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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 November 2005, 17:19 GMT
Thursday, 17 November, 2005

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From programme producer Sam Whipple


In two and half weeks we will know if David Cameron has managed to persuade Conservative members to pick him as their leader.

But tonight he faces one of the sternest tests for a politician: The Paxman Interview.

Last week Jeremy interviewed David Davis. Today, he has been in Northampton talking to Mr Cameron - it will be compelling viewing.


This morning the Financial Times reported the bones of the Pension Commission's final report.

Lord Adair Turner's first report warned us that we faced three ugly options to solve the pensions crisis: taxes would have to rise, we'd all have to work longer or we would all have to save more.

Today it appears it will be a bit of all three.

The age at which we all retire rises from 65 to 67, but the state pension will be more generous, requiring more tax money. Many are furious with this suggestion after the government, under pressure from the unions, agreed to let civil servants keep their pension age of 60.

There would be a national pensions savings plan into which we will all be enrolled, and would have to opt out if we did not want to contribute.

So how much more tax will we have to pay? How much more money will we have to contribute through the new savings plans? So many questions - thank goodness we have Stephanie Flanders here to provide the answers.


Talk to any news editor and they will tell you the influence bloggers are beginning to have on the news agenda.

The latest story to hit the airwaves - the US use of white phosphorus in Fallujah against Iraqi militants - was given impetus on the internet.

The so-called Blogosphere had been chewing over the allegations and found the evidence that ultimately forced the Pentagon to reverse its denial.

The bloggers will tell you they now perform an essential role in uncovering truths the mainstream media either overlook, or look away from.

Others warn that bloggers are not bound by the standards the rest of the press must meet, and are beginning to wield too much influence.

Tonight our resident blogger, Paul Mason, will lift the lid off the world of the blog. We'll also debate both sides of the issue.


And has marketing gone mad? The small town of Clark in Texas has just changed its name - to Dish.

It jumped when the company that runs the Dish Network TV system offered free access to their satellite system.

Only the most sophisticated of our viewers will remember what was given the unlikely name "Sanyo Video Recorder". Here's a clue - Harvey Smith was riding it.

Steve Smith will be here looking at the lengths to which the marketers will go to flog their products.

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