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If you have any comments or suggestions about the Blair's War Panorama then click here to find an email form.

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I found last nights "Blair's War" a disappointment, having tuned in to view what I thought would be an informative and unbiased programme. Admittedly the panorama team included an interview with jack straw who supports Tony Blair's stance, however all the opinions from the 'common people' were anti war. not only do I support the war, as I feel that it is vital that visible and immediate threats to our country are dealt with in a strong and decisive manner, but I am now more inclined to vote for Tony Blair since he has shown that he is capable of holding and acting upon a potentially unfavourable belief for the good of the country.
Kate Mellors, England

Your Blair's War programme was the best Panorama I can remember seeing for years. Brave, compelling and informative. The most unpleasant thought is that somewhere along the line a calculation has been made that political careers will be boosted by this war - and the thousands of tragic deaths, injuries and terror that is being visited on real people.
Rob Blackett, UK

I liked the Programme. In a democracy people's views must be respected. What is the right for Tony Blair and George Bush to talk about Democracy when the majority of the world is against war. And they are going to sell democracy to the world. The decision to go to war will be proved wrong in the years to come. This is a very bad precedent. When Democratic countries like India have no say in the Security council UN itself is not a right platform to decide at the moment. It should be made much broader replacing the so called superpowers. I don¿t think there is any meaning when such a huge mass of people's opinion is not even taken into consideration. There is right way to take the fight to the enemy in Democracy. Tony Blair will lose his power if Brittan is a Democratic Country. Personal Charm doesn¿t work out always. I am sure people of UK will take actions for his irresponsible unpopular action to go for war.
Reji, India

Viewers who are pro-war correctly assessed this programme as biased. No documentary is even handed; inevitably they take a certain side. The point is that almost all other coverage of this war is also biased - in the other direction. The news consistently reports the war from the perspective of coalition troops. The only other implicitly anti-war documentary or coverage I've seen was Correspondent about the Israeli nuclear arsenal, and that was moved from a prime-time slot to 11.20 at night - too late for most people to see it. The anti-war march last week received very little coverage. I find it extremely concerning that some people are suggesting that no dissent about the war should be shown on the television. If you are that convinced that the case for war is sound, you shouldn't mind being exposed to alternative viewpoints.
Jo Parish, UK

Your programme showed a Mullah in Blackburn calling all us non-Muslims 'infidels' and suggesting that the war in Iraq is 'A War on Muslims'. I find such preaching very disturbing as its the kind of stuff that widens the gap between Muslims and the rest of our society. Its the kind of stuff that encourages our lads to fight for the Taliban. Why aren't such Mullahs banned from preaching? Why wasn't his rant condemned on Panorama last night?
Tanmay, UK

Your Panorama programme was very one sided in terms of the large amount of time given to the 'anti-war' opinions. But the real failing was that it was just opinions. What would have much more useful and helpful would have been an examination of why the UK and US (and a number of other governments) had come to the conclusion that the present course of action was right and necessary alongside a consideration of other strategies.
Tim Rossiter, UK

I thought your programme last night was really good and informative. I sometimes feel I will go mad if I hear one more time that now the troops are fighting, we must all unite whatever our views ! On an intellectual level I know Saddam is a monster beyond all belief. But on a 'feeling' level Bush and Blair are not only worrying me they are frightening the life out of me!
Valerie Daniels, England

I feel that many of the critical comments on this page are very unfair. The Panorama programme was all about opposition to the war, so of course more time was devoted to the comments of those against the war than those for it. Many other sections of the BBC are currently dressing up their own extreme opinions and presenting them as fact to the public. But the Panorama team made an effort to present the news as it is- an extremely difficult task when describing a war which people have such strong and diverse views about. Congratulations to Panorama: you discussed a contentious subject in a mature and relatively unbiased way.
Robert, UK

A very unfair programme against a leader of honesty and courage very rarely seen in other leaders of our times

Pat Morgan, England

I do not believe that the reasons put forward for war are convincing in this situation, although I accept that the use of force is justified in certain circumstances. Saddam has been flouting UN resolutions for 12 years, which means that the international community has also had 12 years to ascertain the precise criteria under which the use of force would be legal. So why is it only now that Britain and the US see military action as imperative? Does Saddam pose a greater threat than he has over the last 12 years? Just when did we realise it is our moral duty to liberate Iraq? I feel that this war is a direct consequence of 9/11, however it is presented. When Iraq has been liberated, will we go on and use force in every other country where people live under oppressive regimes? I think not.
H Woodcock, England

Thank you BBC for showing our point of view. Like the majority of the British public I also am not opposed to our forces but strongly oppose the trap Tony Blair has fallen into. The Americans were just playing for time when they knew in August 02 that it will take 6 months or so to get all the forces ready for INVASION and once ready neither Blair or the UN could get in their way. How dare Bush goes to Camp David to ''RELAX'' when the lives of thousands of troops are at risk.
B Siddiqi, England

The organisers of the stop the war campaign are the enemy within. They do not speak for the majority of people within the UK.
S Samuels, England

A very unfair programme against a leader of honesty and courage very rarely seen in other leaders of our times. I had expected to see and hear at least a evenly balanced view but very disappointed
Pat Morgan, England

I listened to the anti-war protesters with interest. I have still not heard what the alternative is

Jonathan Foss, UK

Well done BBC for the courage to air such an objective programme at such a sensitive time. Blair has been economical with the truth when he said war only with a second resolution. Even though we all feel for the British servicemen and their families I still don't understand why people are expected to turn round and support an unjust war that wasn't sanctioned by the UN because it has now began.
Bukar, England

I went to the anti-war protest last February. I did not go yesterday for a reason: I dislike the war much as anybody else, however troops are there, they are fighting for a cause which aims are to bring democracy to people who do not have any idea of freedom, to let me travel or enjoy without the threat of bombs blowing off. I hope that after the overtaking of Iraq, the middle east peace process will restart to give Palestinian people what they deserve. This is what I now see. I also praise Tony for his courage to go upstream and to put into discussion his own mandate. He has got what it takes to lead and to stick to his convictions. I very much dislike some other leaders, who would veto no matter what just to hide their economical interest behind the face of peace makers. As to the programme, I found it very unilateral and would like to reply to the anti-war organiser, that one million people represent only a portion of the nation not its entirety and that if I could go back I would not participate to the protest.
M L Liuzzo, Left wing Italian working in the UK

I listened to the anti-war protesters with interest. I have still not heard what the alternative is. Maybe we should have sorted out Palestine first and yes, arms were sold to Iraq - at the time they were fighting fundamentalist Iran by the way. There was not a hope of weapons inspectors in Iraq without a threat, We cannot keep an army of 250,000 men on high alert for ever and the summer is coming on. We could not pull out or we would add to Hussein¿s popularity. so what do we do? If we had done nothing and terrorists used weapons originating in Iraq in Britain the same people would be holding Mr Blair to account.
Jonathan Foss, UK

I¿ve read these opinions and watched this program and I find myself increasingly worried. I cannot believe a generation so aware of the notion of propaganda has been so successfully seduced by this idea of war. We should not be arguing over the black and white of this situation (who is for or against war) but how this notion ever came about. I am more concerned with the origin of this conflict, the USA. A extremely passionate and patriotic nation in itself. A country which is driven by its own weakness to the extent that the words reason and understanding become wiped from their vocabulary. How on earth did we become their puppet (my moneys on Mr Blair!) it may seem a bit late to be saying all this but the truth be told I did not know what to say before, and I think I speak for many when I say this, but was so shocked and stunned by the speedy development of this situation that I did not know what to think. I am very sorry to say that I fear Mr Bush has had his way. Adopt crash positions, these actions will only spiral into further destructive conflict!
A Sanders, England

I watched your programme tonight and it simply reinforced my opinion that the anti-war movement are a minority group of anti-establishment, anti-American communists, who support Saddam Hussein¿s reign of terror. The far left of the Labour Party have been squeezed out by Tony Blair, and this is their retribution. A small minority of social misfits gaining prime time television

The vast majority of Brits are 100% behind the Government and our troops, they understand that you have to eradicate a cancer before it grows. The democratically elected members of parliament voted to go to war. I trust the decision and I am proud to be British.
D Adler, UK

I am glad that most of my compatriots are anti-war by instinct, but we need to look beyond that

Andrea Duffy, England

The programme has contained a good summary of both positions. I for one am very relieved that Blair did not give in to the loud cries of the anti war coalition. I am glad that most of my compatriots are anti-war by instinct, but we need to look beyond that. There is some evidence that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the country has a psychopath for a leader, and his sons have been brought up to be the same. We are not safe. Furthermore, it would only take a few terrorist with access to a relatively small amount of this stuff to wreak havoc with out country and our civilisation. We cannot take this chance. Iraq has had 12 years to disarm and satisfy the weapons inspector that they were no longer a risk. Patience and best intentions are not sufficient to counter terrorism. This war is necessary.
Andrea Duffy, England

I was deeply upset at your programme tonight. The programme was one sided and biased and I don't think it represents the view of the majority of the British people. I think the BBC should be very careful at the view they are portraying, as people like myself have family members serving in the arm forces and my children and my self feel we are under enough stress with out your programme adding to it.
Roy Family, Scotland

The ridiculously biased minority views expressed tonight made me so angry that I came straight to voice my complaint. I like many others are becoming very tired of the one-sided bleating coming from the BBC. What has happened to this one time paragon of truth and fairly presented views? Come on BBC, get your act together and you may once again command the respect that Tony Blair does from the majority of voters in Britain. (Am I too cynical to suggest that quite a few of our young protestors this week were quite enjoying a day out of school and may not have been so enthusiastic had it been driving rain and wind!!)
I Gray, Scotland

I would like to say I am unable to go on any march's as I have to work and I would suggest there are a lot of people who also are unable to afford time of work but would like to go. I have signed a petition before the war to show my objection to the war and I still believe it is wrong, I did vote for this government but I will not be doing so again.
Naomi Hinchliffe, England

I am a Muslim. I do not call other non-Muslim 'infidels' as many programs these day seem to show. I am not anti-American either. But I am against the war. Not because Iraq is a country with Muslims but because it is clear that the motive behind the war is not as 'righteous' as people would like to believe. You only need to open your eyes to see the truth. Saddam Hussain is a nasty man, but this war will cause more harm to the people than good.
AK, Scotland

This must be about the most biased programme I have ever seen

Michael Ketteridge, UK

I wonder how well Tony Blair manages to justify his support of George Bush's war with his supposed Christian faith. He is not supported by the majority of thinking people, he is engaging the UK in a war that all the mainstream churches view as an unjust war and he appears to have no concept of the opinion of others. While Bush may be a bully, Tony Blair is apparently his side kick (which of course every bully needs). It is a real shame that the Labour government has allowed the UK to become embroiled in an issue that will have long lasting and possibly irredeemable consequences, for all parties. The Panorama programme this evening was insightful - particularly the images of Blair saying both ... no war without 2nd resolution, and a few weeks later ... yes war without 2nd resolution.
Angela , England

I live in Blackburn, it is good that the programme gave a fair hearing to both sides. I have been totally behind Tony Blair long before the war talk started and I am every inch an Englishman.

Can nobody see beyond the bombs, and that surely the world will unite to bring aid to those in need in Iraq once present regime has been eliminated. Tony Blair and Jack Straw along with Phil Riley are standing strong and what else can an Englishman ask for. They are all doing what we all know is the right thing in the end. The standing up and shouting that Muslims in Blackburn are stood solely on their respective religion yesterday felt like a war cry in itself!
Craig Prescott, England

The programme today did not feel one-sided towards anti-war movement. I saw Muslims calling for the 'infidels' to be punished, a Labour MP describing the Muslim community in Blackburn as being 'bicultural', Jack Straw sticking up for Mr Blair. I am a Muslim and I am against the war NOT because I agree with Saddam's regime, (I believe he is mentally unstable) or just because Iraq is a country with Muslims but because of the motives behind the war. These motives are clear for anyone to see if they opened their eyes to it.

This must be about the most biased programme I have ever seen, where were the views of the Muslims terrorised by Saddam Hussein, the Kurds, people of Kuwait, the victims of his weapons of mass destruction?
Michael Ketteridge, UK

Thank you Panorama for a well-balanced programme. All sides were given the opportunity to speak

Christine Costello, England

Given the usual high standard of Panorama programmes, I was keen to watch what was billed as an insight into the Blair Cabinet at a time of war. Instead what I saw was a poor piece of anti-war propaganda. The fact that it was shown whilst Coalition troops (and journalists) are being killed was highly inappropriate.
Dee Holmes, England

Thank you Panorama for a well-balanced programme. All sides were given the opportunity to speak, allowing the public to make up its own mind about background to the present crisis. Particularly interesting was the opportunity to hear the views of the leaders of the anti-war movement who may be less well known to us and who have received very little air-time up until now. More please soon.
Christine Costello, England

Excellent programme. Why don't all those pro-war whingers organize their own PRO-WAR march and lets see how many turn up.
Dave Murray, Martley (UK)

I do not think that I have ever seen such a one sided programme in my entire life, and what a time to show such a programme. The country should be united at this moment of time instead you put on a programme that does nothing but divide. If these people do not like what Tony Blair is doing why don't they stand by their convictions and resign? Maybe Tony Blair can teach them a thing or two about conviction. Why don't these people go and live under Saddam's rule for a while and let us see how bad they think Tony Blair in then!!!!
W Maycock, United Kingdom

I am very glad to see this programme broadcast - it may only be days since the start of this war but it seems a long time since the views of those who still believe the war to be wrong have been heard.
B Birch, UK

When our soldiers are fighting and dying in Iraq it is not acceptable to broadcast a programme effectively undermining and not supporting them

Paul Lacon, England

Congratulations BBC for tonight¿s edition of Panorama. I have supported the Blair government over the last 6 years ... however I have been ashamed of the way Tony Blair has led this country and our troops into an immoral war. Britain is finally growing up to the fact that our leaders have hidden agendas and alternative motives that the public on all levels are finally waking up to. Well done for this programme.
Toby, Wales

I sat back to watch more BBC 'spin' against Blair and the War and was pleasantly surprised by your neutral, factual approach. Do you think you could persuade your news services to be equally neutral? Recently, BBC News has presented the same views as the Guardian.
David Williams, Consett UK

Previously I had no time for Tony Blair, but the stand he has taken has sent him up in my estimation. We have no choice but to bring Saddam Hussein down by whatever means.
Ray Smith, England

I wish to complain about the Panorama programme on BBC1 tonight. It was billed as a programme examining whether the Iraq war will cost Tony Blair his premiership but was in fact propaganda for the misguided morons of the anti war brigade. It put the anti was message across for 60 minutes with very little chance reply for the majority of us who support the view of Tony Blair and George Bush. I also think that when our soldiers are fighting and dying in Iraq it is not acceptable to broadcast a programme effectively undermining and not supporting them.
Paul Lacon, England

I want to thank you for an informative and moving programme. I don't consider myself to be political - I don't know enough to think well in political terms but your programme gave me the impression that Mr Blair is to my mind not acting in the true interests of the Labour Party. I don't believe the war in Iraq is right and fear it will bring about great unrest and further violence world wide. I vehemently oppose the bullish attitude of George Bush. Thank you so much for giving me a clearer understanding of the situation. I have never been on a demonstration - your programme has made me feel that I could count by taking an active interest.
Teri Bramah, UK

At last a programme that does not treat those of us that believe in peace as 'naive and simplistic'

David Murray, Worcester

Tonight's programme made me realize that Tony Blair has been incredibly brave to stick to his principles (in a world where that is almost unheard of in a politician). You showed that the 'opposition' is made up of old communist and left-wing organisers who would be against any war, particularly one in which America was involved. God willing, Blair will be shown to have been brave and right.
Paula Henderson, UK

At last a programme that does not treat those of us that believe in peace as 'naive and simplistic' as that wretched (retiring) bishop described us the other day. I will NEVER vote for a Labour Party that contains Tony Blair, Jack Straw or indeed Claire Short.

What has happed to the Labour party? I listened to Tony Benn at the rally on Saturday and felt proud. I watch the TV and feel ashamed at what is being done in my name and with the large amount of money I pay in tax. Since the start of this millennium I have given around 100,000 GBP of my own money to OXFAM. I wonder how much our Christian leader has given to charity?

A well off, overweight, middle class and very depressed voter in rural Worcestershire.
David Murray, Worcester (UK)

Thoughtful piece, fatuous headline. How about Blair & 60% of the country's war! Some decisions have to extend beyond your political power base - war happens to be an obvious one. Feel free to name me alongside the PM in the next copy!!
Harry Offer, UK

I thought tonight's programme was a poor reflection on what is actually happening in the country. There was a strong bias towards the peace movement and its views but no representation of the public supporting the Prime Minister. I have been proud of the way Tony Blair has done what is right and ignored those who are basically appeasers who offer no alternatives which Saddam Hussein understands. I have a friend in the Royal Marines out in Iraq at the moment and I would like to wish him and all the other coalition forces the best of luck in doing what is right.
M Hunt, UK

The people interviewed in the programme insisted that they represented the majority of British people, this I cannot agree with

S Overton, England

The Panorama just screened was another example of what appears to be a clear anti-war campaign on the part of the BBC and its news and current affairs presenters in the UK.
Eric Brown, England

I had hoped that Panorama would (unlike most media) present an honest and balanced view of the Iraq situation, instead the program concentrated upon those protesting against the war. Is it not true that the majority of people are in favour of ending the desperate situation in Iraq. I feel that you did not give appropriate airtime to the majority of the UK who are in favour of stopping Saddam. How do you justify biasing your program towards the minority view?
E Turner, England

I was extremely unimpressed by your one-sided programme. Britain is run as a democracy not a public committee. There was a vote - in parliament - and action was voted for by a large majority.
P Angus, England

Excellent programme. Now we must wait. Saddam will obviously be ousted. We, whether we agreed with the war or not, need to act to ensure the peace which follows is one which allows the Iraqi people to run their country. For my small part I will suggest Mr Gorbechov is the man best suited to organise the country prior to an election of a new, democratic Iraq.
Roderick Oates, England

I watched this evenings programme with dismay at what I can only perceive as a one-sided biased view. The people interviewed in the programme insisted that they represented the majority of British people, this I cannot agree with. They do not represent my views!
S Overton, England

I can only assume that the entire panorama production team are avid members of the anti-war campaign

Simon Horsley, UK

I see the thought police have been active once again. The demands, (not appeals please note), that just because our troops are once again paying the price for crassly incompetent leadership, we should stop thinking. This war is for the benefit of an ignorant, ill educated, politically inept, loser. It is about rampant US imperialism and it seeks to advance the economic and political power of that country. It is NOT about anything else. The war is unnecessary, illegal and is the responsibility of Bush.
J R Battersby - Hill, UK

I can only assume that the entire panorama production team are avid members of the anti-war campaign, as the programme that I have just seen was blatantly biased towards them. No-one in their right mind wants a war, but I'd rather have one now than have terrorists/Saddam bomb us with Chemical/Nuclear/Biological weapons in a couple of years time - Keep it up Tony, you're doing a great job!!!
Simon Horsley, UK

GOOD programme. Keep up the good work. But, what about the British casualties in this war? Iraqi casualties? Wouldn't this affect the whole thing?
Rawan, UK

Looking back through history, it seems that many of the worst leaders have held a simple black-and-white view of the world. Mr Blair constantly repeats the same assertions and beliefs he holds, yet never manages to convince anyone else they are true. I have rarely heard such an unconvincing politician.
Nicholas Britton, UK

I was wondering why none of the anti-war crowd had anti-Saddam banners protesting his treatment of Iraqis, and demanding their liberation? Then again, I suppose the answer is obvious.
Jon K, Luton, England

Blair's war you say. Our war I say. One sided, partisan and a poor reflection of British opinion at this time. Shame on you Vivian White.
Mike Joyce, England

Thank you Tony Blair for standing strong. You have my respect.
J Burns, England

Mr. Blair is a true leader as is George Bush. History will prove this someday.

Rinus Quakkelaar, Netherlands

I am no great fan of this present Labour administration, and like most people have doubts about the current war with Iraq, but tonight's programme is unfairly one-sided. It is an apology for the anti-war movement and completely unbalanced, unashamedly so. You do no favours for the name of the usually excellent Panorama programme and I am extremely disappointed with the biased editorial line taken. Very, very disappointed.
Michael Evans, UK

Tony Blair has always had the unenviable position in the present situation with Iraq. He is to be applauded for holding to his conviction, but I feel strongly that he has been pressurised by Bush. War has come far too soon; the weapons inspectors should have been given more time to do their job thoroughly.
Mark Swinton, UK

Whilst this country's servicemen are risking, and tragically today some losing, their lives I do not understand why your program is being broadcast. Fortunately our system is that of a parliamentary democracy, with a government accounting to an elected parliament rather than run by the media or other pressure groups. It seems absurd that an organisation broadcasting programs of such a political nature as this edition of panorama should continue to be funded by license fees.
Michael Keisner, UK

Mr. Blair is a true leader as is George Bush. History will prove this someday. They both are guided by principle rather than poll (like Bill Clinton).
Ronald Thompson, UK

I admire the courage of your prime minister. He is a better man for his job than Chirac and Schröder are for theirs.
Rinus Quakkelaar, Netherlands

It is my belief that Tony Blair wanted to go to war to make himself a world figure and make sure of his place in history. He then couldn't back down without losing face. Whatever happens why should he care? If he loses his job he is on an enormous pension for the rest of his life. Maybe Prime Ministers' pensions should be linked to their term of office. They would then have something to lose if they make bad decisions.
C Foster, England

Panorama: Blair's War

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