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Last Updated: Friday, 5 May 2006, 17:57 GMT 18:57 UK
Have Your Say: ATM charges
A man at a cash machine

Banks have agreed to examine cash machine charges with politicians and consumer groups following a summit on Thursday.

A taskforce will look at the visibility of warnings that a machine will make a charge and it will examine whether access to free withdrawals can be improved in deprived and rural areas.

Should banks have to provide and maintain free cash machines in areas where it does not make business sense?

Are you supportive of fee charging machines because of their convenience?

Are you aware of which machines charge and which do not? Do you think the signs are clear enough?

We asked for your comments, a selection of which are below.

I object to people who argue "It's my money why should I have to pay for it". If you want the convenience then pay the price, otherwise organise yourself so that you do not have to use such services. Quite simple really.
Chris Steer

I don't use cash machines that charge. There are enough cash machines and shops which give cashback that do not charge. The Post Office is able to give cash on many cards without charge.
Clive Ansell, Worcs

Sorry, but this is a case of politicians with too much time on their hands. Consider this: they say banks shouldn't charge more than it costs for credit card late payments, ie no cross-subsidy. Now they are saying cash machines should be free to use, so the costs must come from elsewhere - a cross-subsidy!
Cliff, Bournemouth

Banks make quite enough profit out of their customers already
Dave, England
Banks make quite enough profit out of their customers already. Its churlish of them to make yet more money in this manner since most people have their wages paid directly into current accounts, under the instigation and encouragement of the banking industry, and have to withdraw cash on occasion wherever they are.
Dave, England

I don't know the parameters for shops being able to give "Cash Back" but could this not have been mentioned? Even in village situations a small convenience store may already provide this service or maybe could be asked to.
Sheelagh Hilton, Croydon

They are making big profits and should be obliged to provide free machines
Chris Hessel, London
All charging machines should carry prominent lettering saying that they charge and what the cost is. Banks have closed branches with the excuse that they provide cash machines. They are making big profits and should be obliged to provide free machines in all but the most obscure areas.
Chris Hessel, London

My main concern is charging machines taking custom from free ones. I regularly use a free machine at the petrol station. In recent months large signs advertising a charging machine in the food area have been put up. This will inevitably divert a proportion of passing users from the free machine. I therefore don't buy the arguments of the charging machine operators who say they are providing a much-needed service in otherwise uneconomic locations.
John, Winchester

I was disappointed that in the discussion about cash withdrawals no mention was made of the fact that basic bank account debit cards can be used to withdraw cash at post offices. Also a number banks have arranged cashing and depositing facilities for their current account holders at post offices.
Norman Harris, Stalybridge

What you are doing is borrowing money from the machines' providers
Andy, Redhill
It's not your money you're getting from these machines. The money belongs to the machine's owner. What you are doing is borrowing money from the machines' providers until they can get it back from your bank.
Andy, Redhill

Always draw the maximum from the small shop ATMs as this makes it less expensive as a percentage.
Huw Finney, Maidenhead

The comments we publish are not necessarily the views of the BBC but will reflect the balance of views we have received. It is helpful if contributors state if they work for any organisation relevant to an issue discussed. Readers should form their own views on whether messages published represent undeclared interests, or views prompted by a common source.

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