing the views of the U.S 9/11 victims on Iraq and the war on terror. Thank you for broadcasting that programme.
Paul Lawrenson, Chippenham, Wiltshire.

I sympathise with the 9/11 families, not only for their loss but because their fear and hunger for certainty is being manipulated. The comments at the end by the two survivors who'll vote for Bush showed just how paralysing that can be. Justifying Bush's conduct of the War on Terror, the pro-Bush widow said there hasn't been another attack but seemed less confident about looking at the bigger picture.

This reminded me of a Simpson's episode showing this kind of fear-based power abuse in action - Homer supports expensive helicopter surveillance after a bear scare by saying it must be working because there haven't been any more bears. Specious reasoning, as Lisa points out.

Next to this woman, Mr Vaudo seemed to need certainty above all else, despite his body language looking less convinced. I hope by election day he considers whether being certain but wrong can be dangerous and re-thinks Bush's bravado. I want these people to not only feel safer but be safer. Bush's smoke and mirrors won't deliver that to them.
Caitlin McKiernan, London, England

I strongly applaud all of the people featured in tonight's Panorama who have lost their loved ones in the September 11, 2001 attacks. They have become active in various organisations including politics to take a positive step forward, in finding out much wanted answers to questions as to how the attacks were allowed to happen inside America.

It is a great shame to see and hear that inevitably this has caused divisions within families and indeed friends. I am sure with great determination and the support of politicians that if they receive the answers they are looking for, this will provide some comfort for them.

Many have had children since who do not know what it is like to have a father, this I think is the saddest thing of all. I am sure that when the children are old enough, they will be told, and I am sure through photographs, will have some vision of their father that through the evil of fellow men and women they were never allowed to see.

I do not think that either President Bush or Senator John Kerry should be using these families' experiences in the presidential campaign. They have after all suffered great personal loss and suffering as a result of the attacks.
Steve Fuller, England

How interesting that Jimmy should say that changing leaders in "a war" is wrong- and then say that Bush is "My Churchill". If the British political system had too believed that changing leaders in WWII was wrong, then we would never have had Churchill as Prime Minister, being - as he was - appointed after the outbreak of war.
Rob MacGregor, Swansea, Wales

How exactly can anyone who has eyes, ears and a brain, compare George W Bush to Churchill?
Tom, Bristol

It is too bad to politicise 9/11 for personal political gain at the cost of the lost lives. It is a shame.
Mata Valcanas, Newcastle, California

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