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Last Updated: Sunday, 24 October, 2004, 01:51 GMT 02:51 UK
'I think we are at great risk'

Mindy Kleinberg
Mindy lost her husband on 9/11 and has joined the Democrat campaign

With less than two weeks to go before the US election, the BBC's Panorama programme went to New York to ask families who lost loved ones on 11 September whether George Bush has made the world safer.

Before the terror attacks, mother of three Mindy Kleinberg didn't have strong political views. But since losing her husband Alan she has become a staunch Democrat.

Mindy is one of the founders of the September 11th Advocates, a family group which campaigned for the establishment of the 9/11 Independent Commission.

You know it's not a vindictive vendetta that my husband died on George Bush's watch. I don't feel that way.

We have not protected ourselves at home, and in the meantime we have increased and inflamed the terrorists abroad
Mindy Kleinberg

It's only been because in three years of reading everything we can get our hands on I have not really understood the decisions and the direction that they are taking this country in.

There's no manual to tell you how to handle any of these things [post-9/11].

You're really on your own and to watch those attacks over and over again, to watch the plane hit the building over and over again, my daughter will tell you she saw her father die over and over.

I was [initially] glad that it was President Bush in office, I was grateful and I felt that he was going to go to Afghanistan and root out the terrorists.

I had trusted in my government prior to the 9/11 time.

I thought they were doing their jobs, I thought I was safe, and I wasn't, and I wasn't about to do that again, to just say oh, okay, I'll believe that you're fixing this.

We had not finished the job in Afghanistan and unless something was really and truly an imminent threat I didn't think we should be diverting our resources elsewhere.

Al-Qaeda was the terrorist who attacked our country and we had not made a dent on that war yet so to start a new war made no sense.

You know it just rang hollow and it was extremely painful to watch, and as we have learnt, the war in Iraq did more for recruitment for al-Qaeda than 9/11 did.

Osama Bin Laden wanted a massive event to increase recruitment. 9/11 didn't get him there, but Iraq did.

I think that we're at great risk.

We have not protected ourselves at home, and in the meantime we have increased and inflamed the terrorists abroad and that can't possibly be a good combination.

Panorama: Families at war was broadcast on BBC One on Sunday, 24 October 2004 at 22:15 BST

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