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Money Box Live: Benefits

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BBC Radio 4's Money Box Live
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 at 1502 BST On Radio 4 and Online

There are a number of significant developments which will affect people eligible to claim benefits.

In last week's Budget, Chancellor George Osborne altered plans to withdraw Child Benefit from parents who earn higher levels of income.

Instead, the benefit will be withdrawn gradually from those where one parent earns more than £50,000. Households with an earner of more than £60,000 will lose the benefit entirely.

From April 6th 2012, there are further changes to the Tax Credits system.

These include the faster withdrawal of the credit as a claimaint's income rises; couples with children must work at least 24 hours a week between them, with one working at least 16 hours, to qualify for Working Tax Credits; and the couple and lone rates of Working Tax Credit will be frozen.

You may need advice on the rate you may be eligible for Local Housing Allowance. From 1 January 2012 the rate for single people aged 25-34 who rent from a private landlord was reduced.

Are you clear about how you will be affected by the changes to Child Benefit?

Perhaps you are claiming Tax Credits and want to be sure you are receiving the correct amount?

If you rent from a private landlord are you clear about changes to the Local Housing Allowance?

Do you know what to do if your benefit is overpaid?

Are you certain as to whether you can claim Disability Living Allowance?

Paul Lewis was joined by:

Sally West, Age UK

Phil Agulnik,

Eddy Graham, CPAG

Presenter: Paul Lewis
Producer: Sally Abrahams

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