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Middle East

Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from the Middle East from January 2010, sorted by date.

11 December 2010

The formal peace process in the Middle East may be stalled, but a lot of progress is still happening - maybe not at government level, but between ordinary people, as Hugh Sykes discovered.

27 November 2010

Despite widespread terror fears, Justin Marozzi finds Yemen a perfect host for the Gulf Cup of Nations football tournament.

11 November 2010

Following a series of attacks on Baghdad's Christian community, Jim Muir meets families enduring extreme sectarian violence.

16 October 2010

Jeremy Bowen gauges the mood in Beirut where a visit by Iran's President Ahmadinejad stirs up old divisions in Lebanon.

18 September 2010

If Egypt's 82-year-old president is unable to stand for re-election in 2011, it is possible power could shift to his son, as Jon Leyne explains.

18 September 2010

Louise Redvers explains how a hole has appeared in the heart of Angola's capital as one of the city's best known landmarks is forced to shut.
6 September 2010 As direct peace talks between Israel and Palestine continue in the US, Wyre Davies discovers that few Palestinians and Israelis are confident of a lasting deal, but encounters one surprising optimist.

24 July 2010

In Cairo, Jon Leyne compares how attitudes to the past have influenced the present in the two Middle Eastern countries.

10 July 2010

As Israel eases its blockade of the Gaza Strip, Jon Donnison speaks to a Gaza man whose rags-to-riches rise resulted from the trade restrictions imposed on the territory in recent years.

19 June 2010

Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen assesses Syria's pivotal role in the big issues of war and peace in the region.

10 June 2010

As Tim Franks finishes his spell as the BBC's Middle East correspondent, he explains how his own background made it inevitable that some people would make certain assumptions.

20 May 2010

Natalia Antelava explains how the killing of a murder suspect has led some Lebanese to question whether this has revealed a darker side in their society.

1 May 2010

Dalila Mahdawi reports on the anguish of those still waiting for news of the thousands who disappeared in Lebanon's civil war.

3 April 2010

Christians have been in Iraq for 2,000 years, but so many have now fled due to attacks by Islamic extremists that their communities are disappearing. Ed Stourton travels to Iraqi Kurdistan to assess how safe the area is for representatives of minority religions living there.

27 March 2010

As relations between Britain and Israel continue to unravel, in Jerusalem many Israelis feel that the outside world still fails to understand the problems - and threats - their country is facing.

27 March 2010

The latest two-week long meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) saw bureaucrats sweep aside expert advice on how to save the bluefin tuna.

6 March 2010

Jim Muir reports on the new Kurdish party that has emerged in northern Iraq to mount a challenge in the third general election since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003.

6 March 2010

Jim Muir reports on the new Kurdish party that has emerged in northern Iraq to mount a challenge in the third general election since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003.

27 February 2010

The Iraqi city of Najaf is thriving as a religious tourist destination for Shia Muslims, including Iranians, but the BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse finds it is treading a fine line between religion and politics.

20 February 2010

Jeremy Bowen assesses the fall-out in the Middle East from the alleged assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by Mossad agents in a luxury Dubai hotel.

30 January 2010

Hugh Sykes finds that for the country's 10 million children, the growing threat from al-Qaeda is the least of their problems.

21 January 2010

Treeva Fenwick finds that there are reasons why some Iraqi Kurds feel life was better under Saddam Hussein.

16 January 2010

Lina Sinjab describes how attitudes to women are slowly changing in Syria.

9 January 2010

An al-Qaeda group in Yemen was behind the failed attempt to blow up a Detroit-bound US plane on Christmas Day, US intelligence officials say. Jeremy Bowen has been to Yemen to investigate the growth of al-Qaeda.

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