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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 September, 2004, 17:36 GMT 18:36 UK
Isaac Bason

Isaac Bason with mum Marie
Isaac Bason with mum Marie. Picture by Patrick Barrie/BBC

Isaac was born in August 1995, he was just 24 weeks gestation. However like many children who are born extremely prematurely, he suffers from chronic lung disease.

This is a legacy of the many months these children spend attached to a ventilator, which helps them to breathe.

The EPICure study shows that around one third of babies come home from the hospital dependent on oxygen.

Isaac was no different. At one point he needed a litre of oxygen a minute to keep him alive.

And when he came home, his mother Marie had to learn how to administer it.

She said: "It was scary. I used to be obsessed with colour because if they're getting the right oxygen they're a nice pink colour and if they're not they're slightly grey, so I was constantly looking at his face and seeing if he was the right colour."


I always say that Isaac's got the physical scars to prove what he's been through and I've got the mental ones
Marie Bason

Isaac didn't learn to walk until he was two years old, but as soon as he stopped becoming dependent on administered oxygen he started to learn.

His development was quite slow, and when he was two and a half, he was assessed as having mild disabilities. A quarter of all children in the study fell into this category.

In his first five years Isaac had three life saving operations.

His mum Marie added: "I always say that Isaac's got the physical scars to prove what he's been through and I've got the mental ones.

"Because wherever he is now, and whatever he's doing, those mental scars are still in my head and I don't think they will ever, ever go away."

Panorama: Miracle baby grows up is broadcast on BBC One on Wednesday, 22 September, 2004 at 21:00 BST.

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