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Last Updated: Friday, 24 March 2006, 18:15 GMT
Friday, 24 March, 2006
By Jasmin Buttar
Programme Producer, BBC Newsnight

A cockle picker at Morecambe Bay, Lancashire
A cockle picker at Morecambe Bay, Lancashire
Presented by Kirsty Wark

Cocklers verdict

A Chinese immigrant was today found guilty of the manslaughter of 21 cockle pickers who drowned in Morecombe Bay more than two years ago.

But the prosecution aimed much of its criticism at the government, accusing them of turning a blind eye to the "shadow industry" of Chinese cockle picking and allowing the illegal immigrants to remain in the UK.

Tonight we'll tell the story of how the police, on repeated occasions, picked up the very same group of cockle pickers only to be frustrated by their colleagues in the Immigration Service.

Trouble in the Republique

Jacques Chirac storms out of an EU meeting because a French businessman chooses to speak in English rather than his mother tongue. Elsewhere today the French Prime Minister is expected to make concessions to the rioting students who have been opposing measures to make the economy more competitive.

Are these both symptoms of a broader French malaise - a determination to cling to language and traditions in the face of the challenges of globalisation? We could be witnessing a defining moment for the Republique.


And it's been worth the wait - we'll update you on our exclusive and scientific index on the fortunes of Gordon Brown.

Has his Budget performance pushed the GorDaq to an all time high?

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