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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2005, 17:39 GMT
Tuesday, 13 December, 2005
Jeremy Paxman

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From programme producer Liz Gibbons:


Sixty hours after the explosion and all the major fires at the Buncefield oil terminal have finally been extinguished. But questions are now being asked about the level of preparedness of the local fire service.

Did they have the necessary equipment and advance training they needed to deal with the plant? And were prior warnings about a lack of appropriate fire fighting equipment ignored? We are finding out.


A few months ago there were high hopes of a ground-breaking deal at the World Trade Organisation talks, which began in Hong Kong today, but hopes of a breakthrough have faded so far that now some are saying that anything short of a complete collapse could be counted a success.

According to the World Bank, a big cut in the subsidies the EU and US pay to their farmers, and a big reduction in the trade tariffs of developed countries, has the potential to lift millions in the developing world out of poverty.

But the EU - and some EU countries in particular - are reluctant to agree to massive cuts in subsidies to farmers, and some of the richer developing countries, like India, aren't prepared to agree to open up their markets to increased liberalisation if the EU won't budge.

Stephanie Flanders is in Hong Kong making sense of all this for us, and Jeremy will be speaking to Peter Mandelson, who's the EU's chief negotiator at the talks.


A 47-year-old drug runner - Bradley Murdoch - was today convicted of the murder of Peter Falconio, who disappeared in the Australian outback 4 years ago whilst backpacking with his girlfriend Joanne Lees.

The verdict will bring relief to Mr Falconio's family, as well as Joanne Lees herself, and it brings to an end a saga which has gripped people in Australia and Britain. Just what is it about this story that has so captured the public imagination? Michael Crick will tell us.


The UN is debating its latest report into the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February. High ranking officials from Syria have been implicated in the attack, and what's more the report criticises the Syrian government for failing to comply fully with the investigation.

So what is their side of the story? Jeremy will be talking to the Syrian Ambassador to the UK.

Do join Jeremy at 10.30pm.


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