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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 January, 2004, 12:03 GMT
Rogue nation?
President Bush
Questioning America's view of the world

In a BBC HARDtalk interview Sarah Montague speaks to President Reagan's former adviser Clyde Prestowitz about why he thinks America has squandered an enormous reservoir of goodwill and why President Bush should go.

Clyde Prestowitz is a former adviser to the Reagan administration, President of the Washington think-tank, the Economic Strategy Institute, and author or "Rogue Nation" which suggests America is becoming the bullyboy of the world.

Mr Prestowitz is one of a growing group of Republicans and conservatives who are questioning the gap between how America sees itself and how the rest of the world views it.

"We are squandering an enormous reservoir of goodwill through self- indulgence, through arrogance and even hostile attitudes to long-time friends and allies," he told HARDtalk.

Fighting terrorism

Mr Prestowitz says after September 11, President Bush should have gathered together world leaders to discuss what they should do together to fight terrorism, not acted alone.

He says that current US foreign policy is not sustainable and he doesn't think that the American public will "buy into" another adventure like Iraq.

Mr Prestowitz advocates a return to what he calls the "winning formulas" of the Cold War.

"We won the Cold War through consultation, through alliances," he told Sarah Montague.

If the doctrine of preventive war justifies striking first at Iraq then why doesn't it justify in India striking at Pakistan
Clyde Prestowitz

"If the doctrine of preventive war justifies striking first at Iraq then why doesn't it justify in India striking at Pakistan or in Iran striking first at an Iraq or another."

Mr Prestowitz says he would like to see President George W. Bush out of office.

He says he would rather vote for a Democrat than see him win another term.

"It is uncanny. In the past the Republicans always wanted balanced budgets and they didn't like foreign adventures. The Democrats were known as the party that spent and spent and taxed and taxed. And the Democrats were known as the war party. Today it's the Democrats who are pressuring for fiscal responsibility and don't want to go to war. So there has been a reversal."

HARDtalk can be seen on BBC World at 04:30 GMT, 11:30 GMT, 15:30 GMT, 19:30 GMT and 00:30 GMT

It can also be seen on BBC News 24 at 04:30 and 23:30


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