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Last Updated: Monday, 30 October 2006, 17:08 GMT
Monday, 30 October, 2006
By Simon Enright
Producer, BBC Newsnight

Presented by Jeremy Paxman

Stern report

Cracked earth - a dried up Spanish reservoir
The world must act now or the cost of tackling climate change will be extortionately expensive. That's the conclusion of Sir Nicolas Stern's review of the impact on Economics of rising temperatures. Tonight on Newsnight we try to work out whether he's right and whether we and the world will listen.

Our team of correspondents have been poring over the detail.

Science Editor Susan Watts assesses his main findings and the feasibility of his policy recommendations.

Our Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders asks whether his report is credible enough to make the world listen. Jackie Long has taken the message of taxing the polluter to Essex to see if people are persuaded.

We'll have a international panel - including Nicholas Stern himself, the Environment Minister David Miliband and of course our own Ethical Man Justin Rowlatt - who'll be quizzed by our very own Jeremy Paxman about whether any of this is needed or will work.

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