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Last Updated: Friday, 1 April 2005, 17:59 GMT 18:59 UK
Have your say: Council tax revaluations

People living in Wales have begun receiving bills telling them exactly how much council tax they will pay after the first ever full scale revaluation of properties.

A similar exercise is just beginning in England and will affect bills there in 2007.

What do you think about the decision to revalue properties across England and Wales?

Do you think it is being carried out in a fair manner?

Perhaps you have received your new valuation or bill. Do you understand how the decision was reached?

Are you happy with it? Or are you considering an appeal?

Would you keep or scrap council tax?

If you would like to share your views or experiences please send us your comments using the email form at the bottom of this page.

I live in a small terraced house in London, worth a good deal because of its location. I may have a greater asset than some people, but this is my home, not an investment.

I think its very unfair that council tax takes no account of ability to pay.

I know of families with much greater space than we have who, because they live in council property pay less tax because the value of their home is less.

I also think the bands are too far apart. I would dearly love to be able to spend another 50,000 on a new home but I can't afford it.
B Wright

I do not understand why that just because the house I bought 25 years ago has gone up in price I should have to pay more than when it was last valued.

It seems to me that we are just being taxed more for no extra services
Rosalie O'Brien
Surely its value to me is just the same? Is the government trying to makes us all move regularly in order to realise the profit/equity accrued in our properties? What is behind it all?

I would like to see a count of all houses, by county, in each band for when the banding system was first introduced and after each and every re-valuation because it seems to me that we are just being taxed more for no extra services.
Rosalie O'Brien

Why does the council tax band stop at H? There are many home-owners with houses in the millions of pounds region who could afford to pay more.

If they paid their fair share, the A to H bands would be considerably cheaper.

So bring in bands I to Z so we can all pay a fairer share.
Geoff Champion

Let local services be paid for by national taxation
Harry Barnes
Why not just abolish local taxation? Councils have little control over how much or how little they spend. Everything they do is dictated by central government. So let local services be paid for by national taxation.
Harry Barnes

I really do think it is now time for all of us to stop paying this obscene tax and bring this extremely dangerous situation to a head preferably before people start to lose their homes.

Local councillors have in the main aided and abetted this government in raising this disgraceful tax to its present, wholly ridiculous and damaging level.
Steve Atkinson

In the Republic of Ireland there is no local taxation. Not a lot of people know that!

Since everything local councils do in the UK is determined by central government, and whichever party controls my local council therefore has no effect on council spending, what is the point of local taxation in the UK? It is an irrelevance.

Central government subsidies already pay for 75% of local authority expenditure. Let's go the whole way, make that 100%, and abolish local taxation here too.
Stephen Magill

The re-banding of council tax is just another way of increasing revenue
Phil Almond
The re-banding of council tax is just another way of increasing revenue. Remember, as well as property prices increasing so has the council tax since 1993 when it was introduced.
Phil Almond

I do not see why we should fund pensioners council tax bills. Once again there will be an unfair distribution of taxes. I also do not agree with the Lib Dems policy of changing to an income tax.

The council tax system is the most unfair tax in the land. We should only pay for the services we use and not for all the services we do not use.

I for one only use the garbage collection service. I do not use the library, leisure centre, and so on. People who use these services should be made to pay for them individually.

I also resent having to pay for the police pensions shortfall in my council tax. What about my pension that has more than halved in the last five years?
Mark Fryatt

I think if we went over to Mr Fryatt's method of payment it would ultimately prove as expensive as metering water for the average user.
A progressive local income tax based on ability to pay is the only fair way

The Lib Dems have got it right. A progressive local income tax based on ability to pay is the only fair way to redress a situation fast getting out of hand!

How unfair this new tax valuation is. My wife is retired and I am close to retiring. We have saved hard during our working lives so that we do not have to rely on the state to keep us. We live in a rural area and have a very high value home.

My ability to pay will soon be limited as all that I have will be pension and savings.
MR K Marshall

Properties do not pay taxes or use services, people do. Property value isn't income so why should it be used to determine a tax on services which are used by all.

Properties do not pay taxes or use services, people do
Mr BS Virdee
If one compares two similar properties and its occupants incomes, one at 10,000 and another at 40,000, and they both pay the same in council tax how does anyone consider this to be a fair system?

The present system of taxation is totally flawed and should be scrapped as soon as possible and replaced with one which takes into account the ability to pay.
Mr BS Virdee

If the Poll Tax was deemed unfair and abolished on the grounds that those on a low income could not afford it - even though every adult used public services - then it is also unfair that people on a low fixed income should have to pay the exorbitant increases in Council Tax.

This tax should definitely be based on income and not the size of the property you live in.
Mrs J Brown

Here in Gwynedd, our council tax band has gone up by one band. Some have gone up two or three bands. My partner and I have now got to find an extra 200 or thereabouts per year.

We live in a small terraced house with no garden. We both work, I have three part-time jobs, my partner has one full-time job. We cannot claim council tax benefit because we are just over the limit, even with two young children to provide for.

In rural Wales house prices have trebled over the last couple of years due to wealthy people coming here and buying up anything with four walls.

The young local Welsh-speaking families cannot now afford to live in their own communities
John Rhys Thomas
Incomes are some of the lowest in Britain and the property prices among the highest. The recent rebanding does not reflect our ability to pay.

Most of the people moving here are retiring couples who in due course of time put a greater strain on social services budgets, which bumps up council tax bills even more.

The young local Welsh-speaking families cannot now afford to live in their own communities due to the house price increase and rebanding of council tax.

We desperately need local government funding to be based on ability to pay and not on property value. Something must be done at the highest level to stop our young people being driven out of their communities.
John Rhys Thomas

A fairer method? Each and every property could be points scored simply on the basis of floor area, with no need for revaluations except upon the property being extended. No appeals, no problems.
G Jones,

The poll tax was a good idea until politics got hold of it
Lesley Roberts

My house is in the lowest band and has only gone up 31, but personally I think it is a complete mess. The Liberal Democrats' local income tax seems a good idea, much fairer, but the poll tax was a good idea until politics got hold of it.
Lesley Roberts

I have just listened to the Wales feature and feel it is worth pointing out that where there is a band increase because properties have increased in value more than the average, whilst council tax has risen by a few hundred pounds the owners have a bigger capital increase in their asset value.

The change is therefore fair, short of changing to an income-related tax.
Philip Randall

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