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Your comments on Tackling the Tearaways
Your Comments on Tackling the Tearaways

We are no longer taking your comments on this programme.

Behind anger is always pain. David and his parents need positive help to feel validated, not thrown aside.
Anita Pieris

I was very interested in the programme. As a local councillor I feel that the use of ASBOs gives local people the chance to break free from those who wreak havoc on their daily lives. All I would say is that it is not just young people who cause problems: adults can cause more fear and crime than the young impressionable teenagers. We have also to remember that it is probably the upbringing of David Young that has caused all his problems. Parents of young people like David Young need to recognise the impact they have as role models and I think the programme brought this point out very well. We all have a lot to learn from this programme in developing anti-social behaviour legislation.
Daniel Smy

I don't think that the ASBO will be a success. Young criminals will just laugh in the face of that. I am a person who has been attacked by tearaway criminals where I live. My elderly father died of a heart attack brought on by stress from people throwing eggs and stones at the windows. I think that ASBOs or even community service are not enough for these young thugs. Put them in prison for life and keep them there. It is worth paying 100 times more council tax to keep them there.
George Handley
Nottingham, UK

My nephew Michael Handley was arrested last Friday on suspicion of stealing and riding a quad-bike. The police wrongly identified him. As a family, we will be making a complaint for this continual persecution by the Cheltenham Police. He is lucky that he had witness alibis on this occasion otherwise he would have been back inside. His ASBO stinks. It is the local Social Services department that have let him down. It is no wonder that he has rebelled against the system. Our family alerted Cheltenham MP Nigel Jones about Michael¿s care several years ago. We have a letter from the MP stating that he was satisfied with Social Services. Are you now eating those words Mr Jones? These youths, including David Young, need counselling not solitary confinement!
Malcolm Lane

How depressing. I fear Young senior and junior will never develop the intelligence to understand their circumstances and the pain they cause others, despite the best intentions of our social care and justice systems.
Patrick Greene

It is only a matter of time before this criminal circle is repeated. David will get his girlfriend pregnant and the child will want to be just like his/her father. I feel sorry for the Cheltenham police force.

I think that ASBOs are a good idea. We have the right to live free from people like David. The "naming and shaming" of those who are socially unacceptable is a good because it lets others know what a person is like and it also puts the person under pressure to do something about their life.

I am a first year forensic psychiatric nurse. Regarding David Young's antisocial behaviour and his repeated criminal activity without guilt or remorse for his behaviour, I can only suggest one thing. That is mental illness, in particular "obsessive compulsive disorder". This could be David's condition and I think he needs immediate medical attention. If David saw a psychiatrist this might help to prevent him from wasting his youth away.

Whilst watching Panorama, I noticed that not one person did any work, so could any one tell me where they get their money from to buy all the cigarettes and alcohol they consume?
Joseph Staunton

I observed with interest the fact that the ASBO imposed on David Young appeared to contain absolutely no element of rehabilitation. Of course the ASBO was successful in removing David from the area in which he had been prolific in causing trouble, but surely this is just shifting the problem elsewhere? The end result was to lock David up for 11 months in a YOI for breach of his order, but I have serious reservations about the good this will do in tackling his offending behaviour. Surely if you lock a bad dog up with no treatment or input on its bad behaviour it will still be a bad dog on its release?
Di Webster
Trainee Probation Officer

As a youth worker, already working with young people who have been issued with ASBOs, I sympathise with David. If you look at how he has been brought up, how can anyone expect him to act any differently? What this boy needs is to be shown the right way to do things- obviously his parents are not capable of doing this. You cannot slap an ASBO on any young person and just expect them to deal with it when they do not understand it. This young person was not only failed by his parents but the education system and the police.
Bradford, W.Yorks.

The children of today don't know they are born. When I was at school, we had to do as we were told. Everybody was much stricter then, and the same with my parents. The parents are responsible for their children and what they do and should be made to pay for it.
Anne Thomas

I would truly like to thank the BBC for highlighting this problem we all face in our society today. I am sick and tired of hearing about these excuses for human beings causing mayhem in our towns and cities. I cannot understand why this individual, David Young, has not been locked up for something close to life for his appalling behaviour. If there is such a strong force of opinion, then why is more not being done? I feel that 99% of the population would gladly see people like Mr Young locked up, and throw away the key.
Anthony Chalmers
Southampton University

ASBOs are brilliant and I hope that all youths who behave in such an anti-social and brain-dead way become subject of them. David Young deserves no pity or mercy.

I am a Hertfordshire police officer and have had dealings with other youths who are similar to Young and his family. I watched this programme hoping that some people might understand the problems us Police Officers encounter and remember the courts and CPS are separate from us. As police officers, we can only gather evidence and put this before a court. I actually cried at this programme because I can see that the Youngs will never change and I can tell you that the family's attitude to life is not unique and that makes me feel very sad
Lisa Phillips
Welwyn Garden City

I am 15 yrs old and I used to go to junior school with David. It's so sad because the rest of his family has now got no hope. It was bad enough in the first place with the whole of Cheltenham knowing their names, but now the whole of Britain! I cannot believe the attitude of Jason Young, he has three other children, two under the age of 11, and he is setting them no example. I think this whole mess is due to the attitudes of the parents, who clearly are not fit to look after their children!

I feel that teenage crime needs to be a priority for the government, and the parents should be made to be responsible for their children. They should be fined heavily, maybe even carry out the community service with their children, perhaps even have their benefits either taken away or reduced every time their child commits an offence. Perhaps this would be the biggest incentive to raise responsible and caring children. I am a single mother who works full time, and my child knows right from wrong and considers other people's feelings. There is no excuse for any parent to raise bad children.

Perhaps if that course of action had been taken sooner, pensioners would not have been terrorised, ethnic minorities would not have been abused, mothers would not have feared for their children playing outside and, of course, a security guard would not have been beaten up. This will doubtless be of small consequence to the 'human rights' brigade who will care more for the rights of offender than of the victims.
Adrian M Lee

The ASBOs are a good start, but for goodness' sake give them teeth. Exclusion should mean just that. The solicitor involved with this family would more than likely have been much less enthusiastic if the thug in question was going to be living in his neighbourhood or worse, next door. As someone who deals with society in all it's glorious technicolour, I say yes to zero tolerance, but please give the law some real clout.

It's a sad state of affairs and the programme gave little hope of effective self-remedy. His family seem to think it's ok to be abusive and offensive and indeed David's own use of "self-defence" near the programme's end indicates the spectacular lack of self-control bestowed upon him by these so-called "loved ones". What happened to simply getting on with each other - a lifestyle so alien to these people whose lives centre on what they can get for nothing?
Adrian Barrett

It is obvious to me that while violent thugs get let off with community service / exclusion orders etc. it will never be safe for the elderly and the vulnerable to walk the streets. If violent offenders were dealt with by corporal punishment - eg the birch - complemented by an appropriate jail sentence, the occurrences of reoffending would be far, far lower. We need to impose respect for law and order and protect the innocent, not the guilty. Singapore is a densely populated city (4 million people) with only about 100 reported crimes annually. It has a strict regime and for the law-abiding it holds no fear. It is safe to walk the streets day and night. May Britons one day be that free.
Tim Spencer
New Milton

Is it any wonder that there is a shortage of police recruits in this country? Having worked in the Criminal Justice System, I find that the laws in England are a sham and do not protect the victims. After 40 arrests the thug should have been locked away for a very long time and the other children should be taken into care.
Mrs B Harris
Blackburn, Lancs.

I was so glad your programme highlighted all the trouble that certain youths cause today. I am a mother myself: with guidance, my children are normal human beings. I work in the retail sector and the problems we get are always from youths whose parents do not give them any love or guidance. The people trying to pick up their lack of care are the police, who then get into political trouble because they cannot protect us properly. I do hope you will follow up your programme with those who should be doing something about this (the government).

Can I first congratulate you on bringing this major problem to light. My views on dealing with the current "yob culture" is to make parents ultimately responsible for their children's behaviour. It's time the courts started to fine the parents and charge them for criminal damage caused by their children. Fines can be taken directly out of benefits or wages at source. Maybe these parents will begin to face up to their responsibilities. David's father is absolutely unfit as a parent. Perhaps 12 months away from his bad influence might make David aware that he is old enough to alter his outlook on life. But then again, maybe not!
L Sykes

I was truly horrified that this family has been allowed to victimise the neighbourhood for so long without punishment. When it comes to human rights, they are guilty of violating the personal rights of so many people that they should be forced to confront their responsibilities to society before expecting the state to solve their problems. It seems that they just want what everyone else has without putting in any of the hard work to achieve it. Why does the criminal justice system act so leniently with these thugs?
William Leitch

ASBOs can ban young offenders from their community - but where I come from we chop all their fingers off.
Dr. Donald Karimu

Why was the Young family given so many chances? What hope have the younger members of that family with the example set by father and brother? To have had 40 arrests before he was locked up is ridiculous. And the solicitor defending him was, I feel sure, the one who tried to defend Fred West. Name and shame, yes, but the law must be given powers to prevent any other families behaving like this. I feel very angry.
Pam Moore

Who is contacting Customs and Excise about the contraband tobacco shown on the programme? Oh yes, they will get away with that.
S Jones

When will the government realise that the current law and order regulations are NOT working. The small minority who makes life a misery for the majority knows that the law is powerless and the courts are reluctant to serve out the punishments which will really act as a deterrent.
Brian Matthews

When a young man terrorises a community he gives up his right to be treated in the same way as his peers. The full weight of the law should be used to curtail his anti-social behaviour.
Evan Dodd

I didn't feel that the reporting team was biased in David's favour at all. I think that it was enough that they were there and gave David and his family the opportunity to condemn themselves. I found the whole thing really depressing.
Kerry M Hullett
Hayling Island

I understand the need to tackle the problem. The process worked for the neighbourhood but I feel that we have done little to help David. Society was failing him. He should have been moved away but he needs help. This process obviously does not stop the offender from reoffending. I felt that his use of alcohol would probably progress. I feel he should not have gone to prison. His parents must take some of the responsibility for his behaviour.
Joe B

On a lighter note, didn't David's dad sound and act exactly like Ricky Gervais from the programme "The Office"? That's exactly how I imagine Ricky Gervais would be like if he was a father in the same situation.
Jonathan Todd
Herne Bay

Great to see such a caring solicitor helping Jason Young fill in his claim for Legal Aid. From his air of affluence, I suspect that he is not, nor never will be, a neighbour of David Young. The long-suffering residents of Cheltenham appear to be paying to house David Young in a slum and feathering his solicitor's nest at the same time.
Andrew McFall

The theory behind the ASBO is that the subject will be deterred from committing crime or causing people in the area any harassment, alarm or distress. Your programme clearly showed that it has no such effect. The youth concerned was frequently in breach of the order and in one scene was shown to be brawling in the street. However one such advantage is that breaching the order carries with it a possible prison sentence. Although such orders may not prevent such anti-social behaviour they do at least provide a suitable solution for one.
Steve Betts

It became evident throughout the programme that, although unemployed and kept from his family as much as possible, David still managed to have money to spend on drink. Was this from state benefits? If so, surely in a case when someone is so completely off the rails he should support himself and not live off the taxes provided by innocent, law-abiding people.

David Young and his family are obviously dysfunctional and outside the "mainstream". What hope is there for any of the Young children? No-one seems to be taking responsibility for their actions and the cycle will just continue. What is the answer? The more they are punished the further from "normality" they stray, until the only way they can get anywhere is to get pregnant if female or steal if male.

I have been supply-teaching here for six months and have come across many Davids. Many are much worse than David Young. I honestly believe that the rich fabric of English life that my parents once enjoyed has gone. Luckily I have a country I can go home to.
David Boots

I would like an explanation as to how our judicial system has allowed an individual like David Young to break the law time and again, and then to interrupt justice in the form of an ASBO. In my opinion this form of "justice" does not solve the problem. It does not reform the character of the guilty party or provide the victims of such crimes with any form of security. It simply moves offenders like David Young to another grid square on the map.
Donna Smillie

As a society we are far too tolerant of bad behaviour among young people. There was no sense of personal responsibility on the part of any of David's family, particularly his father who seemed to be blaming everyone but himself for the way David had turned out. Young people need to know that actions have consequences. David's punishment should be to work in the community helping the people he's terrorised. That means getting up early in the morning, working an eight-hour day under supervision and being made to abide by a curfew in the evening. If his parents won't do it then society will have to do it for them.
Brenda Matthams
Stratford upon Avon

I work with people like David every day. The thing that strikes me is that by the age of 11 some of them already think they are "nutters" and won't amount to anything. Often their parents hold the education system in contempt and actively try to get their children to cause trouble. Until programmes are set up to support parents and show them how to look after their kids, things will not change. Parents bring up their children the way they were brought up and nothing changes. I have had a parent tell me a child is not coming into school because he doesn't feel like it and he has a bad cough because he smokes. The parent thought this was perfectly normal. Some kids see no point in behaving because they see no alternative to the way they live already.

Now that the TV people have helped David graduate into a young offenders institution and probably a life of crime, I ask you: Is a community of broken lives a good alternative to a broken pride or broken heart or, at worst, a broken nose that a bit of discipline years ago would have caused? The media and the government have lost the plot and in some ways David and his father are right: the system is screwed! Why not have the police administer hidings in public?

I find it hard to believe that families like the Youngs think that they have any recourse to the law. They offer nothing to society, so why should society give them any further chances? They have had it spelled out to them about how to behave and be accepted, but have chosen a path of non-compliance. Why should people like this be supported in a society that has increasing pressures elsewhere?
NE Lincolnshire

Naming and shaming gives these people notoriety and encourages criminal behaviour which the media will publicise. I'm not sure what punishment he needs but he must be isolated from his friends and family.
David Cox

At last these offenders are being brought to justice. I am disabled and an unruly family has moved in next door. Within days they smashed my fence, broke into and vandalised cars. They broke into a local church, stole a fire extinguisher and sprayed the contents over cars. They spray-painted graffiti over property and cars. And a few days ago they stabbed a youngster. It's time to stand up to these thugs.
Mrs V Smith

I am 15 years old and I live three blocks from Coronation Square. I used to go to junior school with David. It's so sad because the rest of the family have now got no hope. It was bad enough in the first place with the whole of Cheltenham knowing their names, but now the whole of Britain! I cannot believe the attitude of Jason Young. He has three other children - two under the age of 11 - and he is setting them no example. Their younger children are thugs in the making: one of them, 12, continuously bullies at school, and is constantly being suspended; he has hardly any chance of getting into senior school. I think this whole mess is due to the attitudes of the parents, who clearly are not fit to look after their children!

Why was there no mention in the programme of David Young getting any psychological help? Surely that is what he needs? Is he getting any help from child psychologists? And what do the people who live outside his exclusion zone and now accommodate him say about him being dumped on their doorstep?
Julia Howson

I wish that my local council would take out these ASBOs on the young people in my area. It might help to stop the crimes and vandalism. Many people are very frightened here and won't speak out about those carrying out the crimes because they fear the repercussions. The police themselves are at times unwilling to do anything about it either. Young people such as David should be excluded and their families removed from their homes as they are the root cause of all the problems. Lock them up and throw away the key... please.
A resident
Turlin Moor Poole

I believe that the council and police should have more power to rid our communities of scum. Jason and David Young's attitude will not be tolerated in society. What was there to stop David enrolling at college and moving on to rid himself of the stigma he has attached to him? These people are not happy to live in society without causing havoc. They blame everyone but themselves. Self help must come first and we as parents must teach our children right from wrong or pay the price. Well done Cheltenham council - keep up the good news.
J Smith

The BBC has sunk to a new low. I am appalled at the utter waste of licence fees in giving notoriety to a foul-mouthed thug like David Young and his equally foul-mouthed father. I find this programme an insult to decent law-abiding citizens who once again are being treated like a minority in this country. I regard myself as an open-minded individual but this programme has tested my open-mindedness. My sympathies lie with the neighbours and the local council who have to deal with the likes of David Young.
Sue White
Ebbw Vale

Have him adopted by any one of the magistrates who deal with him so leniently, and support those who think he and his family are a plague on society.
Neville Richards

I'm a teacher and we have to put up with those like David Young day in and day out.
Jacqueline Fielding

How long are the courts going to allow innocent people to suffer for the sake of serving the human rights of the hooligans? David was bad but the excuse for a father Jason should have been made to pay for the child's crimes because it was obvious he encouraged him.
Kathy Justo

More ASBOs and the sooner the better please!

What a shame there are people like this family left to ruin an area - and the council still houses them. Give them a one-way ticket to Afghanistan.
ex Gloucester

Bring back the birch! David Young and his lawless father could be cured in 10 minutes. If this were the punishment I could guarantee he would not be back 40 times in four years for a repeat punishment.
B Jones
Haverford west

It sickens me that David Young's parents have so little regard for him and his future. As parents they need to set an example - this is clearly not happening. Both father and son showed little or no remorse for any of the hurt they caused and actually think they were justified in their actions - I was speechless. ASBOs protect victims from individuals like David who, until recently, have been above the law. Society needs to curb this growing trend of lawlessness and disregard for authority before it turns into an epidemic.
Giles Smith

Riveting but depressing. Many people will have found it frustrating that such a common-sense approach has been embroiled in such controversy.
John Adams

How can someone get away with causing so much trouble? And how can these people just sit there while he is laughing at them? David Young should be locked away for longer than 12 months in a young offenders institute because he is still just laughing at everybody now!
Mr Marshman

Tonight's programme was excellent. Maybe after this the general populace will appreciate the criminal mentality and comprehend more fully the problems the police have to deal with and support them more.
Gill Watson

In my neighbourhood there are three families that seem to push their kids out of the door as soon as they have had their tea. From about 4pm the kids hang around smoking, screaming, shouting, banging on doors, effing and blinding and causing disturbance to the point that on warm evenings the front room of our house becomes unusable due to the noise. At about 8-9pm they go in. This happens night after night after night. The parents don't seem to realise that their kids' childhood is ebbing away. The parents don't seem to have any organised activities for their kids like swimming, football etc. They are too engrossed in the telly. Have we approached the parents about their kids' behaviour? Not yet - and the way the parents scream at the kids we rather feel we would be opening ourselves up as targets. We shall be contacting the local council tomorrow after seeing the very informative Panorama programme.

The old adage of giving someone a second chance leaps to mind - but 40 chances? Where do we stop? Punishment does not fit the crime, as this person just laughed in the face of the authorities. Did he ever get punished for the assault of the poor lad in the street... and on CAMERA? Not to mention a 16 year-old obtaining alcohol at that off licence - is that not illegal in itself? Curious that. Crime will be rife where blatant disregard is so prevalent.
Mr Richards

How come no-one picked up on the behavioural problems of this lad before it got to the point it did? Why aren't the parents taking responsibility for their offspring? I have a Bull Terrier dog and, if it was to bite somebody or cause destruction to somebody's property, I would be held responsible. So why do the parents shun their responsibility?
Ian Geoghegan

They should be all locked up. There is no need for this behaviour. The law is too easy. They are probably laughing at how they get away with it.

I hate to use a cliché, but what hope did that child ever have with a father like that? No matter what the retarded boy did, the father defended him and excused it! The child believes: "no matter what I do it is OK in Dad's eyes".

Parents and society are at fault for pandering to the whims of people like David Young. If, when they first start on a life of crime, they are shown that they WILL be punished and not treated like a poor soul, the tide would eventually turn. As a kid I was shown that crime does pay: first due to a chance (albeit slim) of getting away with a crime, then getting a SOFT sentence from the courts!
Anon/reformed character
West Yorks

Naming offenders makes them seem more popular to people of the same age - especially girls. The main problem is the attitude of the parents. I agree that you cannot always control what your kids do, but you need to teach them the difference between right and wrong.
K Murney

I watched the programme with great pleasure. I am an ex-police officer and have seen scum like this boy and his father in my service. I think that Cheltenham Police and the council are quite right in doing this. These sort of people need to be made to pay for the misery and suffering they cause. If we allowed this boy to continue in this manner many people would suffer for no reason. He should be in a place where he can cause no further harm. Either in a mental institute or prison. I know that every time people like that are removed from the streets I feel much safer!
D Powell

I find it astounding that thugs like the Youngs get pitifully light sentences for violent crime. As obvious reoffenders, it is no wonder the fight against crime is not being won. If every criminal with a previous conviction were to receive a 15 year sentence, we would need far more prisons but crime would drop massively.

I noticed there was a programme on execution on the BBC this month. I was wondering if it could star David Young. He is a danger to the community he lives in and has terrorised numerous people. He drinks below age and was filmed smoking cannabis and beating several members of the community. He claimed the chemist struck him - but this was only, may I point out, after racial abuse from master Young. Although the death penalty is banned in this country I think the inhabitants of Cheltenham would be all for it. I think the ASBO is a good idea. However, if the agreement is to keep out of an area, he should face imprisonment as soon as he enters the forbidden zone. Incarceration should be immediate.

David Young is an absolute menace, but his father is worse. He has brought him up to be a violent, angry young man but now just washes his hands of the problem. That the father only got community service for his violent assault of the man in Somerfield sends the message to David that it's okay to do what you want to whom you want, as you won't be properly punished for it. I can't believe the father had the cheek to be surprised that he didn't get the new council accommodation he wanted - there are far more deserving cases than him. I feel sorry for his kids.
Beverley Esamal
Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland

It makes my blood boil to see these leeches on society being given houses, benefits etc. when the average person is struggling to pay a mortgage - and they are still anti-social towards everyone. This is a good case for corporal punishment if ever there was one.
M Williams

Like father, like son. Fifteen years from now there is likely to be another when this one has been allowed to breed. ASBO or no ASBO. Why do they always seem to come from council estates ?

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders are not strong enough. People like David Young should be locked up and not released until they are safe to society. He managed to get away for so long because he is white: if he was a black person he would have been locked up a long time ago.

All parents who have a criminal record should be prevented from having children.

I watched this evening's Panorama programme with growing amazement that this boy was not made to attend school and thinks it is normal to commit these crimes. Exclusion is not going to work, just as leaving them to stew all day every day with nothing to do isn't. Make them work hard, grafting physical jobs that give them a taste of real life, a wage and a sense of respect under supervision - maybe the old chain gangs we used to see depicted on American TV had the right idea, because the current system evidently isn't working.

Why can't the government do a little more than just giving an ASBO to a teenager like David? Three years of national service would do the trick and he would come out of it with some kind of skill behind him!
Grant Clark
Milton Keynes

What an excellently balanced and informative study of this family. This is clearly a case where sympathy and concern for the broader community does need to outweigh the problems faced by David Young. The salient point for me was that "right and wrong" is largely learnt behaviour - learnt from parents. David Young's values are doubtless the product of confused and inconsistent parenting - Jason Young admitted to a criminal past in the course of the programme.

It was also apparent that David's problems are deep-seated. My impression was that this is clearly a very traumatised young man. The ASBO has not solved his problems - it merely serves to displace them or put them on ice. Whatever his failings, David does demonstrate some sense of responsibility - especially his concern for his sister.

The police officer in the patrol car commented that crime reports about David were down since the ASBO. I'm sure they are: out of sight is out of mind. If his neighbours see less of him, them are less likely to be interested in him. One thing's for certain, David will emerge from a YOI in far worse shape than he went in - and no ASBO will solve that problem!
Stephen Wright

I am stunned at these people. They seem to think that they can do no wrong. They seem to think that brand new houses are their right. I had to save up for 10 years to get my house. They have no morals.
Philip Reed

Was it not clear to anyone but myself that the major participants suffered from some mental disorder?
Martyn Hyde
Welwyn Garden City

It is about time that the Government got back to how things used to be and started locking people like David Young up. Then, and only then, will he start to take responsibility for his actions. Prison - and I mean real prison, not the Young Offenders Institutions that they get sent to - does work. It worked for me. While I was nothing like David - I was doing things I should not have been doing - a spell in a real prison straightened me out. All this happened 16 years ago - and since then I have not offended once. Let's stop treating them with kid gloves - it's been tried and does not work.
Gone Straight
West Midlands

It's about time that magistrates wise up to these sort of offences. It would seem that the police and council are at last doing their bit, only to be thwarted by the inactions of the Criminal Justice System, that is NOT backing them up. 90% of people in the UK are good, clean-living and generally nice people; a small percentage of people who can't live by the rules and regulations (which - let's face it - are very simple to live by) need to be taught a lesson. Why should decent, law-abiding people put up with such anti-social behaviour? Zero tolerance is needed.
Andrew Pollard
Exeter, Devon

I think that this should happen where I live. We have a few like him here and the younger kids seem to follow their actions, and so it goes on...
Roger Mason

I have seen the results of the this family's actions. I am tired of being told that we are unkind to such people. He deserves to be sent to prison for a very long time and the other children should be taken from the family in the hope that they to will not go the same way. Unless we as a society get to grips with these tearaway families (and there are others in Cheltenham) then we will always have this problem. Such families who terrorise innocent, hard-working people deserve no support or respect from society.
Mark Calway

This was a good programme, showing the reality of anti-social behaviour. My personal opinion is that people such as this have no right to live in society and should be locked away for good. It's not fair for people to cause so much hurt and misery to others. Local councils should have much stronger powers to deal with these people. In troubled areas such as this, why can't the councils install CCTV to stop these crimes at the root?

I have to say I did feel a small element of sympathy for David Young. I am glad that his former community can go about their business more safely, but the problem is that David is basically a condemned man. He returns to crime because he doesn't know anything else. No-one will give him a job, so what does he do next? I can understand the need for ASBOs to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens, but there has to be a realistic way for offenders to be able to "go straight". Without the chance of employment, I fear this would be impossible.

Never have I seen in such glorious technicolour the parable "the sins of the father are visited upon the son". Mr Young wanted fame at his son's cost: shame on him.
Dee Hamilton-Patterson

Would you rather the BBC filmed a suspected criminal hiding or open the door to the police when they knocked?
Derek Mitchell

Why on earth can't these be used against older offenders too? Clearly there are human rights issues to be resolved, but my point is that all the truly anti-social people I have run into are in their late twenties/thirties and I cannot understand why this legislation was framed to specifically pick on the young(er) members of society.

Why hasn't David been locked up for 5 years for breaching his ASBO? Why was the reporter so sympathetic to him? Was he afraid?

I think that the laws that the police have used against young offenders are simply not good enough. Arresting the offender every time is not going to solve any problems. It only wastes money which could go to the NHS, for example. Why did it take 40 arrests to put him in an institute? As for his father, such attitudes are not going to help when he doesn't care himself. Where does one start?

Those who infringe the liberty of others should be refrained from doing so. It is a matter of social justice.
Alkesh Patel

This piece seemed to be very well balanced. It is good to see that, for a change, the victims of crime are actually getting some justice. The justice system seems, to the lay person (the people it serves), to be skewed in favour of the criminal rather than the victim. There seem to be many efforts to look after criminals' rights, but very few for the victims.
Billy W

This kind of thuggery is on most council estates in the country.
Sage Mccarthy

I am disgusted that I as a tax payer am funding the Youngs' lifestyle. There are people who are law-abiding and in much more need than this family that has total disrespect for people in society.
Jayne Hustwick

After watching the programme, and noticing David Young's extraordinary behaviour, I couldn't help but wonder - does he suffer from any learning difficulties or special needs? This would explain much of his unusual and disruptive actions. His grandma revealed that he was only 3lbs as a baby; this reinforces the possibility of some form of brain damage.
JM Smith
St. Albans

I find it laughable (and very depressing) to think that someone can even be arrested 40 times in four years. How many arrests does it take for our courts to get the message? How about a new "30 strikes and you're out" policy - or maybe that's a little harsh on the poor, misunderstood souls.
John Chivers

His parents should be given a punishment to reflect their responsibility. Why does Panorama present this in the way it does - why not more mention of the effect he has had on the society, the victims of crime, the cost to taxpayers etc?
Martyn Smith

Each week in my role as MP for Cheltenham, I am visited by people whose lives are being made a misery by young people like David Young. The sad thing is that there are only a couple of dozen or so of these persistent offenders - but they cause so much anguish to my decent, law-abiding constituents. ASBOs may be the way forward but, as the programme showed, it takes a long time for the penny to drop for the individual concerned and for his family.
Nigel Jones MP

Excellent programme. Very clear that the Young family blamed everyone except themselves for David's problems, implying that the police and council were "picking on" him for no reason. Excuse me? Why did the police get interested in David in the first place? It's not rocket science.

After watching the program about David Young, I feel it is time that every populated area - no matter how big - must have more things for children to do at night time to keep them off the streets and out of trouble.
Tim Young

By giving these criminals such publicity I think you are encouraging them to be pigheaded about their crimes.
WM Johnston

I'm no socialist, but I have to say: with parents like that, the kid didn't stand a chance.

How much longer do the police have to do their job with one arm tied behind their backs, and why are our courts toothless? Weak government with weak leadership is crippling this country.
Neil Bonner

His father should have been taught some parenting skills. If my kids did anything like that they would not be ENCOURAGED like David was! I would phone the police myself.
Cheryl Dinsdale

David Young and those of his ilk should be kept off the streets for as long as possible. I admire Cheltenham Council's commitment to the ASBOs and making the streets safer for those law-abiding citizens whose only wish is to go about their business without hassle.
Alan Henning

I think David has his problems, but could be brought back in line - if he had a proper role model. Unfortunately for him, his "father" is a complete and utter waste of space.

An excellent programme. I hope that the evidence shown on the programme, the assault by David Young, and the constant breaches of the exclusion zone were submitted to the police. 12 months in a young offenders institution for David Young and 60 hours community service for his father are ridiculous. It seems that the legal system goes out of its way to help the offenders and punish the victims... very fair indeed.
Chris Ember

Why were the young family allowed council houses as a right and not a privilege? Also curious as to whether they were paid for the making of the programme.
David Conway

I think the behaviour I have just witnessed on your programme is disgusting and strongly agree that the council should continue their efforts to rid the streets of people like David Young.
J. Ivancic

All I want to know is how much are we spending on people like this who will never be anything but a burden on society? At what point do we make them pay back the debt they owe?
Charles King

40 arrests! If David Young had been locked up for five years after his 3rd arrest (3 strikes) all the crimes that followed would never have happened.
D Hampson

It is disgusting. We spend millions of pounds helping refugees, but nothing helping our own kith and kin like David.

Beyond belief! Why has he been allowed to reoffend so many times? Sentences should double each time an offender reoffends. 60 hours of community service for Jason is a joke. Build giant camps on islands and move people like this out of society for good if they don't learn.
Ian Mutch

12 months! He should have got five years. All councils should act this way and get these people off the streets. It's these types who are responsible for swallowing the greatest slice of the police budget.

Teaches the hoods right. The reward for obeying the law is protection from this sort of person. That is an obligation for the government, not a choice. It should even go further so that these people learn a lesson. Free Tony Martin!!!
Mike Johnson

What a complete idiot. The boy needs to be locked up. I watched the programme. I listened to both sides. I believe the father was honest and did try (not much though) but David - the silly boy is just an idiot, a bully.

He should come down to my town and get a taste of his own medicine. How can he say the council is out of control? Clearly it is his whole family that are in the wrong, especially his dad.

I think he has been persecuted unfairly. I think the council should move his family away so he can start again.

The whole of the UK should follow the example of Cheltenham. Sadly, the law now seems to favour the criminal while innocent people's lives are blighted by filth like the Young family.

If this is New Labour justice then I will be voting for them. This is the way to deal with total monsters like David Young and allow communities to defend themselves against thugs. Good on Jack Straw and David Blunkett. Eamon Joseph

Bring back the birch.

Where does he get his money from to support his drink & drugs habit? As a full-time worker, I certainly couldn't.
Cheryl Dinsdale

With the actions of David Young past and present, is it any wonder that he is treated in this way? Quite rightly, tough action is being taken against him. David Young has caused the police problems in the past and present and now he is finally paying the price. This, in my view, is the only way to deal with David Young. If the ASBO is the only way to deal with him, then I fully support the idea. He has got to learn that his behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. He has terrorised his neighbours for many years and they are now rightly seeing punishment being handed down to him. Hopefully he will see the error of his ways and will change as he gets older, but I do have my doubts.
Steve Fuller
(city) Brighton&Hove

I don't think the ASBOs are an abuse of human rights. If people break the law or cause trouble in the community, they should pay for their actions and the council should not help them or their families in any way.
Mr K. Godden
East Sussex

What was that all about? The programme was sympathetic to the little thug and his family who all felt that they were owed money, housing and anything else they could get from the state for nothing. This family is typical of the kind of people who deserve to be evicted and get everything they ask for from the legal system. Most people in this country work hard to provide for their families: no one wants to give services and money to people such as this.

David's family deserve no support from anyone until they stop supporting his bad behaviour. I'm really happy with sound of ASBOs and hope they are implemented nationwide.
Graham Herd

Panorama followed David Young, who was given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO)

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