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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 April 2005, 16:27 GMT 17:27 UK
Weather versus markets
It's the debate that's divided a nation. Is the incumbent too flashy, populist and dumbed down? Was its predecessor more trusted, but perhaps a little stuffy and out of touch? Is Newsnight's new weather spot a breath of fresh air, or should the markets stage a resurgence?

A woman standing in the rain
This sort of thing could be avoided with Newsnight weather
Never shy of criticism, Newsnight has opened up a debate here on our website and the response has been huge. Keep telling us what you think. Do you miss the markets, or do you worship the weather?

Send us your thoughts, but first consider our editor who, after Tuesday's programme, said:

"Last night Jeremy said 'take an umbrella'. This morning I took an umbrella, it rained - that's news you can use."

What idiot thought it would be a good idea to substitute the financial news with the weather? I do not tune in to Newsnight to get a weather forecast. What I do expect is serious news analysis with the market figures & exchange rates as you have done for so long. Yours in disgust.
Julian Smith

We love Jeremy doing the weather forecast - the disgust on his face at having to do it makes Newsnight even more unmissable.
Nicola Clarke, Bristol

An image of Newsnight's weather map
Newsnight weather - could you live without it?
How stupid to include the weather forecast in place of the stock market information. The weather forecast is included at the end of all other news programmes on every channel, yet the stock market report, apart from late night on Radio 4, was only on Newsnight and was very useful. Let us have it back.
Anne Saunders, Abergavenny

If Paxman is going to give an alternative weather forecast, I need to be informed. I choked with laughter at his comment "take an umbrella with you". I watch Newsnight, (the best programme on the telly!) to be informed, not choked to death by laughter. Looking forward to the next few weeks with Newsnight. Great show.
Caroline A M Whetham, Ivybridge

Could I popularly demand that the weather forecast be scrapped? It's really annoying. The US closing prices were much more useful.
Daniel Davies, London

A question, rather than feedback... The weather (and an interesting weather forecast at that) on Newsnight? Enlighten us, please...
Kristin Doern & Rob Skinner, Bath

Since weather information is now so widely available in this 24-hour news age, perhaps Mr Paxman could end the show, in true Morecambe and Wise style, with a burst of song? He could even twiddle an umbrella, should he so wish. It would be a nice antidote to the political intrigues of the day.
Jago Channell, London

The markets versus the weather - why can't we have both?
Lin Thomas, Shrewsbury

Where can I join the Newsnight weather forecast fan club?
David Walters
I must say Jeremy's weather forecasting abilities left me with stitches last night. If you're going to show the weather, at least make it serious!
Max, London

I love the new weather forecast slot. Where can I join the Newsnight weather forecast fan club and buy a DVD of all the slots?
David Walters, London

Why fill the slot with the weather forecast? Personally, I think a 30 second dance slot in which Jeremy shows us his fancy footwork would be far more compelling. I look forward to seeing it!
Simon Durrant, Brighton

Even the justification of causing Paxman extreme discomfort does not justify this nonsense
Alan Dix
Crazy - you think we can get the markets information elsewhere but not the weather. Bring back the markets - part of the grown-up catch-up Newsnight should be. Ditch the weather - if we must have it, do it at the end properly.
Ewan Gilmore, Manchester

If you haven't seen any other news programmes that evening it is certainly "news you can use". But why do we have to have the weather at the expense of the markets info? Surely there can be space in the programme's running order for both? Newsnight's strength has always been that it carries stories and covers issues which get less attention from the other news programmes, but Peter Barron's explanation defies logic. Could not his reasons for dropping the markets info equally be applied to weather forecasts which are available just about everywhere these days, including the platforms Mr Barron mentions?
Mark Savage, Feltham, Middlesex

Waited with interest for Paxman's interpretation of the weather which, of course, caused great amusement once more. But please, please stop this ridiculous charade and get back to some serious reporting. Do not dumb down Newsnight. Even the justification of causing Paxman extreme discomfort does not justify this nonsense.
Alan Dix, London

A weather forecast is not news, it's a forecast and more often that not it's not borne out by reality, despite your editor's experience! The forecast, as presented at the moment, comes a very poor second to that offered by any other news programme, lasting a matter of seconds and providing insufficient detail to satisfy anybody with an interest. Newsnight is absolutely unique - I've been an avid viewer over the past 10 years and I feel the format was perfect as it was. If it's not broken don't fix it. Please, please, please get rid of the weather. There's enough bad news in the real world as it is!
Richard Pawley, Chesterfield

Fantastic weather reporting - just what is necessary
Mark Collins
Los Angeles CA
If you are going to keep the weather instead of the markets, please ask Jeremy to continue delivering the forecast in the same flippant manner. Last night's was priceless!
Sara Crane, London

I have no problem with the weather report, but a lack of financial news is still a loss. I don't go looking for financial news, but I am still interested in it. I am not sure why it makes sense to drop the entire segment.
Julian King, Cambridge

I say why not have both? Yes, you can get accurate, real-time financial reports elsewhere, but this is also true of weather reports. Some of your more traditonal viewers like your brief financial round up; some of your less traditional viewers would probably have no idea how currencies are performing unless something drastic happened; so yes, we miss the market round-up. But I challenge any of your viewers not to permit at least a little smile at Jeremy's weather round-up comments. The real question is, with the repetitive nature of English weather at this time of year, how long can you maintain a sharp and witty commentary?
Nicholas Pincombe, London

Jeremy Paxman was certainly not delivered to this earth to give us the weather forecast!
Jeanette Eccles
Fantastic weather reporting by Jeremy - clear concise information. Just what is necessary, no more, no less. Keep it up. Thanks, I am an online ex-pat viewer of the show.
Mark Collins, Los Angeles CA

I think it is super! Much better than all the technical data given on other forecasts, but it is so short I don't really see that it can't be included in addition to the stock market information which I always use to see how my left-over holiday Euros have increased or decreased! I do find both useful so "shave" something off another item, please.
Jean Keller, Birkenhead

Hearing the revulsion in Jeremy's voice as he rushes through the weather is as good a reason to tune in to Newsnight as any. Keep the weather!
Adam Vallance, Manchester

Jeremy Paxman was certainly not delivered to this earth to give us the weather forecast! What's next? Handy gardening tips? Please stop this now, you are devaluing the currency of the BBC'S finest broadcaster.
Jeanette Eccles, London

I do like the weather slot. Jeremy's pithy presentation provides a moment of levity amongst otherwise generally hard news. I hope it continues to be presented in this offhand manner because if it becomes a serious delivery then we can get that information on other 24-hour channels.
Stevie P, London

Paxman doing the weather is hilarious. Please continue to make him
I think the market information was a good way of rounding off the day. However, the very tongue in cheek weather forecast is superb, very funny, and should definitely be kept. Don't, whatever you do, try and make it serious, though!
James, London

Your thinking is flawed. There is just as much weather news elsewhere as there is City news. Market information complements Newsnight's economic and political coverage,whereas a brief look at the weather is largely an irrelevance. Bring back the market report and put a smile back on Jeremy's face!
Stuart, London

Whilst it amused me to hear Paxman describe the weather as a "Smorgasbord", surely it's a little misplaced on Newsnight?
Alf, Birmingham, UK

Paxman doing the weather is hilarious. Please continue to make him.
Anji, London

Weather gets my vote, but have Peter Snow doing it on his Swingometer.
richard short, Leigh, Lancashire

Does a weather report not necessitate a detailed explanation by a qualified metrological mind? Visa versa, it would be most odd to find Michael Fish detailing the closing market prices at the end of the weather update. The closing market information is in addition much better suited to a ten second "hit" of information, and in addition has the benefit of being truly relevant to most in the UK, as opposed to a vague and in practice thoroughly meaningless pseudo weather forecast. As a final thought, the photo on this page of a young lady standing in pouring rain was taken in my home town of Cheltenham. If I recall, it was an abnormal summer deluge that forecasters had not predicted. I don't suppose that even Jeremy would have been able to warn the dear lady to prepare her person with an umbrella!
Sam Thomas, Cheltenham

As I write this email a smorgasbord of large hailstones is bouncing down on Reading
Bridget Long
The amount of information contained in the Newsnight market report was minimal to say the least, but somehow comforting. I'm convinced that Jeremy often delivered it as a haiku: "The markets closed up; the dollar's down; a Euro's worth sixty-eight pence." Perhaps weather haikus are the way forward?
Charlie Meban, London

Please get rid of the meaningless weather forecast. The only positive is the pain on Jeremy's face at having to do it. I don't really feel Jeremy is sufficiently glamorous to fill this role on a permanent basis!
Matt Barratt,

I don't think Newsnight needs weather - it's never had it before and is unnecessary. Jeremy Paxman, however, has taken on this new role brilliantly and I've laughed out loud at his summaries. Newsnight is an institution in our household and change for change's sake really isn't necessary.
Debbie Berger, Dursley

If you can't keep the weather forecasts, please have a look at the front pages of the red tops. Current affairs don't have to be humourless.
Robby McRoberts, Norn Iron

Another vote here to dump the weather and bring back the markets info. Whilst it's been amusing this week to see Jeremy having to degrade himself by telling us to take a brolly, the markets information is more succinct and fits better with Newsnight's ethos. Why not bring back "Weatherview" as a detailed forecast after Newsnight for people that really need to know before they go to sleep if they need to wear warm clothing tomorrow?
David Allardice, London

The new weather picture with a brief comment is useful & fun, the market information is good as well. Perhaps you could drop one of the front pages & then we could all enjoy both.
Richard Bloodworth, Datchet

Why can't you do both weather and markets news? Or neither? At least give us a version that isn't dumbed down and is actually worth looking at and listening to.
Paul Croft, Aberystwyth

As I write this email a smorgasbord of large hailstones is bouncing down on Reading. Never mind the markets. Bring on any snatches of relief to amuse and sustain us through this election campaign.
Bridget Long, Reading

I've spent weeks persuading my fellow post-grad students that Newsnight is essential viewing as part of our business module - all they are talking about now is the weather. However, we are all agreed it's amusing watching Jeremy suffer and we would like to keep the forecast just for entertainment value.
Melissa, Brighton

This is serious?! I got back after a few weeks out of the country, and tuned in, to see Paxman introduce a weather map. I thought it was some kind of joke! As other commentators have noted though, probably worth it just for the look of disgust.
James, Nottingham

We all have a 24 hour weather update, it's called a window
Adam Kelly
The weather is amazing! I've been spreading the news. I'm a student and would have gone outside yesterday if it wasn't for the weather forecast. There is certainly a market for a DVD.
Stephen, Manchester

Paxman's "take a brolly" with you is, I believe, a seminal moment in broadcasting history. Just think - in five years' time, somewhere on Channel 4 or 5 there will be a "100 Greatest Weather Forecasts" show and there it will be - perhaps the first ever weather forecast that you can actually remember. Michael Fish watch out.
Richard Gold, Coventry

Given the choice I'd have both the weather and the FTSE! But if there can only be one then bring back the FTSE. However, watching Paxman do the weather is deeply hilarious. Please can we have both? Please?
Ken Kelsaw, UK

Weather's much more useful, allowing me to plan for tomorrow. Market information (if I want it) I can get from the morning's paper.
Trevor Harvey, Eastbourne

A curse on both your houses. I don't need to know what the weather will be like just before I go to bed and I have no personal interest in the markets, so why not spend more time on the papers instead?
Thomas, Rochdale

I prefer the markets. Tomorrow, I will be absolutely aware of what the weather is, regardless of whether Newsnight told me. I may not be aware of what the market closed at, or the value of the Euro against the Pound. Unlike rain-bearing clouds, they are not floating around outside.
Craig Woodhouse, Cardiff

What a stupid idea someone has had. The weather report is too generalised to be of much use and is covered better elsewhere. By contrast, the currency rates give me the information I need; same place every night. Let's go back to how we were.
M Curtis, Ramsey Cambs

One has to be quite lucky to make it to 11pm without having watched the weather. I much prefer the daily market update. Anyhow, if one wants to know the weather one can look out the window. The same thing doesn't apply to the financial markets.
Lasse Johnsen, London

Isn't there a simple solution? The weather benefits from pictorial representation. The markets are just numbers. Therefore, do the weather as you do now and run a ticker thing with the market information across the top at the same time.
Alex Gordon, London

Personally, I find it very strange indeed that you have chosen to substitute the markets for the weather. It makes no sense, especially when you consider the number of weather reports available throughout the day, on all channels. Bring back the markets, I say.
Julian Field, Tankerton, Kent

The key problem is simply the silly scheduling of Newsnight in conflict with the main weather forecast on BBC1 after the 10pm news. It has long been a quite unnecessary irritation.
R H Pearson, Bourne, Lincolnshire

I can get the weather on any channel. Bring back the market information so I can once again obtain my daily dose of intelligent and concise information in one compact and easily digestible programme. Besides, who ever leaves home without an umbrella in the UK?
Kate McAuley, London

As others point out, both stock market information and the weather are available elsewhere. Why not ditch them both and give more time to news and political analysis?
Cosmo, Farnham

Please drop this change. We don't watch Newsnight to see a weather report; we want more intelligent stuff.
S James, Cambridge

I think your new weather forecast is brilliant; what a shame Jeremy Paxman can't do it every night as, at last, we have the perfect "weather girl" in him. Seriously, it is very useful and mercifully brief.
Nigel Price, Oxford

Personally I'd rather have the markets - but I think what would be even better is today's joke. Not everybody sees the Newsnight e-mail and I think that the "joke fit for a 10 year old" or "today's quote" deserves a wider audience. Why not a compromise with the markets at the end of the "other news" round-up and the weather after the newspaper front pages?
Jonathan, London

Please remove the awful weather report. It is completely out of place.
C Milton, Cambridge

Footsie good. Weather bad. Please return to normal.
B Dawn, Cambridge

The markets are more important than the weather. Hearing markets news and not hearing weather news lets you know that you are watching a quality news programme. That's important to me. Please, please, please, lose the dreadful weather report. Especially as Jeremy and Gavin clearly hate it.
Tess Read, London

On Tuesday Jeremy forecast rain everywhere. He was right! Keep up these accurate forecasts, just slip in a brief market report as well.
Richard Marks, Plymouth

Please go back to your summary of the markets and currencies. The weather forecast is too vague and is less important for the broad sway of the viewers. We all have a 24 hour weather update, it's called a window.
Adam Kelly, London

On Fridays, will we get an in-depth review of the week's weather by the Newsnight Review folk?
Sam Illingworth, Yorkshire

The weather is so dull. However hard you try it won't discuss itself or answer back and those maps never look nervous. The financial information actually reflects what's going on - unlike the possibility of rain moving in from the west. Please, the financial market news.
Suzanne Keene, London

With the combination of the weather "forecast" and the lounging sofas, this one-time haven for authoritative news analysis now looks like Breakfast TV. Please leave the role of fatuous weather predictor to the myriad of other "news" providers.
Simon K, Haslemere, Surrey

If you had added the weather (and made the programme five minutes longer) I'd be all for it. But replacing the market data is wrong - bring it back, Newsnight benefits from it a lot! If you must do the weather, then I'd suggest running the weather in the background behind the credits.
Nic Brough, London, uk

The market information has never been of the slightest use or interest as far as I'm concerned and I've been watching Newsnight since Paxo was sporting teenage zits - well, almost. Stick to the weather. It is a refreshing change to hear it delivered without flannel, irrelevant technical information and the grasping desire for second rate celebrity status.
David McMillan, Belfast

Every other "mainstream" news programme shows the weather. None show the financial markets as a matter of course. The brief flash-up of a badly positioned map of Britain is hardly helpful in determining the complex weather patterns for the following day for a specific part of the country, anyway. If BBC2 are desperate to show us a forecast, give it a proper slot after the programme with a real forecaster.
Kate, Hertford, UK

There are already TWO weather reports on the News at 10 (national and local) and a weather report on the BBC homepage, but no markets info from London and NY. Bring back the financial markets! In any event, you should always carry an umbrella here, no matter what the weather report!
Catherine McFadden, London

Please, don't "dumb down" like all the others. I switch channels without fail when the weather comes on during other programmes, since it is pointless and depressing. Please don't make me switch Newsnight off.
Neal Rigby, London

Paxo - the natural successor to Michael Fish! But has he got Ulrika's legs? All power to the new weather forecaster.
Ashley Hurden, Oxford

The very idea that Jeremy or any other of Newsnight's luminaries should be reduced to weather forecasting is ludicrous. The next thing we'll have is George Bush chairing the Booker Prize.
Deian Hopkin, London

The "Paxman Weather" model should prevail - all weather broadcasts should be condensed to a single, clear, and coherent sentence illustrated by Jeremy's "take an umbrella". Other examples could include "take a coat; wear shorts; dust off the BBQ; buy a boat!" More of less please!
Darryl Parker, Staplehurst

Re replacement of markets with weather: Excellent. Why not replace the current Newsnight presenters with Dick and Dom?
Raymond Baker, London

Weather, rather than the utterly useless and entirely hysterical market nonsense.
Mick Miah, London

Market info seems much more relevant to the programme than a quick skim across the country and a few assorted symbols.
Richard Dikstra, London

Keep the weather snappy and amusing - it just adds to the excellent variety of content available on Newsnight.
Scott McCall, Prudhoe, UK

Please, no more weather. Whether we like to admit it or not, movements in financial markets have a greater affect on most of us than a snow flurry or sunshine (think about that the next time interest rates rise and your house price dips). Please bring the market news back.
Dee Marwaha, London

Is Newsnight going through some mid-life crisis? Paxman is very entertaining in his frank display of disgust - then a poorly presented weather graphic that looks like it was put together in 20 seconds. Bring back the exchange rates. Keep it together Newsnight team, don't lose the plot.
Tom Kelly, Oxford

I think the markets were far better. We can get the weather anytime anywhere. Keep Newsnight serious.
Sylvia Markham, Grantham

Watching Paxman squirm over doing something he doesn't like doing is good entertainment. Kind of turns the tables. Leave it on I say.
Roderick Mackenzie, Stratford on Avon

I love the new weather. It brings back the long lost virtues of brevity and wit. It makes the whole programme worthwhile. Having stopped viewing for a while I feel myself strangely drawn to start watching again.
N.S.Dalton, London

Journalists do news, meteorologists do weather. What on earth are you thinking of?
R Redgree, Bristol

You're a bunch of cheeky monkeys. I don't really want the markets OR the weather. Please desist from attention seeking.
Davy King, Gateshead

Watching Jeremy Paxman read the weather through gritted teeth is top quality entertainment. Please don't take the weather away from Jeremy - money can't buy entertainment of this quality!
Kate Rhodes, London

Why stop at making Jeremy Paxman do the weather? I think the BBC should commission a series of five minute programmes called "The Reluctant Paxman" where Jeremy is filmed partaking in other activities that he clearly despises.
Andrew Beardsley, London


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