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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 March 2006, 15:09 GMT 16:09 UK
Thursday, 30 March, 2006
By Kirsty Wark
Presenter, BBC Newsnight

David Cameron
Is David Cameron holding something back?
Presented by Kirsty Wark


No matter how hard they try, and how smart they are, our political leaders just can't make the loans scandal disappear.

Having initially refused, the Conservatives are to reveal their list of creditors by the end of the week. But is David Cameron holding something back? Michael Crick investigates.


And loans are the latest brainwave from Health Service bosses. The government is about to start charging Strategic Health Authorities interest on loans needed to bail them out. And special NHS banks are being created across every region which will lend money to cash-strapped hospitals at commercial interest rates, according to investigations by Richard Watson.

If you are a NHS Trust in credit you can invest your underspend with the NHS bank - but why not spend it on patient care? That's just one of the questions we hope to ask the Health Secretary tonight.


Is an amnesty the way to solve the problem of the thousands of illegal immigrants in the UK - and a clever plan to boost the economy through taxation of legitimate earnings?

That's the suggestion of a report by the Institute for Public Policy Research. Spain has introduced the policy and the US is considering it. We'll be asking the government whether it might work here.


And David Belton, a former Newsnight producer, has co-written and produced his first feature. Set in the midst of the genocide in Rwanda which he covered for the BBC, Shooting Dogs is a fictionalised account of the killings and the failure of the world to intervene in time.

Some of the Rwandans who worked on the film had been involved in the ethnic conflict which saw thousands murdered in the most brutal way.

Fergal Keane filmed the premiere in Rwanda and talked to the leading actor John Hurt about the danger of portraying a hero in a conflict which, in reality, had no heroes.

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