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Americas Thursday, 15 January, 2004, 17:35 GMT

Man looking out to sea Turks and Caicos: An update
Clair Bolderson re-examines the evidence that Britain is failing in its duty to uphold human rights in the Turks and Caicos.
Anti-war demonstrators California: A State ill at Ease
Julian Pettifer visits California, in this programme, asking why former conservative communities are expressing political protest.
Boats Turks and Caicos: Has Britain broken its promises?
There are signs that in attempting to shed the role of imperial ruler, Britain is failing in its legal duty to uphold human rights in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
Cuba awaits trade with US
Mariusa Reyes visits Cuba to meet risk taking librarians, businessmen waiting for the end of sanctions and Cubans on the street. Read Keith Morris' account.
Argentina's future hope
Julian Pettifer travels to Mendoza, Argentina, to see their bumper grape harvest. It is almost the only ray of hope for a country in crisis.
The limits of mercy
For seven years, Kay Fulton recorded her life's experiences after losing her brother in the Oklhoma City bombing. Crossing Continents opens this unique audio file.
Brazil's rainforest slaves
Olenka Frenkiel reports on the itinerants enslaved miles from home clearing forests in the Amazon for cattle ranches.
LA is on fire again
Ten years after the riots, Los Angeles is again going through a period of terrible violence. Burhan Wazir enters the gang heartlands of LA to find out what has gone wrong.
Trouble in paradise
Rosie Goldsmith flies into paradise only to find political trouble brewing between the two ethnic parties with lively political debate at their own 'Speakers' Corner'.
World Cup goal
Whilst two thirds of the team are black, only 6 or 7% of the population are Afro-Ecuadorians. Linda Pressly reports on how the squad's success could affect this marginalised community.
Maize GM threat
Scientists have found GM maize growing amidst wild maize. Now, they are worried that genes from GM crops may threaten the valuable diversity of native wild maize. Nick Caistor reports.
Toxic Utah
Just an hour away from the picturesque ski slopes of Salt Lake City is one of the most polluted and sinister corners of the United States. Julian Pettifer reports.
Argentina's depressing economy
With Argentina in the grip of an economic crisis, Julian Pettifer spends 24 hours in Buenos Aires to find out the effects on day to day life.
The Arab-American community
In America, George Arney talks to a cross-section of people from the Arab-American community to examine the community's fragile self-image.
Energy wars in the USA
In the USA, the clash of the oil barons vs the eco-warriors is gaining momentum. Julian Pettifer reports from the front line of the USA's energy wars.
Peru's scandalous soap opera
Secretly filmed videos showing the sheer extent of corruption in Peru are broadcast daily. Nick Caistor investigates the legacy of the man responsible, Vladimiro Montesinos.
Haiti's desperate deportees
Andy Kershaw reports from the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, on the people who've been deported to Haiti from the USA.
Abuse in Canada
Presenter Rosie Goldsmith reports on how churches in Canada are paying for years of abuse in the boarding schools they ran for indigenous children.
Guatemala's baby business
Rosie Goldsmith finds reluctance to talk about the 'irregularities' of international adoptions in Guatemala. A poor country, fractured by civil war, is still vulnerable to abuse.
New York's imprisoned mothers
As America's prison population skyrockets, Rosie Goldsmith meets the women trying to be mothers from behind bars.
Sexual revolution in Chile
Chile, one of Latin America's most socially conservative countries, is facing up to divorce and illegitimacy - and DNA testing is playing a part. Bob Howard reports.
A short ceasefire for Rio's police
How far has Brazil's police force, accused of numerous shootings and killings in Rio's shanty towns, managed to clean up its act? Louise Byrne reports.
One Love in Trenchtown?
Producer Linda Pressly reports on new efforts to control the violence which has been devastating the streets of Kingston for decades.
Venezuela's strongman at the helm
President Chavez is leading a complete overhaul of his country's political system. Nic Caistor reports from Venezuela.
Mexico's welfare revolution
Mexico is phasing in a cash welfare system - as most other countries try to cut theirs back. Is the new deal working? Plus, the lure of 'narco' chic, and how to cook a cactus.
Chicago plans a farewell to arms
Chicago is trying to cut its appalling murder rate - but is this gun control by stealth? Olenka Frenkiel reports on an initiative aimed at the gun lobby.
Disaster and disillusion in Nicaragua
Amidst the wreckage of Hurricane Mitch, Nicaragua must face up to its problems - including horrific levels of violence against women. Isabel Hilton reports.
The Puerto Rican paradox
Puerto Rico experiences an ambivalent relationship with the USA. On the nearby Vieques island the US Navy is not welcome. Meriel Beattie explores why.
Argentina's obsessions
A scandal emerges of the children stolen by the military from their 'subversive' parents during the Dirty War . Plus, the culture of piropos, and why Buenos Aires is so keen on psychotherapy.
Death of the Cowboy?
Tim Whewell discovers why conservation and cattle ranching are battling it out in the American West; and the enduring heritage of building in adobe mud.
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