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PPI refunds

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BBC Radio 4's Money Box
Saturday, 12 May 2012 at 1204 BST On Radio 4 and Online

If ever you have wondered if it is worth claiming compensation for payment protection insurance one of our listeners would like to have a word with you. Mary, that's not her real name, wrote to me to say she had followed the advice I gave and had just received her compensation.

We hear Mary's story on the programme and speak to Mike Dailly of the Financial Services Consumer Panel.

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The Big Switch

The Which? Big Switch auction happened this week and some of the 280,000 who joined in will save more than 100 pounds off their energy bill. But has the massive exercise in consumer power really achieved significant cuts in the best deals that were already on offer?

Executive Director of Which? Richard Lloyd and Joe Malinowski from debate the issues.

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Savings Rates

Banks and building societies tempt us to deposit our money with them by offering high rates of interest that last for a year or so and then the rate plummets to next to nothing. For the last two years they have had to tell us in good time before a promotional or bonus rate comes to an end. But are they all abiding by the rules?

We hear from a listener who had no warning that his interest rate was about to plummet costing him several thousand pounds in interest.

We speak to Guy Anker, News Editor at about a recent ruling by the Ombudsman and Anna Bowers from on how not to get caught out with interest rates.

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HMRC phone calls

On last week's Moneybox Stephen Hardwick, Corporate Communications Director at Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs told us that making it cheaper to make calls to HMRC helplines wasn't an option - citing budgetary constraints and technical feasibility. Following the programme a number of Money Box listeners contacted us with some possible solutions to the problem.

Paul puts some of those suggestions to David Hickson, founder of the Fair Telecoms Campaign and asks whether HMRC could be doing more for consumers.

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BBC Radio 4's Money Box is broadcast on Saturday at 1204 BST.

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