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Money Box Live: Tax demands

Savings jars containing coins
BBC Radio 4's Money Box Live
Wednesday, 8 September 2010 at 1502 BST on Radio 4 and Online

Following the news that around six million people have paid the wrong amount of tax due to mistakes made by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) over the last two years, Paul Lewis invited your questions about tax demands.

The problem has arisen after errors were made with people who are paid their salary through the PAYE system.

Between September and Christmas, HMRC will be sending letters to some 1.4 million people telling them they have underpaid their tax, and need to make up the difference. And another 4.3 million taxpayers will receive rebates after over-paying tax.

Around 45,000 people should receive a letter this week.

Have you received a letter and not sure what to do next?

Are you worried that you will be receiving a letter over the next few months?

If you are being asked to pay more tax, do you understand why?

Do you want to challenge HMRC over a request for more contributions?

Do you want to know how overpayment or underpayment could affect your benefits?

Whatever your question the panel were ready to help.

Paul Lewis was joined by:

  • John Whiting, Policy Director, Chartered Institute of Taxation
  • Jane Shillaker, Outreach Manager, Tax Aid
  • Lee Healey, Managing Director, IncomeMax

Presenter: Paul Lewis
Producers: Diane Richardson

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