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More or Less archive April - June 2007

Here is a list of programmes featured in April - May 2007 series of BBC Radio 4's More or Less.

You can listen to individual programmes by clicking on "Listen to the programme" or find out further information by clicking "Read more".

11 June, 2007

We investigate whether it is better for a doctor to act on a hunch or rely on statistics? Plus, we ask whether economic models really work.

4 June, 2007

Why do people doubt crime statistics? We examine why national figures do not always match up with people's experiences. Plus, why the wind-chill factor may not add up and how heavy is a gorilla?

28 May, 2007

Why do people from the richest social class live longer than the poorest? We investigate why lifestyle may not be they only factor investigating longevity.

21 May, 2007

We examine the numbers in the Unicef report which placed Britain at the bottom of a league table for child welfare. Plus, how we measure those things people do not want measured in the black or shadow economy and why measuring rainfall is not always as easy as it seems.

14 May, 2007

We look at how numbers influence how much people give to charity and why economics may be ready for a makeover.

7 May, 2007

With an explosion of league tables and other government performance indicators in the last 10 years, we look at what they really tell us about the country.

30 April, 2007

We assess the claims that privatisation of the railways has made them more dangerous. Plus, our continuing investigation into number stereotypes.

23 April, 2007

We examine new evidence on a drug trial which caused serious health problems in six volunteers. Plus, the chimpanzees with better counting skills than people.

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