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Page last updated at 14:08 GMT, Saturday, 12 December 2009

State pension freezes

Although the basic pension will go up as the Chancellor promised, other parts of it will be frozen.

Alistair Darling announced on Wednesday that the basic state pension would rise by 2.5% in April. But the pensions minister Angela Eagle now says that rise will not apply to the additional pension called SERPS.

She told Money Box it was to prevent 'confusion and unfairness' because SERPS also affects the amount paid through company pensions.

The freeze will also apply to other parts of the state pension, including graduated benefit paid to 11m people over 60.

The extra amounts paid to people who put off their retirement could also be frozen. Government figures show that some individuals will miss out on more than £200. Savings could reach £350m over the year for the Government.

This item was first broadcast on Radio 4's Money Box on Saturday, 12 December 2009

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