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Last Updated: Monday, 10 March 2008, 14:14 GMT

Jeremy Paxman

Has anyone under the age of 50 heard of Jeremy Paxman?

Do 12-13 year olds even watch the news?

As part of a BBC-wide project to get school children interested in the news, Newsnight has made a behind-the-scenes film to give an insight into what journalists do all day.

On 13 March, schools around the country will take part in a BBC-inspired news day called School Report. With the help of BBC journalists, 12-13 year olds will make their own TV, radio and online reports to be published online and broadcast for real on the BBC.

Newsnight's Natalie Ostroff, who produced the film, explained, "I want to make something that would appeal to a young audience and also be educational".

The film looks at what news is and informs children about the different roles in programme-making.

Newsnight is far more enjoyable than people imagine
Peter Barron
Editor, Newsnight

Those who don't work in TV may not realise the amount of people it takes to make a programme, beyond the presenter on screen. There is entire team of people doing specialist jobs to put the programme together each night.

In the behind the scenes film, Jeremy Paxman gives his definition of what news is and there are clips of Newsnight interviews of famous people from politicians to pop stars such as Madonna.

Newsnight Editor, Peter Barron says, "Newsnight is far more enjoyable than people imagine. People think its very "pointy headed" but actually when you watch it - it has a great deal of humour and pizzazz. We are calling out to teenagers wherever you are and even younger children if you ever get a chance to watch us."

Kirsty Wark with Madonna

For the project we also asked Peter Barron why he believes news is important to children - and what Jeremy is like to work with.

Newsnight has a long history of looking at stories that concern children. You can see some of the recent films the programme has made about kids here.

In order to connect with a younger audience the film and interviews are all online. Which teenager isn't watching clips on Youtube or using social networking sites like Bebo, Facebook or Myspace?


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