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One of the interviewees on your programme mentioned a list of "things to do" in the event of an emergency. Common sense precuations that the public should know about. I think as a nation, we need a lot more than common-sense precautions - in particular it is shocking that the professional services haven't received the training and equipment that we all assumed they would have had long ago.
Richard Boardman, UK

The war has worse long term effects on the safety of US and British effects than might be seen by Mr Bush. Clearly there will be retaliation by Islamic fundamentalists that will perpetuate terrorism against the west. Does Mr Bush care about the lives of other westerners who have less protection from terrorists than he is?
Thomas Katewera, south Africa

I watched Panorama with interest but was struck by the research that has followed only one line. That of the 'Terrorists' smuggling in a Dirty Bomb. The possibility of this line of attack would be Very Unlikely. To smuggle in such technology would very likely be discovered. Al Qaeda and other Islamic radicalist are much more likely to smuggle in a virus culture, such as Ebola or pnuemovirus in a single bottle either sent by post or on passenger aircraft. Another alternative is that they would release the virus at an airport anywhere in the world serving the West. Such an action would deliver the deadly virus and take up vast western rescources coping with such an attack. They have access to such technology supplied by other aggressive Arab countries.
George Partington, England

The inevitable war on Iraq, although just, will undoubtedly increase the risk of an attack by an Islamic fundamentalist group here in Britain. The inadequacy of the preparations and contingency planning of such an attack that were exposed in tonight's programme show this government's ignorance and lack of oversight for the safety of the British public. If they want to remain in power, they must act immediately.
Mr Dominic Montgomery, England

I am a firefighter and I cannot believe the nerve of this government saying we are prepared. As you may be aware we as firefighters have known just how prepared we are for sometime but no one seems to listen. Now they want to decimate a service that will be in the frontline of any terrorist attack. I really do fear for the public's and indeed my own safety.
J Gratton, UK

Andy Davies mentioned that "for the first time SIS/MI6 had established a website to recruit Muslim agents. I know that the Security Service (MI5) have had a website for a long while. But NOT MI6 . So, please, what is the URL for the MI6 site?
Gulliver Ball, UK

The Emergency Planning Officer is correct. The level of home defence preparedness is appalling. As a former member of the Royal Observer Corps, our UKWMO network must be re established - we had 10,000 volunteers at stand down 1991- and a new Civil Defence Corps created. As a nation we had rescue squads and de contamination units in every county until the defence cuts of 1968. If something is not done God help us !
Graeme Campbell, UK

The report given by Andy Davies on the threats of an attack by Al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks, and our inability of the emergency services to deal with an attack, I find staggering. As we are about to enter war with Iraq, we are at greater threat now of a terrorist attack than ever before. The government are prepared to go to war with Iraq, but they are under prepared to face the consequences for Britain here at home. The emergency services should be provided with the equipment they so desperately need to deal with such an attack. It could happen in any town or city up and down the country. The intelligence services are highlighting possible attacks from terrorist organisations, and the government should be fully prepared to act on this information, protecting the public in the event of an attack. Warnings and advice should be given through the media of what to do if such an attack took place. The public know the country is at risk, and we are quite capable of being t! old and acting accordingly if threatened.
Steve Fuller, England

So a police man who was probably playing bingo the night before said that Heathrow was a over reaction, and you used it. Tony Blair can do no right by any of you media people. your program is all speculation. I turned you off.
Joe Challoner, Wrexham

I am a serving paramedic in London, UK and have received NO training in decontamination. In particular the only reports of a major incident exercise I have heard are what I have read in the papers. I will not be involved and nobody I know will be. If a dirty bomb went off in London I'm not sure what would happen!
John, UK

Mr. Blair sees fit to afford himself the "luxury" of going to war with the UK population unprotected against the terrorist threat of germ warfare. Forget the sophisticated biological bombs. All that is required are a dozen suicide zealots, armed with their "how to infect yourself with smallpox" kits, dispersed to wander around major UK cities. At least Mr. Blunkett got that bit right, but no follow through.
Frank Passey, England

These days we are all are so perplexed it is difficult to not to doubt any information. People may wonder if the latest "Frontline Britain" may not be another play to save Tony Blair from the quicksand he is in at the moment. There was a time I was an admirer of Tony Blair.
Ghulam, Bangladesh

With the war on Iraq now imminent, Britain will become the next target to feel the terrorists hand, by attacking Iraq this country is bringing more terrorist threats that this country will not be able to handle.
Fiaz Hussain, England

Panorama: Frontline Britain


Your comments

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