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Your comments on Under the Skin
Your comments on Under the Skin

Biased? Is that what some people call it? I have read some of the comments on this site and I simply cannot believe how naive some people are. There is only one side to the BNP and that is racism. How can they stand up and say that they are not racists when they are clearly promoting it. Well done Panorama for outlining the truth. Sometimes the obvious is hard to see for some people and the truth is hard to swallow.
John Khan

I had never taken a big view on politics. The BBC seem to be a very loose organisation when it comes to reporting on what they view as extremists, something I have come to believe more and more. The programme was very biased and as a result I took time to look at the website of the BNP. Myself and three friends, who are all professionals, decided that we agreed more than we disagreed with the BNP. So I joined yesterday and am hopeful that others will too. Guess we are the 'evidence' of middle class England you need Jane Corbin.

I agree the BBC were biased. However what worries me as a British citizen is the lack of economic intelligence within the BNP, so what if there is immigration! The real issue for the new millennium is not what race you are but what you can contribute. It is true that working class people from other parts of the world have settled here and now are making valuable contributions to the economy and the more educated are bringing money into the UK but what can the BNP offer? Nothing. The BNP are a black & white party in more ways then one. To drive Britain's success for the next 100 years we need to live in and use the grey matter however the BNP have clearly shown that they cannot. They have no understanding of world politics, economy, green issues, education...

Let the BNP be seen as a relic of the UK recession ridden past of the 70s when they were at their peak. Now we are more stronger and we do not need a voice to remind us of our past traumas. Let alone letting that voice become the voice of politics.

This 'investigation' into the BNP was hopelessly biased. Even though most of their views are abhorrent to me some facts were either badly documented or badly substantiated. I also think that Nick Griffin should be able to put forward his defence of the Panorama website to some of the claims made.
Jonathan Lappage

I am about as far left of the BNP as it is possible to get. Having said this, I have never seen such an amateurish hatchet-job and undergraduate gossipfest masquerading as serious investigative journalism. Please try to live up to the BBC's proud reputation for heavyweight reporting. If Panorama is really unable to find a way of demonstrating OBJECTIVELY that the BNP's policies are flawed and ridiculous then the programme needs to begin an urgent recruitment drive to find staff who can. You've failed dismally on the easiest possible assignment.

You should have twisted the knife on Mr Griffin more about Holocaust Denial. I don't see why the shame of the Nazi Holocaust should be any concern for genuine British nationalists, which the BNP say they are. The Holocaust was another country's shame. British P.o.Ws died in Nazi death camps. The British defeat of Hitler liberated the remaining camp inmates and justified the War effort. Who did the BNP and Mr Griffin want to win that War? Also you should have asked Mr Griffin about revelations in Searchlight magazine made by former leading National Front member Martin Webster that he & Mr Griffin had a homosexual affair: the BNP is a very homophobic party and this sort of hypocrisy is utterly absurd.

The programme "Under the Skin" was quite the most heavy handed and unfair programme that I've seen in a long time. Because of it's unfair editing, with tenuous links between 'facts' and the 'conclusions' we were spoon-fed into drawing from these 'facts', I felt a slight sympathy for the people being treated in this way. The people of this country do not need this type of hogwash to put them off the BNP who are quite capable of alienating reasonable people without the BBC's help. Because I always doubt anything that the 'great and the good' tell me, all you have done is to make me doubt my previously held beliefs about these people!
A. Birnie

Biased reporting? Freedom of speech? Get outta here! Jane Corbin gave Nick Griffin every opportunity to explain his community policies and systematic lies, his convicted criminals and events that the BBC were not privy to! If Nick Griffin and his "populist" party looked bad at the end then it is no good blaming the BBC for this.

I have just visited the BNP website, where there are numerous points made that totally REFUTE the claims that Panorama made about the BNP. If indeed Panorama has overstepped the mark and made a "documentary" based on opinion rather than fact, then the BBC does indeed have a lot to answer for. Perhaps the programme 'Points of View' should give the BNP a justified chance of rectifying these allegations? Just remember this. The BBC made this documentary - and you believe them. That is exactly the trap they want you to fall into. Next time there is a documentary on the BNP, I would like to see ALL the evidence put forward, not just the hand-picked sections; that includes both the "before and after" material that the BBC has conveniently forgot to include. Oh, and I would also like to see Nick Griffin given a proper chance to explain himself. Out of all the media institutions in this country, the BBC is the last one I would believe. Like the X-Files, the truth is indeed stranger than the fiction they are so good at creating.

The BBC must be scared to death of the BNP to put out such a weak, one-sided, biased programme. It's about time this Country had an alternative to the top 3 dinosaur parties around today.

WELL DONE BBC PANORAMA! Hooray for Jane Corbin! Good work - keep it up! As for the RACISTS - Iżm extremely disgusted with the pathetic comments that you make towards the BBC Panorama documentary. It just demonstrates that you CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Now I understand when, why and how the Oldham riots began! The BNP is full of football hooligans! Yes, football hooligans are people who attack their OWN kind for supporting the 'wrong football team'! Can we really trust these people with our votes? 6 Million Jews were massacred during the Second World War! We don't want another Holocaust! End war, hatred and suffering! Supporters of violence, bloodshed, and the BNP, please get this into your narrow minds! How can you call the BBC pathetic, for revealing the truth? There hasnżt been one intelligent counter comment to back up the fact that 'they are so pathetic'!

Is it any wonder the BNP gets so much support when no other party speaks for the ordinary people of this country? Without their racist policies the BNP would get much more support. They would become electable if they remained nationalist, like the Scottish National Party, and concentrated policy making on law and order, foreign policy etc. Without the bigotry plaguing the Party they seem to have very good policies. To start with they should get rid of the criminal advisors and Mr Griffin's confused leadership. The BNP gets so much support as people see everyday the state the nation is in with our current parties running it. Mussolini at least made the trains run on time!

The BBC must also consider how the public will react to such plainly biased programmes. They are not stupid and I think the BNP will have done very well out of the publicity. The only people to have been influenced will be those who'd never vote for them anyway. It is worrying about the government that they are left-wing enough to try and force their views on the public and there must be a very real threat from the party to prompt them to make such a campaign against free-speech.

Congratulations to all those who so graciously defend Adolf, I mean Griffin. I am genuinely pleased that you found the holocaust so entertaining. I wonder, could you be so dismissive if your baby was 'shoved up the chimney'? Your mothers must be so proud.
Gemma Andrews, 16yrs

I was disappointed with the Panorama programme. There was very little material that wasn't already in the public domain. What a shocker - BNP activists tell racist jokes! The programme was blatantly one-sided. Yes, I ultimately agree with the viewpoint, but that doesn't make it any better. The BNP are manipulating a political space (as they see it the white working class) that has been vacated by the main parties. Addressing that issue would make for a far more useful Panorama.
South Bucks

Good balanced report - the BNP have once again shown the illogic of their arguments. But just because they are illogical does not mean they are not dangerous because most people they know quite well do not or will not think in logical terms and do not investigate these statements to prove if they are right or wrong. They are dangerous because they are clumsy and crude and most ordinary people do not know how to take the fiction out of the facts to get a real balanced view. Keep it up, we need real good journalists like you to keep or society fair minded.
Rupe Morris

At last you have found for me a British political party that will speak up for me & my kind. Thank You. I have now sent off my membership via BNP website. As for the criminal records of some members, it's probably no worse than the 'old' Parties, but their activities are usually sexually based, i.e. Ron Davies, Labour MP etc. Thanks again Panorama for showing me the light.
P. Barrett
Wolverhampton, England

I am disgusted with the bias of Jane Corbin's production of Panorama. It really made me feel sick hearing the lies and fabrications of the apparently unbiased BBC. The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation really must think about their political image and consider the producer's career within the BBC.

Nick Griffin is an assertive, proud, heterosexual, white man. No wonder the BBC feminists and liberals are out to get him.
Robert Aston

On wishing to preserve native British people's security and freedom and culture, the BNP seems to be no different from the parties of 50 years ago. Foreign governments don't entertain mass immigration, so it is not the BNP who are the extremists. If no-one is allowed to say anything bad about multicultural society then (a) problems will not be honestly addressed and resolved, and (b) the BNP will fill the void.

As a minority citizen, I was shocked to see that a national political party such as the BNP, have so many followers and supporters. I am a proud British Asian, and there are many things in both of my cultures western and eastern that I am proud about. Does that mean that many supporters of the BNP would want me to leave my birth place, my home, the very place that has made me who I am today? Firstly I would like to say that the BBC could have added a lot more to the programme, by adding views of supporters of the BNP and why they support it etc. Perhaps then we could understand why such narrow minded folk actually believe that they are being repressed! As for the comments that were suggested about, the native British white population that will, in future be only, but a minority in its own country, have you ever thought of the huge amounts of white pop. that emigrate every year and have done for over the last goodness knows how many centuries to other countries?

I am shocked at how the BBC could put out such an openly biased programme. I would not of considered myself a supporter of the BNP. However after watching your programme I decided to take a look at the BNP's website and was very impressed with their policies and what they had to say. I also noticed that they have a Student group who I shall also be contacting. Thank you Panorama for showing me that there is a party that cares enough to take a stand!
Sarah Johns - Student at Nottingham University
East Midlands

I found your programme on the BNP another example of poor journalism by the BBC. It is bias and therefore undermined its credibility completely. I hope I'm not the only person in this country, who pays his fees to "Aunty Beeb" who feels more and more preached at by you. You have an agenda and its not impartiality is it? Your programme on the BNP was a disgraceful propaganda exercise. The viewers with intelligence deserve better from Panorama and the BBC, than this drama posing as a documentary. I am not a member of the BNP but felt I knew nothing I could trust as authoritative information from Panorama's "investigation".
Paul Casey

I don't care what anyone says, the British National Party are a bunch of racists and anyone who can't see that has got a screw loose. It was about time that somebody finally exposed the BNP for what they really are! Good work Panorama. Keep it up!
King Als

I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary "Under the Skin." However I was very disappointed by the obvious propaganda undertones. It was clear that it was only shown to attempt to dissuade the general public from moving towards a party that is going places. I would however like to say that I don't agree with their ideologies or support them in any way.

The programme was another fairly sad attempt to "expose" the BNP as nazis. Shouldn't we be looking at why - despite the best efforts of the Anti-Nazi League, Searchlight and the BBC - the BNP is picking up so much support. If we're going to defeat fascism (even in its cuddly community politics guise) we're going to have to do a lot better than this. What about politically defeating them instead of claiming that they're all criminals.

Last Sunday's Panorama programme was a cynical attempt by the BBC to discredit the BNP. The "evidence" used was at best flimsy and more realistically was just simply based on hearsay and misinterpretation. I personally believe that the BNP are becoming a more credible political party and far from deterring people, the overt bias in the Panorama programme is more likely to encourage people to find out more about them. The BNP will emerge as a more influential political party over the coming years as the policies of the current government alienate more of the indigenous population. The BNP will come to thank Panorama for the kick start they have provided for it's publicity.

I have never come across such a one sided, biased and factually incorrect piece of journalism in my entire life, as Panoramas attempted 'smear' of the BNP. Panorama used to be an excellent, unbiased and informative programme, but sadly it appears to have been hijacked by left wing liberals who only want one side of the story to be told.
M. Lester

I've noticed how Panorama put so much effort into 'exposing' the BNP, and have put minimal effort into exposing terrorists like Sinn Fein/IRA.
Michael Adamson
Larne, Northern Ireland

I was quite upset watching and then to read some of the comments. I am 19 and have lived in this country all my life and it's the only place I know. Where would the BNP suggest I go? (I'm black by the way) They say we have this big impact on their life but if you look at the statistics we don't make up much of the population, that's why we are referred to as Ethnic Minorities. While the programme was biased we must look beyond that to see the racism and racial hatred that is covertly being put forward. Thanks BBC.

This programme was typical of the BBC in the 21st Century, biased. Andrew Marr started the BBC's completely biased reporting when he became the BBC's political editor and it has continued ever since. Okay, the BNP are slightly extreme in certain people's opinion, but I am a firm believer in keeping a nations' identity as well as the BNP are. I don't think the multi-cultural society that we live in has improved this country, quite the opposite. The amount of trouble we have between differing ethnic groups is on the increase.

The BNP stands up for what it believes in and I think every party, however extreme they may be (on either side of the political spectrum) should be given its say. If you read the BNP's website, in my opinion they have a lot of good, honest policies, most notably, the policy on withdrawing us from the EU. Why don't the BBC do a programme on the extreme left-wing anarchists that I'm sure exist, for their next programme and balance it out?

I cannot believe the response to Panorama's progamme on this website. Fact 1. The BNP are a racist party. Fact 2. Many of its hierarchy have records for criminal racist behaviour and outright thuggery. They have malaciously exploited the feelings of disempowerment felt by many whites living in poverty, their exclusion and discontent not a result of 'race politics' but of being left behind economically. Their Asian counterparts are in the same boat. Shame on those who seek to justify the BNP's propaganda, racism and doctrine of hate. Banning them is not the answer. Ignoring them is a good idea. We must stand against those who seek to exploit the vulnerability of those whose disenfranchisement breeds desperation. I am white. I don't care if you stick labels on me like 'liberal' or 'Marxist'. All that matters is that people should oppose parties like the BNP through the tools of democracy, motivated by common decency to other human beings and a total, unqualified opposition to the work of racists.

Another deliberate BBC smear campaign to try and deter the growing support for the BNP. One rule for one and one rule for another springs to mind. Parties evolve and change image over time just as the Labour party has over the last 30 years. Talking about spin, I wonder how much of the taxpayers money is paid to Alistair Campbell and Labours marketing activities as a whole. The BNP gets a website and hands out some flyers and for some reason its against the rules. It's about time all political parties were given an equal platform on which to campaign and then we would get rid on this nonsensical rubbish about nazi fanaticism. Are the many thousands that voted BNP in the general election all Nazi's or are they ordinary people who have witnessed the progression of crime and street violence that has spiralled out of control in this country. I just hope the BNP wins local council seats as this may make the government realise and address the real problems in this country and stop using the BNP as an excuse or scapegoat. But then again I very much doubt it!

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday night's Panorama programme! It is extremely heartening to see that the 'multi-culti' fanatics and politically correct fascists that run the BBC see the BNP as such a danger to their sick world-view that they feel the need to broadcast such ridiculously hysterical 'documentaries' about the BNP. Unfortunately for them, however, more and more people are contacting the BNP to find out the truth for themselves.

The BBC did itself no favours whatsoever by broadcasting such a clearly biased and politically motivated programme, it merely managed to prove that the BBC cares nothing for freedom of speech or fair reporting, and I dare say that the BNP will be reaping the rewards from this, long after the programme's 'groundbreaking revelations' have been forgotten. Thank you Panorama!
Chris Beverley (British Students Association)

Well done Panorama team - but about time. As for accusations of impartiality why should we be impartial about dangerous liars and thugs when we've experienced what can happen to friends, students, asylum seekers and fellow citizens. More please.
Joan Weir

I don't agree with the BNP's policies, or for that matter the National Front, but it seems that if any person takes an even slightly questionable view that could possibly be construed as racist, then they are dubbed a bigot. It seems that we are not allowed to be proud of our country any more.
Andy Gould

I prefer "The English National Party" which doesn't care too much for these racist types that want to spread hatred. If The BNP are so British then why do they follow a regime which follows the ideals of German Nazism? Hardly very British is it.
Mansfield UK

Are the BBC trying to destroy our so called democratic soceity and so called freedom of speach? If this is a fair debate on the BNP I would like to hear both sides of the story I have heard the BBC's loud and clear how about the chance to hear the BNP's side? Do the BNP have a website? If so why has a link not been added to this website? Please show the other side of the coin.

I think it might have been useful during the programme to have explored some of the reasons people vote for the BNP.People are very concerned about the levels of immigration and asylum but have no vehicle for expressing those views politically other than the BNP.The law and I'm sorry to say the BBC has been responsible for neutralising any moderate debate.
Graham Hoe

With regards to Nick Griffin bending the truth somewhat, is this not true for all political parties. I cannot see that the Labour Party or the Conservatives are any different in this respect. Perhaps there are only a few people within Labour or the Conservative parties that have criminal records, this is not because they have squeaky clean MPs, more to do with the fact that they can get away with their criminal activities. Although I can't agree with all of the BNPs policies, I certainly feel comforted that there's an organisation that represents the native British people, and gives them some hope in places such as Oldham. If the UK was such a nice place for it's citizens to live then there'd be no need for this party anyway.
Simon Constable

Did it really take a five month investigation to discover that the BNP are racist?

The real question, ignored in the programme, is why increasing numbers of working class voters in areas such as Oldham, Burnley and Bradford are supporting this party IN SPITE of its reputation for racism and violence. Why not talk to these voters?

As a politics student I was appalled to see such a one sided, obviously biased piece of journalism from the so called father of British Broadcasting. The BBC has deserted investigative braodcasting infavour of becoming an arm of Blair's propaganda wing. Not one shred of proof connected Griffin with C18 apart from the word of a so called ex-activist. The only thing that this programme proved was that the BBC have finally sold out. This was no different from one of Hitler's propoganda films against the Communists in the 1930's. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

As a student from Oman I was so disgusted about the views of BNP toward the ethnic minority of this country. How dare they devalue other people just of because of their colour. I consider the BNP with its evil minded ideas as being evil itself. This is one culture shock which I have come to face in this country. Thank God we do not have such ideas back home.

Well,well. The Blair Broadcasting Corporation and the liberal/Marxist types that it employes must be worried if they have to resort to cheap 'journalism'toattempt to smear the BNP. After all; the BNP is the only real political opposition to the herd of third raters we have in power at the moment. Labour and the BBC (and increasingly the voting public) know this, hence the smears. Where's my cheque book for that BNP donation?
East Yorkshire

This was a very poor biased piece of lazy journalism.It basiacally copied very old stories from the SWP Marxist dominated Searchlight groups and pretended they were investigative journalists. Jane Corbin just got a bunch of Trots to give her all the old dirt and pretend she had done some real journalism. When will the BBC accept that many indigenous British feel genuine anger at the huge Muslim support for Bin Laden and the Taliban, what an act of betrayal.

Instead of simply mudslinging,why not invite Nick Griffin onto a program where everone can debate the issues involved like intelligent adults? Or is the BBC afraid (or too politically correct) to do this? When it comes to election time, everyone except the BNP gets to appear on television. Go on, I dare you!

I was very impressed the way in which the program was carried out. What I cannot understand is that if any of these racists/nazis were to be put in hospital for an emergency life saving operation would they still hold true their beliefs and convictions then if the only available doctor happened to be of another race other than "British" I have enphasised this point as a majority of other races were born in the UK. It makes me sick that History has not left its mark on the feeble minds of these BNP or C18 people. Great work keep it up!

I watched your programme with my gay partner and a female friend who is a BNP member. We respect her opinions but don't necessarily agree with them. She would not, however, accept that BNP policies extend beyond the racial question towards gay men like ourselves. When I printed the "beliefs" section of the leader which shows quite clearly that there is a homophobic policy within the "social" policy, her response was that this was only one man's opinion. This, I have found is her answer to anything said against the BNP as she genuinely believes that the leader's opinions do not form the body of opinion. Naive or what? Sadly in my area where BNP is strong, naivity and ignorance are worked upon by BNP activists and people support the party without realising the long term consequences for ALL minority groups.
Anthony Dewhurst

A typical left wing p.c. hatchet job on the BNP. I only hope that the liberals who have eroded our society to the very point of ruination over the past forty years are still around to reap the whirlwind when it arrives as it undoubtedly will.

Government demographers know now that white Britons will be a minority in their own land by the end of this century merely on current trends. It will be the first time in history that an indigenous population has simply rolled over and allowed itself to be taken over without conquest. Maybe when we have our first non white leaders all will be well and the regime will be benign. But what if we get a Mugabe? Why take the chance when we don't need to? It is not racism. It is a simple fact of humanity that multiculturalism does not and cannot work. It will end in tears. You cannot legislate against human nature try as the British Government might and you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

I am probably what you would consider a 'foreigner' being born to foreign parents but residing in England. However, as a foreigner I found the content of yesterday's program disgusting.

Never In my life have I seen such one sided, drivel and nonsense, and anybody with half a brain would have exposed the BBC for its shameful political bias.

Why was Nick Griffin cut off at half sentence, when if you see the whole interview it is clear for all to see that the BBC manipulated yesterday's evidence?

Why was the 'informant' so conveniently anonymous, when in the past people have spoken out against right wing groups, with no effect? Why were pictures of the holocaust shown, when it has nothing to do with the BNP? Why were most of people shown in the BNP tent, either with a tattoo or as a skinhead, when evidently this is just a stereotype that the BBC is only to keen to reinforce? Why was such a shameful and non-existent link made up with C18?

Why was the first of the two phone calls not mentioned, when it was of crucial importance to the second and would have explained what happened in the second?

Why was so much emphasis put upon ONE poster, when the BNP fabricate so many? Why were the 'crimes' committed by a senior BNP official not fully explained - such as so many of the football hooligans being deported for doing NOTHING?

I could go on and on. If anything Mr Blair and the BBC, you have scored a political own goal as if anything it has drawn more people to the BNP.

Oh, and by the way seeing as Mr Blair and the BBC are so worried by the BNP, maybe a similar documentary on the murderous IRA would be a good idea, seeing as they're actually in power!

I believe people should start looking at things more realistically and fairly. I myself do believe that the BNP are a racist, nasty and corrupt party and I am against nastiness or unfairness to any race. But I also think that white rights do need a voice (but not of the extreme BNP) and that immigration should be tightened and overly political correctness should be seen as silly. Once someone has achieved British citizenship then they should be treated as equal. But I also think that less people should be given citizenship, although non-citizens should not suffer hate or violence. People should be allowed to criticise multi-culturalism and immigration as long as there is respect for ethnic people as there should be for everyone. After all we're all (except for Griffin) humans!!

I watched the Panorama programme and was horrified to learn that my country appears to be home to a modern day Hitler. I read the web page, really, because it was difficult to digest such hatred during the programme and to confirm that what I watched was real!. After reading the biography of Mr Griffin on your page, the questions that sprung to mind were Is this man married? If so does his wife support him? Is he a family man? What made him move to Wales? Does he have any welsh connections? Can he speak welsh? Thank you for a most informative programme.
Susan Reeve

Seems the Beeb has made a right mess of this one. The BNP, whether one likes it or not, is making great progress. What you've done is attempt to discredit a party that a great deal of the population is beginning to agree with. This is irrespective of whether some followers have a criminal past or not.

You've done more to flame the BNP fire than the BNP itself could ever have hoped to have done.

I look forward to when Panorama will focus on the criminality of some Anti-Nazi League members, the communist past of some of our government's leading figures and the traitors who have gone off to fight for the Taliban as well as the Muslims who say they won't stop till 'the flag of Islam flies over 10 Downing Street' (Today programme, Radio 4).
Leigh, Lancs

What a fascinating programme about the BNP. However, I must say that not only white people are racists. The anti-racists and anti-fascists would do well to remember this. I have been a victim of 'reverse racism' and this has never been addressed by current affairs programmes. On bonfire night a gang of Bin-Laden militant Asians attacked a young white couple in Leeds. This has never been reported except in their local newspaper. I deplore all racism wherever it comes from.
Anthony Cooper

To the person who said 'it is not just white people who are racist' - True, but white people invented racism, provoke other races and have always thought that they are superior to people who are not white. A person is made of more than the colour of their skin. It is time those who support such a hateful 'party' stop feeling paranoia and threat, when it is they who are the soul cause. White people are the ones who are creating 'reverse racism' when they provoke the innocent.

The usual seditious nonsense that we have come to expect from the 21st century BBC. My BNP membership is now in the post along with two new recruits who came to me today disgusted by the BBC's representation of the situation in this country today. No-go areas for whites and out-of-control asian youth has been noted by ordinary English and will not be tolerated indefinitely. While "exposing" the BNP foot soldiers with convictions, how about mentioning the criminals of the SWP and ANL? Why is black crime totally out of proportion to their number within the populace? Multi-culturalism does not work, was not voted for and must be reversed.

As a human being I have no country. Where there is the same colour, differences are on religion, languages, cultures and so on. We should learn to live with these differences otherwise we will have never ending wars and bloodsheds. The BNP themselves cannot define what is their symbol and how pure is their fight. Trying to manipulate innocent minds with any reason they can. Self-contained society cannot exist. There has been human immigration ever since and every immigrant has contributed positively to the society and they are proud of that. If their languages and religion get respect then that's what they deserve as much as BNP members and supporters deserve. These immigrants are as much British as much any other British can be .

Racism is a subject that I think in this country seems to be viewed as something that can only be applied to a "white" person but this is not the case.
West Bromwich

Nick Griffin...Oh dear! What a absolute plonker. I could get technical and political because I can but I won't... again... racist, foolish, moronic PLONKER!
Mike Taylor

Panorama has seriously miscalculated the mood of contemporary white Britain. This programme will undoubtedly succeed in recruiting thousands of alienated white males to the ranks of the BNP. Nick Griffin must think Christmas has come early!
Richard Barnes

A good programme, which highlighted the fact that the BNP are still alive and kicking in the year 2001. The programme exposed what the BNP really think of ethnic minorities in Britain despite the new image. The Ethnic Liaison group what was that all about? The BNP are a very dangerous organisation, and need to be exposed at every opportunity for what they are.

The Panorama programme was a biased shambles, and actually provided a good demonstration of why parties like the BNP are gaining in popularity. As is usually the case nowadays, the BBC tried to make our political judgments for us.

Panorama would have done well to address the reasons behind the public turning to the BNP. They are the only party who are not afraid to listen to ordinary white people who, in some cases, have their lives terrorised by groups of uneducated, aggressive immigrants. Maybe the mainstream parties should be prepared to address the same concerns without their own preoccupation with spin and political correctness. This is the only way to stop the BNP having to take the measures it does.

It has been said that Nick Griffin is a fool for agreeing to take part in this programme - that he must have known how the BBC would present him and his party. Nick Griffin is a highly skilled and astute manipulator and must never be underestimated. With such a badly presented report, the BBC has played right into his hands. He cannot have hoped for a more biased approach - and judging from some of the comments on this page, this strategy might very well have paid off handsomely.

We must expose and oppose these thugs with far better material than this if we are to make any headway in eradicating the ignorance that provides such rich sustenance for such perverse beliefs. I say again: Nick Griffin is not a fool. He is a highly skilled and highly dangerous political manipulator. We must face the causes of his growing popularity and tackle them.

There is a lot of racism within the UK why?? Guess everyone isn't to blame. Why haven't more steps been taken by the government against racism & against those parties that are causing racism-helping people to become racist).

Congratulations BBC on yet another piece of anti-British, anti-White propaganda. Why not try something original like letting the BNP debate their policies on an equal uninterrupted forum? Of course we know this will never happen because we know who controls the BBC. I find it alarming that this country contains so many traitors.

This was a necesary programe. It didn't say anything to myself that I didn't already know, but I'm sure it did to others. The most dangerous aspect of the BNP today is the way they present themselves. By trying to say that they are a ligitimate political party and not extreme bigots. They try to say that they are a legitimate option to the other main parties whom some people believe have let them down severely.They are not.

Some aspects of peoples lives may be bad, but the BNP will only make it worse. They are Nazis, plain and simple. Even more worryingly, they are smaller now than the Nazis were in 1920's Germany.

People have to realise they are racist fools and are potentially very dangerous to our society, they cannot be ignored. In Oldham (as was shown in the programme) the violence was started by white hooligans supported by the BNP. This caused rioting by a large number from the Asian community, and because of this people went out and voted for the BNP! Absolute madness and very, very sad.

So it was good that this programme highlighted that they haven't changed, people have to be told this. THE BNP ARE NOT AN OPTION!
Chris Tavner

There will always be clashes, difference and conflicts in our society no matter where we are, where we are from or where we are going to be in the future. I firmly believe that and also believe that parties like the BNP will never be able to carry out their agenda and dreams.

The BNP claims to represent the rights of white British people. The British have long prided themselves on their heroism in the last World War in defeating Hitler and his Nazi thugs who dreamed of a world where everyone who was not like them would be exterminated. Those who support the party shame the memory of the many thousands who died fighting for the right to be different and live free.

More importantly, they forget that for centuries white British invaded countries in Asia, the Caribbean and Africa, stripping them of all natural resources and in many cases leaving the society in shambles after high-handed "governance" and incitement of warfare. Are these the same people Nick Griffin wants forcibly sent back? No problem- as soon as they have taken from British society what has been stripped from their homelands. Seeing that Britain was in the Caribbean from the early 1600's, he'll have a bit of a wait.

BNP: under the skin


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