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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 December, 2004, 11:14 GMT
Nuclear intentions
Javad Zarif
Iranian Ambassador to the UN

In a HARDtalk interview on 7th December, Tim Sebastian talks to Javad Zarif, Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations.

Just what are Iran's nuclear intentions?

The country has recently agreed to suspend its nuclear enrichment related activities while talks with European negotiators continue.

But the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has consistently reported Iran for failing to provide information on its nuclear-related activities.

Javad Zarif is Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations.

He told Tim Sebastian: "Our intention is to maintain our right to full use of peaceful application of nuclear technology and the suspension is a confidence building measure, temporary in nature."

He said there was a crisis of confidence, but it was on both sides.

"Iran has been deprived of the means to acquire technology for the past over two decades. At the same time Iranian people are very proud and we have the necessary scientific infrastructure. We've had to go through the black market because the open market was close to us in order to acquire technology."

Ambassador Zarif also said Iran was ready to give guarantees at a meeting with European negotiators next week.

"We are willing to provide those objective guarantees that we will not divert our programmes to non-peaceful means."

HARDtalk can be seen on BBC World at 04:30 GMT,1130 GMT, 1530 GMT, 1930 GMT, 0030 GMT

It can also be seen on BBC News 24 at 04:30 and 23:30


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