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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 May 2006, 17:21 GMT 18:21 UK
Tuesday, 9 May, 2006
By Jasmin Buttar
Programme producer, BBC Newsnight

Margaret Beckett and Condoleezza Rice
Will Mrs Beckett prove to be closer to the US than Jack Straw?
Presented by Jeremy Paxman


And Jeremy is down at the American Embassy asking the Ambassador whether the new Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, is more to their liking than Jack Straw.

The White House were reportedly perturbed when Mr Straw said a military attack on Iran was inconceivable - is Margaret Beckett bullish enough for them?

Our Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban at the United Nations has been given special access to the new Foreign Secretary in her first real test in the job.


Scaring the shareholders. Animal rights activists have launched a campaign to persuade those with Glaxo stocks to bail out of the drugs company, but have they only succeeded in turning the majority of right-minded people against them?


And - celebrating the Street of Shame. Newsnight launches a unique poll to decide on Fleet Street's finest ever front page.

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