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Last Updated: Sunday, 23 January, 2005, 20:24 GMT
Have your say...
Have your say on Newsnight, how the programme has changed over the last 25 years and television news in general.

Has news reporting got better or worse? Why? What do you like - and dislike - about television news? What should Newsnight try to do in the future?

We're no longer publishing contributions to this page, but you can still read a selection of your comments below.

Just keep on keeping those pesky politicians on their toes. Long live Kirsty!
Colin Rowe, Southampton

25 years! That can only mean I am now ..., Good news, Bad news you get it and we want it. Can I have a lousy bracelet please?
Jackie Ruffin, Plymouth

Just think another 25 years of male dominated Newsnight, hardly a mention of the best of them all - Kirsty Wark. Come on buck up, a good programme which could be excellent if you would only reflect society as it is not how you wish it to be.
Kate Brine, Bristol

I hope this isn't too puerile for inclusion. I have often loved presenters' attempts to read tabloid headlines at the end. I will never forget Peter Snow's tickled declaration, from a 1990 edition of The Sun, "Page 3 Maria To Be a Bride," which he followed with "you'll be glad to hear." Denis Healey and Michael Heseltine, having just been interviewed, were still in the studio, and could be seen chortling and smirking respectively.
Paul Davis, Edinburgh

Along with reviewing right-wing papers, why not review the socialist press as well? It will give the programme a more balanced approach.
Ian Davis, Liverpool

I'm a huge fan of Newsnight but why not have a separate Scottish edition at 11.20pm when the national edition finishes instead of the current opt-out at 11pm?
Ian Hunter, Glasgow

Agree entirely with Jeremy Paxman's comments in Guardian re 15% cut in news budget. If the BBC cuts back on anything, cut back/out the awful lightweight reality television. Newsnight is absolute top quality television - objective, analytical news coverage. First rate presenters are the envy of the world. Please don't change a thing!!
Jim Sinnott, Warrington, Ches

Newsnight is the only TV programme which is unmissable. It is excellent and reliable. Thank you to all involved.
Joan H Winfield, Beckenham

I think this is one of the most absorbing News/Current affair programmes that I have come across. However, I must say it is rather late at night and one cannot afford to watch it every night to the end.
Ali Sanjarani, Farnborough, HANTS

I think it's a little bit boring.
Tom, Suffolk

25 years of the best in British television news. Intelligent journalism, mixed with lively debate, and superb reports by journalists around the world, have helped make Newsnight essential viewing.
Dan Evans, Southport

Although I may not agree whole-heartedly with some of the analysis, it is fair to say that Newsnight it the best example of TV journalism currently available. Paxman's ability to discount political side-stepping around issues makes for a truly stimulating debate.
Barry O'Donnell, Belfast

Please do not ever tone down this 'why is this ba***rd lying to me' style of interviewing. With political and business leaders' increasingly paranoia-fuelled desire to manage the media Newsnight is a shining beacon of investigation amidst the murky waters of spin.
John Dowson, London

Self praise is no praise BBC! All the comments printed so far praise the programme. How about a bit of honesty here too! The programme is sluggish, boring, and the reporters seem to give the appearance both visually and vocally of someone reading from a script. It looks as though they cannot think for themselves. How about getting rid of it into the great dinosaur closet of the BBC? Times change, so should programmes.
Karen, London

Newsnight gives an excellent coverage of the days events. It is well balanced and accurate. I think other international channels should use it as a model.
Mohammed, London

News stories do not need background music. Stop.
Mark Burgess, London

I was one of the first production assistants to work on Newsnight in the 80's - I loved every minute and enjoyed working with all the staff - good Luck for another 25 years.
Mariam, Bethesda, USA

In late 2001 whilst working for an internet company I was an avid viewer of Newsnight. I watched a feature on the war in Sierra Leone, it moved me so much I gave up my job and went to work for a charity there. Over three years later I have built an organisation that employs 50 people working with hundreds of amputee victims, street children and young girls abused during the war. I earn 10% of my old salary, met my future wife and have never been happier! Thanks to Newsnight!
Matt Banks, London

I always think of Newsnight as the highest quality example of BBC News. To use an analogy: if watching the standard BBC News is like playing Jenga, watching Newsnight is like playing Chess. No competition!
Mark, North Shields

Thank goodness for Jeremy, Kirsty, Martha, Gavin, and whoever else regularly jumps into the breach. It is one of the few really intelligent news analysis programmes on terrestrial TV. It is lively, fractious, occasionally entertaining, informative, frustrating and rarely boring. My advice to any editor or producer reading this is simply try and stay ahead of the game and do what you do better than the rest, which frankly isn't difficult these days. And don't get too caught up in the zeitgeist either - if we want that we can always tune into Big Brother. Well done and many happy returns.
ST, London

It's got to be Paxman vs Howard. Yes, we've all seen it too often, but it's still compelling television, a master class in not answering the question whilst keeping (relatively!) composed.
David Brain, London

I love Newsnight, it keeps me sane, realising just how insane the world is! It's a great help with my politics work as well.
Paul, Northumberland

Can you show the Newsnight clip from the 2001 election campaign were Jeremy Vine ran a stall at the conservative conference putting questions to Conservative MPs? Ian Duncan Smith's refusal to have a go was fantastic including the MPs who got them wrong. Regards
Richard Severn, Nottingham


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