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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 April 2006, 17:41 GMT 18:41 UK
Wednesday, 19 April, 2006
By Gavin Esler
Producer, BBC Newsnight

Not everyone at the NHS is getting 250,000 a year
Presented by Gavin Esler

NHS pay

Yesterday we heard about the GPs who earn as much 250,000 a year.

Tonight we'll reveal that remuneration in the NHS isn't quite as good across the board. To say the least.


They're all at it.

David Cameron is getting a wind turbine, Menzies Campbell is selling his beloved Jaguar and Gordon Brown is making a speech tomorrow setting out his own green credentials.

Everyone's so green that the Green Party has now complained - pointing out that they were green first.

Tonight our own ethical man Justin Rowlatt will conduct an audit of the parties' relative shades of green, and we'll be examining why everyone's suddenly caught on to this as an issue.

Locals only

The fact that the local elections are less than a month away certainly has something to do with it.

The US pollster Frank Luntz will be looking at how the British party leaders are doing on other issues - and whether the new tranche of party leaders, and Labour's leader-in-waiting are having an impact on floating voters.

Not all change

Meanwhile it's all change on the other side of the pond.

The White House Press Spokesman Scott McClellan has resigned. President Bush's top political adviser, Karl Rove, is also said to be giving up his policy role to concentrate on politics.

But the person who everyone is calling on to resign, Donald Rumsfeld, is still in his post. What's going on?


And - it's not bad to have a McJob.

McDonalds has launched a campaign today pointing out how good its pay and conditions are. How easy is it for companies to rebrand themselves? We'll find out from those who know.

Newsnight is on BBC 2 at 10.30pm.

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