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Page last updated at 17:01 GMT, Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Tuesday, 14 February, 2006

Martha Kearney

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From programme producer Simon Enright

Smoking ban

In a short while we'll know where you're still allowed to smoke.

In pubs and clubs that don't serve food? Just in private clubs? Or will there be a complete ban in all enclosed public spaces?

Can't choose? You are not alone. At the time of writing nor can the Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt. She'll be on the programme to explain how she voted and why the government could not make its mind up about this issue.

We've also got an opinion poll which suggests that this ban is not enough. Watch out pregnant smokers and those who smoke around children. David Grossman explains just how far the public want to go to kick the smoking habit.

British troops in Basra

The provincial government in Basra has ended all contact with the British army. They blame the News of the World footage of British soldiers beating up protestors.

Mark Urban explains what's behind their decision and also what this does to any plans for withdrawing our troops.

Court experts

Expert witnesses should give "only their own objective opinion and not be advocates for the prosecution or the defence".

That was the Attorney General speaking today as he outlined new guidelines for using court experts.

But when some consultants can be paid more than 1500 a day for their evidence can we ever be sure that they are completely impartial?

Climate change

And climate change scientists are asking for your help to carry out their research.

Do you want to save the planet? We'll tell you how if you join Martha Kearney at 10.30pm on BBC TWO.

Don't forget that you can watch Newsnight online via this website. The programme is available in broadband either live or on demand for 24 hours after originally broadcast.

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