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Page last updated at 17:37 GMT, Friday, 3 February 2006

Friday, 3 February, 2006

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From Gavin Esler:

Sinking ferry

We're waiting for more news from the Red Sea where it's feared many hundreds of people drowned when a liner sank without trace in the early hours of this morning. Paul Mason is trying to find out what happened.

Cartoon protests

From London to Gaza, Beirut, Baghdad, Tehran, Islamabad and Jakarta; groups of Muslims and their governments have taken part in a day of protests against the publication of the cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

The decision by some newspapers to republish the offending material has irritated the British foreign secretary and the White House.

Jack Straw said it was unnecessary, insensitive, disrespectful and wrong.

Newsnight's David Sells is assessing the range of reactions.

Does size matter?

This weekend Gillette will be spending a fortune on TV advertising around the American Superbowl - all for their new razor - this one has five blades. Yes, five.

How many blades do you need? 10? A hundred? At some point, doesn't size become ridiculous? Who, for example, has room for a 42 inch telly?

Alternatively, at what point do mobiles become impossible to use with adult-sized fingers? It's a nightmare, and as Stephen Smith will tell you, it's all about product one-upmanship - though don't you just imagine it is only a matter of time before a design egghead comes up with the latest in razors: one blade?

The GorDaq

And you just won't believe it! We can't either! We reveal the lastest figure on the GorDaq index of whether Gordon Brown's leadership chances are UP or DOWN! And I promise it's - as the makers of a five blade razor would say - a close shave.

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