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Last Updated: Monday, 20 March 2006, 16:45 GMT
Monday, 20 March, 2006
From Simon Enright
Programme Producer, BBC Newsnight

Tony Blair
Presented by Jeremy Paxman


On tonight's programme Jeremy Paxman will be asking how much the latest rumpus about loans for peerages has damaged the prime minister.

After a dreadful couple of weeks the government has come up with new rules on party funding. What's more, they tell us they are going to come clean about who lent them the money - some 14 million pounds. But is all this openness a little late?

The Economist and the Guardian - normally both fans - have called for Tony Blair to go.

Tonight on Newsnight we have an opinion poll which suggests that half of you might agree.

Also, who are these people who lent the money and what did they want for their cash? Michael Crick has been following the money trail left by all the three political parties.


Tonight also marks three years since Tony Blair - and George Bush - launched the war of Iraqi Freedom. Just how long will it be before that war ends and our troops come home? Our poll suggests more than half of you want that to happen within the next six months. We ask one of the most senior American military men in charge of the war whether that is possible.


We've been auditing the NHS's accounts. Tonight we publish our collected deficit figures on our website but we're also looking for your help. We are already hearing news that these deficits are leading to cutbacks in services. But how is this affecting your hospital? Do you know of any job losses or service cuts?


Tributes from across the globe - believe us - have been coming in for the Downing Street cat, Humphrey, who died today. We pay our own.

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