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Money Box Live: Maternity & paternity rights

Pregnant woman
BBC Radio 4's Money Box Live
Wednesday, 18 January 2012 at 1502 GMT On Radio 4 and Online

Paul Lewis put your questions about maternity and parental rights to a panel of expert guests.

Rules which came in last year mean that fathers can take up to six months off to care for new babies, as long as the mother goes back to work. Dads taking advantage of additional paternity leave will be eligible for pay of up to £128.73 per week.

Other changes have not been so kind to families, however. Government cutbacks mean that child benefit was frozen for three years from last April, and lower income limits mean that some parents may receive reduced Child Tax Credits.

The birth rate has been climbing for a decade, and even though there are signs it has recently levelled off, the increase in births mean more employers and employees find themselves faced with maternity and paternity rights questions.

If you want to find out about your rights to paternity, maternity or adoption leave and pay you can call or e-mail our team of advisors.

How much leave and pay are you entitled to as a new mum or dad?

How will the new paternity leave regulations affect you?

What rights do you have when adopting?

Where can employers find advice?

How do changes to child benefit and tax credits affect working parents?

What about part-time workers?

The panel answered your questions about maternity and paternity rights.

Paul Lewis was joined by:

Will Hadwen, welfare rights advisor, Working Families

Sian Keall, head of employment, Travers Smith

Sarah Veale, head of equality and employment rights, TUC

Presenter: Paul Lewis
Producer: Michael Wendling

Money Box



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