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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 November 2005, 14:15 GMT
Liz MacKean
Liz MacKean joined Newsnight in 2000.


    Liz MacKean
    You'd be most used to seeing her standing on the windswept roof of the BBC building in Belfast.

    As Ireland Correspondent Liz has covered various triumphs and frequent tribulations of the peace process.

    Now on her fifth Northern Ireland Secretary, she's interviewed all the leading players, political and paramilitary.

    2005 has seen regular dashes to Belfast, covering the bank robbery, the Robert McCartney murder and the political fallout, including a report with the first opinion poll in Northern Ireland for 18 months, which revealed the majority of nationalists wanted the IRA to disarm.

    A few months later, Liz anchored the programme from Belfast on the day the IRA announced decommissioning.

    Beyond Northern Ireland, Liz reports on a range of issues. She was first to tell the story of the lottery millionaire left penniless by a gangster who also worked for British intelligence, the Russian shareholders claiming to have been ripped off by Roman Abramovich and the arrival of the dye Sudan 1 in the British diet.

    Liz studied at Manchester University and gained a post-graduate diploma in broadcast journalism.

    After starting out in local radio Liz moved to BBC South, then had a brief stint as Scotland Correspondent.

    After three years presenting BBC Breakfast Liz gave up the early starts, only to swap them for the late nights on Newsnight.

    Now, as a mother of two, she has the pleasure of experiencing both at the same time.

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