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Webscape: Back-up services in the cloud


Kate Russell goes paperless with the rest of the Click team. But if you are going to rely on your computer and smartphone to replace pen and paper you will need to back up your data.

You might want to consider one of these popular back-up services: Backblaze.com, Crashplan.com, Dropbox.com, Sugarsync.com or Google Drive.

Once you are sorted for back-ups, check out Fresh Books to organise your cash flow. Once your clients and contracts are in the system it speeds up billing and invoicing.

And when you carry your office in your smartphone, you need to be fully aware of what the apps you are downloading will do with the permissions you grant. Clueful from security specialists BitDefender is an iPhone app that analyses your free app downloads, keeping you informed about what is being done with your data.

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