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Last Updated: Monday, 16 June 2003, 11:04 GMT 12:04 UK
Gangsters at war
UDA mural on a wall in Belfast
Panorama: Gangsters at war was broadcast at 2215 BST on Sunday, 22 June, 2003 on BBC One.

A bloody gangland feud is being fought on the streets of the UK today between Godfathers nick-named Doris Day, The Egyptian and Mad Dog.

Panorama investigates the power struggle behind the violence which is already spreading far beyond Belfast into Scotland and England.

Reporter Kevin Magee enters the dark and sinister world of the terrorist group known as the Ulster Defence Association - the UDA.

Over a nine-month period Panorama has traced the unfolding story of this bitter and deadly feud.

The level of violence is extraordinary - knee-cappings, pipe-bomb attacks, arson and murder - all reported in detail in Northern Ireland but largely ignored elsewhere.

Production team:
Reporter: Kevin Magee
Producer: Murdoch Rodgers
Assistant Producer: Marie Irvine
Deputy Editors: Andy Bell, Sam Collyns
Editor: Mike Robinson

Reporter Kevin Magee
"The gangland killings continue and the government appears powerless to stop them"


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