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First impressions of the new Windows 7

Spencer Kelly asks Tom Royal from Computeractive magazine how the new operating system Windows 7 has been received by users.

Some Click viewers also e-mailed in their thoughts and first impressions to the programme.

Your views...

I think that although Microsoft and Apple are constantly battling between themselves over who stole what, they have managed to produce an operating system that appears to be relatively stable enough as Windows XP.

I do like a lot of the features available, such as the snap feature, and the touch-screen integration to name but a few. However, I still reserve judgement on the upgrade, but at least it's not as resource hungry as Vista was.
Dave Aspden, Preston, Lancashire

Just love it. Upgraded from Vista 64 bit to Windows 7 64 bit and enjoy the new features.
Larry, Winnipeg, Canada

I still have XP and I love it. Windows 7 looks good and the fact the ultimate version can also run all XP stuff makes it a good choice for upgrade. As you can still use XP and slowly move over 7.
Jetinder Sira, Romford, UK

I have a Dell Studio 1555 with Windows 7 Home Premium and I'm problems with my audio drivers. Every time I restart the computer, the computer didn't recognise the driver and I had to run the troubleshooter and reinstall the driver.

However, this "fix" is only temporary and only works till the next restart. Another complaint I have of Windows 7 is that the icons are too large. They take up about 25% of the screen.
Thu Ya Win, Stafford

Windows 7 so far so good... I call it the flexible Vista!
Sam, Ghana

I have been using windows 7 since the first beta test was released - I have found it to be reliable and compatible with every driver I've tried, even quite old ones and it's a lot faster than vista. The bad thing about it is the look - the huge chunky task/tool bars with big ugly icons. Quite a childish look to it.
Stuart James, Devon

CrashTastic - so many new ways of reaching the blue screen of death!

Recently upgraded to a new laptop and never had so many problems.
Will, London

Who was it that put the bar across the bottom of the screen before Windows 95? Yes that was Apple again. Microsoft needs some originality. Although I will give them credit where credit is due, W7 is brilliant. But I don't think I will ever go back unless Apple made a serious mess of things, which I highly doubt.
Joe, Manchester

Windows 7 is fast, easy to use but not as good as Windows XP.
Ali, Manchester

Not sure why you knock Vista. As a Cisco engineer I never had problems with Vista.

Installed Windows 7 on one of my systems, it's got one major and horrible section - disk defrag looks horrible and very, very slow - has to be the worst thing I've ever seen.
Tim, Ashford, Kent

I have upgraded from Windows XP, and I'm very pleased. The new taskbar is great, and it works a little like Mac OS X Snow Leopard's dock. Some features, like shaking to minimize all other windows, are just useless.

Internet Explorer 8 takes ages to start up, and the 64 bit version (only in the 64 bit version of Windows 7) does not work with Flash player. The first thing I did was to install Apple Safari 4. Installation took about 30 minutes for a clean install. I think all Vista and XP users should upgrade. If you are a Mac user, stick with OS X.
Alex, Dewsbury, England

I have followed windows 7 right from its beta testing stage and am quite impressed, and even took advantage of the bargain pre-order prices. While it is a major improvement over Vista and XP, in many respects it really is what Vista should have been three years ago.
Dave Pugh, Leamington Spa

I've got Windows 7 Ultimate on a partition with Vista, and all I can say is it's fabulous. It's fast, sleek and easy to use. Anyone who uses it can agree on its simplicity and most will really notice the changes within the first few days. What more could you ask for?
HazZ, Southall

I think the hype surrounding Windows 7 is unjustified, as it being nothing really revolutionary to what is in effect an already aging and bloated platform.

Why Microsoft does not abandon their basically insecure bloatware built on previous generations of Windows and start again is beyond me.
Paul Dolbear, Middlesex UK

I have been using windows 7 in beta, release candidate and finally the retail version. When I am asked about windows 7's performance, I describe windows 7 as "Windows XP with bells and whistles!"
Brian Smy, Moreton, Merseyside

W7 is absolutely fabulous. Currently, I only have one gripe and that is when ever I download anything. Explorer stops working and even though W7 restarts, a reboot is required to launch the download. I am sure this will be fixed with an update, so at the mo it is an inconvenience. One last thought. There are a lot of lazy manufactures out there as Vista drivers are supposed to work on W7. Well they don't. My wi-fi keeps dropping out. Regular reboots are required to re-establish a connection, but this is not a fault of W7. Overall I would say dump the much beloved XP and Vista and embrace a well rounded smooth new OS. Well done Microsoft.
James, Milton Keynes

Overall although it is still very early days, I have to say that I am indeed very impressed with Windows 7. It is far more enjoyable to use than Vista. I also very much enjoy the redesigned Paint application. I would say 10 out of 10 for Windows 7.
Richard Smiles, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

I have upgraded from Vista Home Premium which I quite liked despite many bad comments about it. Windows 7 seems to work very well and is much more simple to use. It takes longer to load at the start though on my laptop but it is a good system.
Alexander Allison, West Moors, England

I got Windows 7 a few days after release with a student discount.

I have stuck to XP until now, but had used Vista on my wife's PC. Every time I used it I found it frustrated, it always seemed so hard to find things.

With Windows 7 it felt intuitive and comfortable from day one, which surprised me being the big XP fan than I am. I bought the professional version so that I could use virtual XP to run all the applications that I thought I might have problem running. So far I have not had to use it, or have I had the desire to run it.

For me Windows 7 is a real winner and I could never go back to XP now.
Roger Strange-Burlong, Eastbourne, England

I am using win 7 Home Premium and the only problem I have had is that Internet Explorer 8 keeps freezing on me.
Alan, Salford

I think it's brilliant. I had vista on my laptop and I have put Windows 7 on my new laptop - it is easier quicker and more fluid, and I have no compatibility problems either
Melvin Asolo, London

I upgraded to windows 7 but I found it gave me some problems. I have a lot of documents in different formats like Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXpress which were created using XP. I found that in Windows 7, I could open the document but could not save it again unless I gave it a different name which is a total pain, so I went back to XP. I don't know any other way around this problem.
David Pyke, Liverpool

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