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One Square Mile: Bandung

The city has seen rapid development, but there are some elements in Bandung society who don't want it to become too modern, or too liberal.

Bandung is Indonesia's third largest city. It was once known as the Paris of Java, and was considered to be a little bit of Europe in the east.

Today it's home to some of the most modern and popular rock bands in the country, but it's also grappling with problems affecting the rest of Indonesia - how to stay Muslim and modern at the same time.

Bandung is the capital of Indonesia's West Java province, approximately 150 kilometres away from Jakarta. It lies in a river basin, surrounded by mountains.

The hills were reportedly a natural defence for the city - one of the reasons it's believed Indonesia's colonial rulers, the Dutch, planned to move the capital here.

Bandung never won that privilege, but it did turn into a resort centre for the Dutch, with European style cafes, restaurants and hotels cropping up in some parts of the city.

During colonial times, Bandung was a popular holiday getaway for Indonesia's Dutch rulers because of the cooler climate.

Today, the pleasant weather is also one of the major reasons why domestic Indonesian travellers visit so frequently.

The influx of visitors has also meant that Bandung has seen rapid development, which has totally transformed the character of the city. But the locals also say there are some elements in Bandung society who don't want it to become too modern, or too liberal.

Critics point out that Bandung is undergoing a sort of religious revival - with the government accused of pandering to Islamic hardliners.

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