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I can't believe how one sided this programme was. Any evidence that didn't fit the opinion that was being pushed was just ignored. It gives huge ammunition to those who accuse the BBC of bias.
Paul Osborn, UK

Excellent programme by all standards. However, it failed to explain how Arabs and others should trust the US and UK while they are removing one tyrant with the help of many tyrants in the neighbourhood. This is hypocritical.
Sam, UAE

I watched the first twenty minutes and I wondered what I'd been watching and reading about the war against Iraq as it didn't match with this 'documentary'. I wasn't so much appalled by the programme but my suspicions about the recent BBC coverage of the Iraq war was disappointingly confirmed. This was about a biased as the BBC can get away with. No shots of any liberated Iraqis cheering on the coalition. No positive Arab opinion of deposing Saddam. This was not honest journalism, this was misinformed, short sighted, unbalanced and hopelessly out of date with current events.
Michael Thomas, UK

The programme did not probe deep enough, Goeff Hoon should have been grilled more agressively, definitely out of his depth.
, London-UK

I don't understand why BBC does not mention the English/British connection of this war? Unfortunately the three nations occupying Iraq are "White Western colonisations commiting white western colonisations all over again and like Britain to America with thier settlers and Britain to Australia with thier settlers. These three "politically hijacked" countries, are a white western alliance, and yet no one mentions that.
Hassan Abdulaev, Azerbaijan

If America is so keen on telling us they will rebuild Iraq after this invasion and, why are people still living in bomb craters and ruins in Afghanistan?
Domingo Morales, Brasil

This programme showed Saddam's brutal crushing of the uprisings in early 90's and the problems facing the coalition. It also highlighted the arab reaction towards this war. Sadly, as mentioned in the programme, the Arab media is adding to the seething hatred towards the U.S and its Allies. I, as a muslim, support this war without a doubt. I support this war against a man who has attacked his muslim neighbours, Kuwait and Iran, and muslims within his own country. He is a secular leader who uses Islam as a tool for his own benefit. I wish that he would step down, so the war can end. An end to the suffering of the Iraqis.
H Nasser, England

Panorama has raised some very important issues. Anti-american feelings are growing fast since the war started and not only in the Middle East. People across the world see the new American doctrine of pre-emtive strikes as a threat to their security. Smaller countries will have to develope nuclear weaponce to protect themselfs against American bullying. The world is not going to be a safer place until international law is applied to the strongest as well as the weekest nations.
Lilia Goncharova, Russia

Shame should fall on everyone involved with the production of this vile rubbish. I'm all for a free press but the makers of this programme did not even attempt to present a balanced view of the conflict in Iraq. Maybe the programme-makers should move to Iraq where no doubt their efforts would be much welcomed by the Minsiter for Information. I am truly outraged that such a programme could be funded with licence payers money.
R J Hayden, England

Particularly in the light of David Blunkett's recent attack on the media coverage of the Iraq war, I would like to thank the Panorama team for tonight's excellent exposition of the current situation and implications for the future. To date, we have sadly seen all too little coverage of the real nature of war and its devastating effects on the lives of ordinary people. Blunkett must not be allowed to restrain our freedom of speech.
Lydia Duddington, UK

Thankyou to the whole team for today's (April 6th) excellent, thoughtful analysis of the current war in Iraq. What a shame it could not have been shown earlier, to reach a wider audience. More please.
Dr David Newman, UK

The programme clearly showed the many hazards and dangers awaiting our forces in trying to free the Iraqi people from the current regime and the destroying of weapons that the regime should not have. This war is proving to be not so straight forward as many of the politicians in the coalition were at first thinking it would be. There are still great doubts by many of the Iraqi people over the motives of the Coalition for going to war with their country. This strength of feeling has clearly been under estimated by many politicians. It will take time for essential trust to be obtained by our forces. All involved in the war are in great danger including the many journalists involved in covering the events as they happen and bringing them to our screens, and the coverage in our daily newspapers. Sadly there has been loss of life in the covering of these events by journalists and support teams. The public is very saddened by these deaths.
Steve Fuller, England

Why was there such little mention of the joyful liberation scenes from basra, in your Panorama programme on Sunday night. I must conclude that it was because it undermined the entire programme format and the anti-American message that was intended from the start. This makes the BBC in its failure to give the full picture, little better than Iraq's information ministry.
F Trueman, UK

I have always watched your programmes with much interest but after viewing this evening's edition of Panorama (Sunday 6th), I am dismayed that you can present such a biased viewpoint on the ongoing conflict in Iraq. Our troops are laying their lives on the line for Queen and country. I consider your programme as pure propaganda which did nothing but undermine our troops fighting in Iraq and will only serve to fuel the unease among other Arab countries.
Mrs. Julie Keam, England

After seeing tonight's programme my opinion of the BBC has sunk to an even lower level than previously. Don't you people believe you have a responsibiliy to be unbiased both in your reporting and in your views any more? Inconsistencies were common, highly selected video footage was the order of the day, and the whole programme, given the hugely fast pace of this conflict, was laughably out of date.
Brian Fendley, U.K.

Your onesided/unbalanced programme was an insult to a country where we have free speech. To think I have to pay a fee to watch such propaganda.
Norman Kellett, UK

As a comparison of tonight's 'Panorama' and reality will demonstrate, the BIG misreading of the Iraq war comes, not from Donald Rumsfeld (whose war strategy has been triumphantly vindicated by events in recent days and hours) but from Panorama.
Dr Terry Daly, Britain

I have never before felt the need to write about any of the BBC's or any other media's output. However, I must protest in the strongest possible terms at the content of tonight's (6th April) Panorama programme. It presents a highly biased view of the war to date and seems to seek to undermine those men and women who are bravely laying their lives on the line to liberate the Iraqi people.
Robert Morris, UK

Today's programme though interesting and containing some previously unseen footage seems to have largely been overtaken by events and out of date.
Martin Ford, UK

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Panorama: The Road to Baghdad


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