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Last Updated: Friday, 27 April 2007, 17:24 GMT 18:24 UK
Have Your Say: Airmiles
The two new Airmiles cards from Lloyds TSB

Millions of people who collect Airmiles are having to switch to a different credit card from 1 June if they wish to continue.

The company behind the reward scheme is trying to persuade them to apply for a card with its new partner Lloyds TSB because the old partnership with NatWest is ending.

We asked for your comments, a selection of which are below. This debate is now closed.

I think Airmiles was a good scheme, but now it isn't. You have to spend such a high amount to get sufficient Airmiles and then only to be told that you cannot go on the flight you want. I would prefer to have cash back directly as a reward.
Nicky Blanning, Cambridge

I have been collecting Airmiles for a long time and have found it really useful to get free flights, and also discounts on longer flights. Never had a problem getting the tickets I wanted. So I will definitely be switching to Lloyds!
Jobe, Milton Keynes

My husband travels on business a great deal and collects Airmiles. When we want to spend them, often booking far ahead, we find the airlines do not allow us to use them on flights at popular times. We question why we collect them when we can not spend them when we want.

Are air miles still a suitable reward system given the carbon footprint of flying?
Robert Hall, Dumfries

I picked up on your comment that some people who register for the new NatWest scheme will have to pay a 3 per month fee to belong. I can find no mention of this on the literature I received today. I telephoned the number given to enquire about this and was told I would not have to pay the charge. It seems to revolve around the amount you spend per month on the card, although I found it very difficult to understand the accent of the lady. My advice to all is to check before you register for the new scheme. I am not impressed as I collect from more than one source and Air Miles is no longer solely about air travel.
GP Brown, Norwich

Rather than switch to the Lloyds Amex card you can collect Airmiles with the Tesco credit card which works out at 60 miles per 1,000 spent against NatWest's 50. You gain points quicker if you use the Tesco credit card for Tesco purchases. What a moral dilemma for me who thinks Tesco is already far too dominant!
GP Brown, Norwich

My Airmiles account has rarely been of any use, and on the few occasions when it would have been helpful to use the total miles there was always some restriction that made it impossible. The worst of all was when a friend received word in Italy that his mother in hospital was desperately ill, and I tried to bring him home at short notice using Airmiles for his very expensive single BA ticket. No, they said: can't do that, we need a week's notice. The seat was available, but there was absolutely no flexibility in the Airmiles system to allow us to pay for it. He ended up paying full price.
Alison Bowers, Edinburgh

I've actually found that Airmiles have availability all year round
Dave, Weybridge
Simon Calder's comments were interesting as were those of Martin Lewis. I've actually found that Airmiles have availability all year round - it just depends how many miles you want to spend and sometimes, when the flights are really busy and expensive elsewhere, they still have availability at their lowest miles prices, especially with BA. I think I will be switching to the new credit card - as quickly as I can!
Dave, Weybridge

I got my letter from NatWest this morning. I've been collecting AirMiles with them for years - it used to be 1 for 10 with them so collecting has got much slower. You gave AirMiles a hard time on the radio but there's no information on what you can actually get for your points. I'm definitely changing to Lloyds.
Sally, London

This is great news. One mile for every 10 is so much better. I will be switching from NatWest to Lloyds.
James, Leominster

Air Miles is an old scheme. It's really difficult to get the flights you want, on the day you want them. The new scheme from NatWest looks interesting. I travel on easyJet a lot - using points to do that is going to really help.
Robert Craig, Haslemere

I collect Airmiles via Tesco but only because I have no choice. I loathe all reward schemes and would rather have lower prices.
Carole Lamb, Greenford

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