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Your comments: Spring 2007

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We would also like to know about your encounters with numbers, whether mystifying, strange or even beautiful.

And we hope you will join us in keeping a watchful eye on the way numbers are used and reported.

Comments from this series

The views expressed on these pages are not necessarily the views of the BBC. The comments published will reflect the balance of views we receive.

Men's and women's relationship with numbers

I was interested to hear your comments about women and numbers. I am a chemical engineer, spending most of my day manipulating numbers when I carry out complex design calculations, I manage the household finances, and to round off the day I switch off by doing Sudoku puzzles. Numbers have never fazed me. As for my husband, however - he hates them (just for the record, I do the map reading too).
Mary Helliwell, UK

Regarding your article about maths for men and women, I am a student at Oxford Brookes university, studying maths. I would say that about half the students are female, and that all my lecturers are female. Unfortunately I don't have the precise figures, but out of the five lecturers I have had this year, only one is male.
Christine Kelly, England

Counting Chimps

Chimps might well be able to perform well in the counting tests, compared to humans, but maybe we have evolved to process numbers above say, 5, in a more careful or complex way, because for us more may depend on the answer being right. Way back, those who took a little longer and thought a fraction longer over it, to be sure of an accurate answer, might have had some evolutionary advantage maybe?
Helen Drewett, UK

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