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Page last updated at 11:39 GMT, Friday, 14 December 2012

Webscape: Count your mince pies

Kate Russell's weekly review of websites and apps.

iTunes is not very good at talking to other platforms but iSyncr offers a neat solution that lets you sync music, video and podcasts from iTunes to an android mobile device, over USB cable or Wifi.

For a trip down memory lane take a stroll through the pages of the nostalgic blog dearphotograph.com where people hold up a photo taken at some time in the past so it matches with the real life background of today and add a comment reflecting back on the memory of that scene.

Another blast from the past is Ceefax and Jonathan Cresswell is so nostalgic about the old tech that he has made a fun app, Twefax to deliver your tweets in the style of Ceefax.

There is good news for iPhone users who have been feeling a little lost this week as Google Maps has made its way back onto your handset with the launch of a new and improved standalone app for iOS.

And as if that was not enough reason to celebrate, it is mince pie season again - but how many will you eat? Keep track by tweeting #mpt and #eaten and MincePieTracker.com will keep a tally for you.

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