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Last Updated: Monday, 7 August 2006, 17:23 GMT 18:23 UK
The collected Eric - 4 August
Eric Dickens, one of Newsnight's most avid viewers and keenest critics, shares his thoughts on the programme.


Dear Newsnight

Middle East

No more war.

The Collected Eric
Just joking, it goes on, 24 days now. Fruit-pickin' Syrian Kurds in Lebanon. Maybe Israel didn't identify the difference between peaches, apricots and hand grenades. The Christian Arabs are joining in with Muslim Arabs and, as Tom Lehrer said in his National Brotherhood Week song, everyone hates the Jews.

As for that soft spoken Arafat clone (lips) Hassan, who sat with his legs wide apart and spoke in a calm voice, well, Hezbollah must be legitimate because they have 13 MPs and 2 ministers. The fact that they are part of the government and parliament while hiding in tunnels does seem a trifle inconsistent. And the UN spokesman didn't altogether convince the audience of the clout of the UN.


Poor little girl. Looked so nice and lively. But if British prisons are riddled with corruption so that the druggies can even continue in prison, nothing will change. As with Hezbollah propaganda, the British authorities are amazingly na´ve regarding the Jamaica connection. The Social Services' blunders compound the disaster. Why is Jamaica so poor, by the way? The British colonialists got out years ago.


And now, my favourite part of the week, the Review. Kirsty had to cope with the usual rabble, this week represented by Sherlock, Pat the Ball, Echo, and the Bearded Mars Bar.

Well, the film version of a TV series was an inauspicious start. Then Bob Zimmerframe's doddering song (a bit of it). Next, James Joyce's only play; if it had been anyone else's it may well never have been staged. And to cap it all, the five-part memoirs of a footballer who can't even write his own books.

Decadence on the Beeb. I can't be bothered being witty about this sort of crowd-pleasing stuff.

Best wishes,



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