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Page last updated at 13:55 GMT, Saturday, 9 May 2009 14:55 UK

Soaring shares

Stock markets are soaring. April saw the FTSE's best month in six years - up 20% from its low at the beginning of March.

That is after months of dramatic swings as markets reacted anxiously to bad economic news.

Now there is even talk of a new "bull market".

Legendary fund manager at Fidelity, Anthony Bolton, turned bullish on equities some months ago, arguing that bank shares, in particular, had fallen too far.

But is this a real recovery in the stockmarket or a temporary rally?

Independent financial economist Michael Hughes and market commentator at Fidelity Tom Stevenson debate the issue.

And Money Box reporter Bob Howard talks to individual investors at the UK Shareholders' Association annual conference in Bournemouth.


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