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I dont think that is good idea to try to solve the problem itself without looking at its origin. The better way for America and her allies to change their way of solving the problems by using force and try to talk with terorists as the UK did with the IRA.
Hassan, UK

Exactly what evidence do people on this form require? Fingerpints of Osama Bin Laden? I bet if they knew someone injured or deceased in Bali, as I do, they would sing a different tune. This disgraceful attack bears all the hallmarks of Muslim extremists ie. Perpetrated by COWARDS targetting INNOCENT people. The wishy washy political do-gooders and fence-sitters are partly responsible for this attrocity and should hang their heads in shame. The world should unite and rid itself of this evil scum.
Chris, Singapore

Not one, NOT ONE Indonisian victim was interviewed. I think viewers already know the proportion of Australians affected - why don't you tell us something we don't know. Victims of the bombing also include those Indonesians who cannot afford to holiday away from the poverty which entraps them daily. That poverty and terrorism exist together was recognised only by the Phillipino President. I would be interested to know the British and Australian Ambassadors comment on this, for if they continue to ignore this link, terrorist will continue to drive home this point in tragically misguided ways.
Katy, UK

The West cannot keep creating and supporting dictators and mad men as long as they are "with them", and hit the poor countries as soon as they turn against them! Knowing the Saddam precedents, they now support Musharaf in Pakistan, but if one day he becomes a new Saddam, I'm sure Pakistan people should brace themselves for an attack! It is such an irony that America created Bin Laden to serve their purposes in late 80s, when he turned against them, they blame and hit Afghanistan for it! In their own system of justice, Afghans would have the power to sue the US government for first creating him, and then destroying their country for having him.
M De Leon, Mexico

What eveidence daoes Wendy Jones and people like her want? Fingerprints of Osama Bin Laden?
Chris, Kuwait

Very good. Just one thing - in case you were not aware of it - Surakarta is the royal name for Solo. They are one and the same city.
david foll, UK

I believe that the people of Europe, Australia and America should stand united in the face of terrorism. I believe that the threat of the al-Qaeda is more serious than that of Hitler. Hitler was a fascist dominant non-democratic ruler, who brain washed the people of Germany with fascist propaganda. I would consider that Osama bin laden and the al-Qaeda are more of a threat to Europe and the rest of the civilised world than Hitler could ever be.

They are a brain washed nation; brought up on religious beliefs. Beliefs that allow them to take another human beings life because that human does not believe in the same religion.

I personally believe that you should live and let live and that regardless of your beliefs you should not inflict sorrow on any other living creature, regardless of their colour, creed, religion, gender etc. I am not a religious person. I would regard myself as agnostic and believe in being open-minded.
lynn, UK

For a long time now, the world, especially the West is in constant illusion that terrorism will be defeated by just guns, arrests and detentions of suspected terrorists. I strongly disagree! Terrorism is in the hearts and minds of the people presume terrorists or their sympathisers. To defeat terrorism, the world must address the root causes of it with honesty and sincerity. However, I am disappointed that the US and British governments are misleading the world by taking the propaganda line of the Israelis zionist agenda of dominating the world that "you don't negotiate with terrorists and neither should you address its precausors".

It is damn wrong and naive in achieving the global goal of a peaceful world free of terrorism. To be honest, all social injustices of whatever forms must be addressed honestly and simultaniously with the hunts against terrorists. To a greater extent, the truth, which the West does not want to hear is that the grieviances raised by so called terrorists are genuinely legitmate.

You want terrorism dead! then stop window dressing in fight against terrorism. Start attacking the root causes now and respect international laws lest our fight against terrorism will be but invain and with cummulative frustrations.
Jhorghe Yang, Japan

I was outraged to hear one of the Australian surfer survivors recalling the story of how he went back into the club after the blast and was just looking for white hands....disgusting...what message does this send to those not yet sypmathizing with these terrorists?
Atta-Ul , London, UK

There is an attitude of excusing terrorist murder by saying that the Jews - through the creation of Israel - are responsible for world terrorism. My view is that terrorism will continue until defeated by force. Concessions to terrorists simply mean more demands and more violence.
Ben Rickman, UK

Jane Corbin should decide if she is going to blow hot or blow cold and not lower the tone of an otherwise respected Panorama. First she rebukes the Indonesian government (representative) for dragging its feet in respect of known terror groups and threats. Then promptly asks the Philippine President if she does not consider that she is making matters worse by taking pre-emptive military action against the very same terror groups.
Colin Macer, England

It's time that our fellow European countries joined us to gather intelligence and rid the world of the evil that disguises itself behind religion. Countries like France and Germany have got to get off the fence before we are all victims of these cowards.
Steven, Scotland

Important subject with some strong analysis but too much emoting. Do we need to be reminded so much about the bloody and emotional effects of bombs? A factual in The Guardian last week indicated that largest tourist group in Bali is Japanese..why no reference to them? All victims were white...even from Singapore.
Margaret Maden, UK

Panorama persistently claims that the terrorists are against the "America and The West". Yet in reality they always clearly state that they are against the "Israel and it's supporter USA". I have read this in the scripts of Bin Laden tapes and also other statements by the Taliban and other militant groups.
Ali Ata, UK

Shame. Shame. Shame. The Bali bombing reduced to sub-tabloid sensationalism. Panorama used to bring thoughtful analysis of events. This was just News of the World on TV. The only insightful comment came from the Filipino PM, who pointed out that al-Qaeda's recruiting grounds come from poverty-stricken Muslim areas. The question is: what can we do for them? Not, what can we do about them? How can we help them understand that we don't mean to be their enemy?

An interesting idea, certainly. But a mere footnote in your programme, which then quickly cut to helicopter gunships. (Was Jean Claude Van Damme directing your show? It looked like it.) Panorama should be about investigative journalism, not propogandistic rhetoric.
John Carter, uk

The most frightening realisation for me from watching the programme was that after major attacks in Africa, North America and South East Asia, Western Europe looks more and more like the next step. And all the evidence is that despite anything we do, we are vulnerable. Very vulnerable...
agneau belanyek, UK

The crime commited against Palastine after WWII is slowly poisoning the whole world. Until we face the truth an Islamic knife will be at our throats one way or another.
Steve Griffin, England

Yet again no evidence but a programme full of speculation and men in suits purporting to have the evidence. It's amazing how Jane Corbin reports always seem to have all of the story in such a short space of time, seems that Panorama is becomming the war propaganda machine for the UK Government.
wendy jones, uk

I strongly disagree that Osama Bin Laden was behind the attacks in Bali, the attack was clear on the Americans but the Goverment still fail to prevent it WHY? If america does attack Iraq there will be more attack on america soil much worst than 9/11.
I Mohammed, UK

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