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What is Twitter?

HARDtalk Twitter page

HARDtalk is using the online service Twitter to send out simple text alerts about what's featuring on our programme and letting you know about upcoming items that you might not want to miss.

Twitter is an online service for letting people know what you're up to at any time of day or night.

It also allows you to keep track of what other people are up to, either by monitoring their Twitter updates online, or by receiving updates directly to your phone in the form of SMS text messages.

To automatically receive HARDtalk's updates, you'll need to create your own Twitter account and then sign up to "follow" our account.

Signing up to Twitter means you are connecting into a community of people who are all keen to let you know what they're up to and provide you with links to other web sites of interest.

HARDtalk sends out a "tweet" every time we update our website so you'll never miss a chance to see our latest content.

And when there's something really special coming up, we'll send out a special tweet to let you know!

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