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Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from the Middle East, sorted by date, from January 2009.

Middle East

28 November 2009

Alan Johnston returns to the Palestinian territories and finds no resolution in the tensions over Israeli settlements.

28 November 2009

Christian Fraser looks at how Egypt's failure to qualify for the football World Cup has exposed deeper frustrations inside the country.

21 November 2009

Jeremy Bowen considers how the conflict has taught US President Barack Obama hard and humiliating lessons.

21 November 2009

Heather Sharp reveals the daily difficulties and charms of living in Jerusalem's Old City, a district sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

14 November 2009

After years of political paralysis, Lebanon's politicians are still pulling the country in different directions, says Natalia Antelava.

29 October 2009

Tom Esslemont investigates Azerbaijan's intentions to increase its involvement in the European energy market.

10 October 2009

A call for women not to wear the full veil (niqab) is polarising opinion in Egypt. Christian Fraser has been listening to the arguments.

26 September 2009

Hugh Sykes reflects on how British forces might learn vital lessons for Afghanistan from their experiences in Iraq.

17 September 2009

Jeremy Bowen says there are fundamental problems to be solved before the latest Middle East initiative can succeed.

12 September 2009

Edward Stourton in Israel has found that the Dead Sea is now shrinking at a terrifying speed.

22 August 2009

The Syrian capital Damascus is becoming a popular destination for those wanting to learn Arabic as Paul Moss - who spent time studying there earlier this year - found out.

27 June 2009

While the streets of Tehran may seem quieter, the crisis has created a fissure in Iran's leadership not seen since 1978, says the BBC's Jeremy Bowen.

27 June 2009

As the US withdraws troops from cities and towns in Iraq, Jim Muir finds Iraqis facing an uncertain future.

20 June 2009

After a week of mass protests in Iran over the election results, John Simpson reflects on the parallels between the 1979 revolution and current events.

13 June 2009

In Iran's second largest city, Isfahan, Lyse Doucet speaks to young people about their hopes for the future.

13 June 2009

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been causing a stir on his first trip to Italy, but David Willey reports he may not be leaving behind quite the image he wanted.

16 May 2009

Paul Adams recalls two decades of witnessing US presidents trying to bring peace to the Middle East.

2 May 2009

Christian Fraser discovers that a brush with death on Cairo's congested roads leaves no appetite for life in the fast lane.

4 April 2009

Katya Adler attempts to discover what life is like in one of the Middle East's richest countries.

28 March 2009

In Baghdad, Hugh Sykes sees a cautious re-emergence of the elements of a normal life.

24 January 2009

Natalia Antelava, hears how children cope with the stress and fear of growing up in a war zone.

10 January 2009

Reflecting on his time spent in Israel and the Gaza Strip, Paul Martin shares the harrowing stories of ordinary people in the region.

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