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Page last updated at 17:11 GMT, Thursday, 16 February 2006

Thursday, 16 February, 2006


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From Kirsty Wark:


We are leading tonight's programme on a significant escalation in a row over the Church of England Synod's vote to review its investment in the company Caterpillar.

The vote came about because of complaints that the company's bulldozers are used by the Israelis to demolish Palestinian homes.

Some Christian leaders have already criticised the Synod's vote, on the basis that it will fuel anti-Semitism, at a time when the Jewish community is feeling particularly under threat.

Tonight we will reveal some even more trenchant criticism of the Synod's decision, from a very significant quarter. And we'll examine whether the row is doing lasting damage to interfaith relations.

EU freedoms

The vision of a Europe where free trade and the exchange of services flows is looking increasingly like a utopian dream, as the European Parliament today watered-down plans to throw open competition in Europe's vast service sector.

Also, the EU commission has warned that gas supply monopolies in France and Germany are sending gas prices soaring.

We'll be asking the EU Commissioner Peter Mandelson why he's losing the argument for a liberal market-based Europe.

Special needs

We report on the fight three teenagers with special needs had to be educated where they wanted - when each time the local education authorities put barriers in their way.

Who knows best for special needs children?


And - to sleep perchance to dream? No time for that!

The New Scientist reveals a pill that sends you to sleep for just two hours, and when you awake you are fresh as a daisy. How would that change our lives- and what would Mrs Thatcher have been like on two, rather than her regular four hours' kip?

Please stay awake for the show.



Our producer, Liz Gibbons, thinks it most important viewers be informed that tonight's Newsnight will feature images of Ben Fogle in bed. Don't miss it.

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