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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 March, 2004, 13:41 GMT
James's story
Panorama interviewed dozens of former youth militia who spoke about life in the Zimbabwe youth training centres.

The following stories are from people who's stories were not used in the main documentary. Their names have been changed and their anonymity protected.

You can read a transcript of their conversations with Panorama below, or click on the links in the text to watch a video clip of them being interviewed.


Well this guy came late in the camp, he came late night so and he was drunk, so then he was shouting too much in the camp, so they - firstly they took four guys in the hall, they say to this guy that they should beat this guy before they put him into the electricity.

Then the four guys beat this guy, he was crying, they beat him in the hall

And they were beating him with some sticks in the head and after that they take a bucket, they say he should take a bucket of some water and then we should rinse him to be awake.

Then they call others, other youths they should put him to electricity, where they doing the in the hall showing us how the, how they do in the camp if you do something wrong. So they put him electricity after he was crying then he was injury in the chest and his chest is not Ok, he was my friend.

Q: How badly did they torture him?

A: I'm sure they torture him about just for twenty minutes, twenty minutes, in the morning they do it for about for ten minutes, in the night they torture him, in the night then he was sleeping, then in the morning when we awake they say to him to wake up and other four guys beat him again.

Q: And this was all because he was drunk?

A: He was drunk and he was talking too much, he was shouting in the room in the hostel, in the hall.

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